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Revised HWC Guidelines (Read before you post. Warnings/infractions may be issued for not following)

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Revised HWC Guidelines (Read before you post. Warnings/infractions may be issued for not following)

Welcome Members to the Hardware Clinic. The Hardware Clinic has been created to help those in need as well as share knowledge where appropriate. We wish all to have a fruitful experience. As such, there are some guidelines to be followed.

EDIT: Guidelines have been recently revised to allow more capacity for discussion

The following guidelines apply to all members (including Featured Distributors):

1. Do not spam
Spamming is not allowed here or in any other forums. Spam threads will be deleted and threadstarters will be dealt with severely.
NOTE: If you are a spambot, please ignore this message. You won't survive the day.

2. Posting replies
Posting a reply is quite normal in a thread. However, the reply must be in focus with the topic. Try not to go out of topic. It's fine to have an argument but make sure it's constructive and not just offensive. Also, make sure you have facts to back your argument.

Vulgarities are not facts. Sometimes, arguments tend to get heated and eventually get out of hand. As such, warnings will be given to parties involved. Trolling is also frowned upon and likely to get the thread locked. But this will be up to the moderators' discretion.

And for sake of sanity, please avoid EDMW lingos. They don't make sense and do not help in assisting newbies. Retarded sentence formation and vocabulary often skew valid information.

3. Reporting bad posts
If you find a post particularly offensive, report it to the mods. The mods will look into the matter and take action, if necessary. Do not make the forum into a personal battlegrounds. If possible, resolve your differences calmly. Personal attacks will be dealt with severely.

But please use common sense when reporting posts. Don't report everything that seems offensive to you. If someone criticises you for giving bad information, please either accept it gracefully or ignore if you feel that it has no validity. Don't react as if someone chopped off your gonads.

4. Watch what you say
There are others watching the forums who are not members of HWZ. You are liable for anything that you say. We advise that you refrain from saying anything that may implicate you in any legal situation. Also, please try to use proper terms. Try to refrain from using terms like "sexpert" or "ABNN" or any other demeaning terms in titles. It's not recommended for a technical forum such as this, especially since HWZ and HWC has served an international audience. It would not be fair to them to use terms they cannot comprehend.

As long as you follow these basic guidelines, everyone's experience is likely to be an enjoyable. The mods will not be too strict but do not go overboard.

EDIT: The Moderators will be less rigid in the moderation of threads and posts. We will step in only on a need-to situation. We will act on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, please do not compare the handling of 2 different cases. Do not assume bias or cook up conspiracy theories.

If you receive a warning or infraction, understand why you got it and try to avoid repeating the action that got you into trouble. Don't justify your offences. Most importantly, stop whining.
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For members (including Deluxe Members):

1. Creating threads
Everyone can create threads but bear in mind, the topic should be hardware-related. Otherwise, the thread will be moved to the appropriate forum. Any feedback about a certain product, company or shop should be posted in the Ratings Board forum.

Please post in the appropriate forums.
So what qualifies under Hardware Clinic?
Hardware and technical-related issues. Popular topics include overclocking, include product/chipset discussion, computer set-up, configuration and tweaking. Products include motherboards, processors, graphic cards, desktop memory, power supplies, casing, fans, watercooling units, CPU coolers, sound cards, etc.

For everything else, look through the forums on this page. Do not give the reason "Here got more traffic" for posting in the wrong forums.

NOTE: Reviews of certain products will remain in HWC for a few days before being moved to the appropriate forums. It must be a formal review, not a "hoot" thread.

Irrelevant threads will be locked with moderator's explanation. Infractions (for repeat offenders) may be issued.

2. Off-topic threads
  • Threads for forum outings will be restricted to 1 per 3 months. After the event, the thread will be locked for archiving.
  • No more dedications to members or distros in the main forum. All dedication to individuals belong in the rating forum and distros in their respective sub-forums.
  • Questions about magazines, programs or software and even jokes will be merged with either the Chit Chat thread or to the appropriate forums.
Please report any inappropriate behavior. We will be more than willing to stop issuing yellow cards but serious and/or repeat offenders will still receive infractions.
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For Featured Distributors and Commercial Representatives only

1. Advertising Featured Brands and Products

Featured Distributors, you are allowed to only advertise the brands that have recognised as under your distribution, and according to the categories.

It means that you do not advertise DVD-ROM drives in Hardware Clinic, do so in the Optical Storage Clinic. Do not advertise hard disk or SSD promotions in the Hardware Clinic, do so in the Storage Clinic - but you can only do so if you've been authorized to post in these other forums.

You may advertise promotions for motherboard, PSUs, cases and graphic cards in Hardware Clinic but do not combine them with any categorized products mentioned above.

2. Advertising in the e-Customer Service Center

You may ignore the above rules if you are advertising within your own Service Center. Outside of it, you follow the guidelines that have been set.

3. Reporting bad competitive practice

You may report if someone else is explicitly advertising or promoting brands not carried by you, in your thread. However, it's your responsibility to justify your product price over others (including parallel imports).

NOTE: While we honour the terms of the agreement, you do not hold monopoly on what products are featured in the forums. We will reject any notion to dismiss any features or reviews on brands not carried by featured distributors, as long as they do not include the pricing, availability and location of stocks.

If you have any concerns, please forward them to our administrators who will be glad to address them.
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For Reviewers

Your reviews must adhere to the following:
  1. Pictures (resized for general bandwidth, avoid Hi-def quality)
  2. Details about the products (links to product page are allowed)
  3. Benchmarking tools used
  4. Benchmarking Results
  5. Your thoughts and opinions (optional)

Please avoid the following:
  1. Posting photos of the plastic bag that it arrived in or you carried
  2. Posting what you ate for lunch or dinner

Do not post your "Hoots" and "Reviews" on the same threads. They are likely to be locked and contents removed. Try to separate them and then use links to connect them to each other.

Last but not least, we value only objective unbiased personal reviews. We do not condone reviews if you're found to have been paid or enticed by other means (such as given/seeded products by non advertising vendors) to write a personal review. Action will be taken against members who fail to comply with these rules.
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Closed Thread
Important Forum Advisory Note
This forum is moderated by volunteer moderators who will react only to members' feedback on posts. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

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