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ljohn78 18-07-2020 12:54 PM

[OFFICIAL] Fish keeping lover lounge
Hi to all fish nerds,

This thread is created for all fish lovers to share and discuss everything from fresh water to brackish water to salt water, small fish to medium fish to monster fish.

This thread is also created to post update on local LFS and stockings of various watery creatures and aquarium equipment.

Do keep the thread civil and dont break any hardwarezone rules.

So Fish nerds, remember to keep your hands wet!

(This thread is not for fish tank with mermaid inside.)


Some useful links below: (recommended by Ows)

Aquarium Stocking Calculator

Design your tank setup

List of local fish shop - Courtesy of Aquatic Quotient

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ljohn78 18-07-2020 12:54 PM

Reserved for updates.

hwzadmin 18-07-2020 12:54 PM

This is a continuation thread, the old thread is here

skytan13 18-07-2020 12:54 PM

Wah...the autobot not working yet....

New thread new thread...


swee first !!

yihao93 18-07-2020 01:05 PM

Damn too slow!!!

Poor old man 18-07-2020 03:18 PM

Wow .. eye withness my Guppies mating .
Try to take pic but too late

tankgunner 18-07-2020 03:22 PM

wah. part 2 liao!! :s12:

MrTheROCK 18-07-2020 04:58 PM

in part 2 thread!!!! :o

those feeder guppies actually can buy and rear. some of them actually v pretty, just that they have abit of flaw hence fail QC and cull and become feeder guppies :o

Rear feeder guppies also v suitable for beginners and also for children :o

Just get a 2 feet cheap china plastic tank with a cheap china made filter, throw the feeder guppies into the conditioned water and the guppies will breed like mad :o

Oh, rmb to get cheap plants like hornwort or java fern too so that the babies can hide inside and grow in future :o

buy a cheap light as well as the plant need light to grow. if u r on budget, then just put it besides a window with indirect sunlight which is what i am doing :o The indirect sunlight can also kill the harmful germ bacteria inside fish tank too :o

then buy the cheapest fish food which cost about $1.50-$2 to feed the guppies once a day will do :o always better to underfeed than overfeed

skytan13 18-07-2020 08:25 PM

Later I poh mata catch u
Keeping porn

Originally Posted by Poor old man (Post 128552487)
Wow .. eye withness my Guppies mating .
Try to take pic but too late

erin50 18-07-2020 08:25 PM


skytan13 18-07-2020 08:26 PM

Too add
Melamine sponge is ur best friend for those algae caused by sunlight

MrTheROCK 18-07-2020 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by skytan13 (Post 128558000)
Too add
Melamine sponge is ur best friend for those algae caused by sunlight

yes, it is v cheap too :o

Also need to buy a $2.50 siphon to suck out all the poop weekly. Then top up water that's lost due to siphon and water evaporation :o

My method is already a v v cheap way to kick start fish keeping hobby :o

Rock_Lobster 19-07-2020 12:22 AM

Wow part 2!! Cant wait to get my tank (heopfully) at the end of the month or next month! :)

perrinrahl 19-07-2020 02:13 AM

Is there such a thing as feeder cherry shrimp? :)

How's the health of the feeder fish these days? years ago, I remember many of them were sickly and would die soon; sometimes they might even kill the fish that ate them.

TehSi99 19-07-2020 08:33 AM

Anyone keeping or has experience keeping chilli rasbora?
I bought some yesterday. Curious little creatures. But they are not eating when i feed them the Ocean Free food.
Continue to feed them? Any idea?


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