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Urgent appeal for help with stray cat Choco

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Urgent appeal for help with stray cat Choco

27/4/12 UPDATE: Dear all, due to the overwhelming support, we have managed to collect S$1290 thus far, which is more than enough to cover Choco's total estimated bill. In addition, some amounts are still being processed by inter-bank transfer and hence yet to be factored in. Please be assured that any excess amount will go towards Choco's after-care and cat food.

Special thanks to the following HWZ members who have helped financially towards the cause:


Also not forgetting those who have helped make this possible by sharing this around.

I have also called the vet to get an update on Choco's condition. The clinic assistant mentions that Choco has been eating well, and they have managed to flush out all maggots from Choco's leg. However, they noticed that Choco has started to sneeze quite abit since this morning, and has transferred Choco to isolation. If the sneezing gets worse, surgery might have to be postponed till he gets better, and more cost incurred. We hope that it is nothing serious and will not get in the way of the surgery. The clinic assistant also mentions that Dr Tan will only be back on Monday, so we will not have any news on when we can go ahead with the surgery until then.


Hey Guys,

This community cat, Choco, was found with a badly rotten foot. He has been a regular at Blk 657 Choa Chu Kang Crescent. His caregiver recalls having started feeding him since 7 years ago. Poor Choco is very mild tempered and reserved but has often been the victim of bully by other community cats. He has suffered a serious eye injury long ago but manage to allow it to heal back by itself. However this resulted in the eye turning opaque and and thus impaired. Choco has been surviving with one eye ever since.

On the night of 20th April, the caregiver found Choco walking with a severe limp. Upon closer inspection of his hind foot, the caregiver found out there were abscesses and pus and the badly bleeding wound. There was also sight of maggots. The caregiver felt heavily dismayed and tried to clean up the wound but to no avail. In addition, Choco's fur was extremely ruffled and dirty. He seemed to be traumatised and went into hiding quickly. The caregiver immediately contacted others for help.

Upon receiving her call, I immediately went to the area to meet the caregiver. However, Choco was no where to be found. For the next few days, he did not come out at all during feeding time.

Finally, on the night of 24th April, I received a call again from the caregiver saying Choco has appeared and I immediately went over with a carrier. His wound has gotten worse. The flesh has rotted all the way to the ankle, leaving behind visible bone and black necrotic tissue. Maggots were crawling out from under the skin. I opened the door to the carrier and placed it beside Choco. After a few weak meows, Choco voluntarily hopped with his 3 fine legs into the carrier and laid down, as if fully understanding our intentions.

On the morning of 25th April, I immediately brought Choco to The Joyous Vet, located at Sunshine Place, Choa Chu Kang. The vet said that the foot could not be saved and has to be amputated. However, he has to be monitored for a week as his current condition was not stable, and the wound has to be cleaned up. A blood test will also need to be done to check for any underlying issues before the surgery can proceed. The vet estimates that the total cost will add up to $1200.00 (One thousand and two hundred). The vet will update me in 1 week's time to discuss Choco's condition and the decision to proceed with the surgery.

As of now, I have placed a deposit of $500. However, the amount has to be topped up before the vet can proceed with the surgery. There is a severe lack of funds amongst the caregivers and we urgently appeal for help so that the vet can carry on with the surgery. Having survived more than 1 week with a rotting leg, Choco has an extremely strong will to live. We do not want to deny him this chance and his efforts in pulling through.

We urgently appeal for assistance in helping Choco continue with his treatment and surgery. Choco will also need to stay in a foster home post-surgery to recuperate before he can be put back into the community.

We are unable to obtain assistance from CWS yet because they only entertain an appeal after all final bills are settled, and treatment is complete. Hence, we have to rely on our own ways for donations.

Please PM me or email lapislazuli_wx@hotmail.com if you are able to help. Any amount will really be appreciated!

Thank you very much!

26/4/12 UPDATE: Dr Tan has kindly offered to write up a report on her assessment of Choco. I have attached it here.

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Bro ups for u. I will transfer some money to u.
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Old 26-04-2012, 10:32 AM   #3
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You may want to blank off your residential address
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>>> lapislazuli,

PM me your posb a/c number. I will donate a bit for the treatment of the cat.
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pls pm me! i want to donate!
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PM me acct no as well. Thks
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Old 26-04-2012, 10:54 PM   #7
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I have PMed those of you who have offered to help. Thanks so much for the support.

Also updated the first post with the vet's assessment.
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Wanted to help you repost at other forums. But think better you block off your residential address 1st. People may start dumping cats at your house knowing you treat them well.
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Wanted to help you repost at other forums. But think better you block off your residential address 1st. People may start dumping cats at your house knowing you treat them well.
Thanks for the concern, Yowzer and Ziggybam. I have blocked off my address in both documents. Initially I wanted to preserve it there so there is accountability. Thank you for offering to help.
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Hihi I would like to help too pls pm me ur acc number~ I hope he gets well
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send me your account. I would like to donate a really small amt. not big at all to talk about. but i hope the thought counts..
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Old 28-04-2012, 10:35 PM   #12
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ask CWS to help post on their fb to appeal for donations?
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ts how is choco's condition?
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God bless him Hope it will recover
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