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Tips on Juggling a Part-time Masters’ Program with Your Life

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Old 18-12-2010, 12:27 PM   #16
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YeS! Just completed my last module!

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Old 05-01-2011, 09:04 PM   #17
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Cool Ensure Interests and Professional Judgmements coincide

I believe 1 thing which is also important is the interest level in the programme. I have seen plenty of colleagues who take up their masters for the sake of career advancement, but lose interest as fast as the kettle takes to boil. Asking/Advising them to work on their course work or thesis is akin to getting the bull not to charge at the red cloth!

But personally, I also feel that the first step is the hardest step - to convince yourself that this masters' programme is good for you and you should take it up! We often let ourselves be swayed by simple excuses - busy with family, busy with work etc. So once you make the commitment, STICK WITH IT! That drive and determination should help you to get through some part of the tedious path!

Just my two cents worth!

"still thinking of what masters I should take - for my professional development or for my career advancement?"
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Old 22-03-2011, 08:03 AM   #18
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A Motivational Strategy for Formal Adult Learning

Since I had written it, might as well share it here

I wrote this post to summarise a short talk I gave recently to Northumbria University's undergrads at the Marketing Institute. I hope this will be useful to some of you who plan on taking on formal adult learning.

A Motivational Strategy for Formal Adult Learning

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Old 05-04-2012, 05:28 PM   #19
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Since I had written it, might as well share it here

I wrote this post to summarise a short talk I gave recently to Northumbria University's undergrads at the Marketing Institute. I hope this will be useful to some of you who plan on taking on formal adult learning.

A Motivational Strategy for Formal Adult Learning


support~ push~
very true... don't let others decide or control your future plans~ decide on your own and make your own future your success~
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Old 28-04-2014, 11:56 AM   #20
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Dear All

Thank you for the sharing of tips and ideas.
I am going to do my Masters soon.
The thought of juggling between work and studies is horrible.
Hope I can manage it well.


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Old 23-12-2014, 12:58 PM   #21
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Smile Gratitude

Hi guys,

Thank you for all the valuable advices and insightful experiences.
I hope I can do the same and strike a balance between doing my masters and my individual personal life.

Fingers crossed all will go well! Merry Christmas guys!
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Old 11-08-2015, 11:32 PM   #22
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FRM ERP GARP CFA 2015 digital Books

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Old 07-03-2016, 05:55 PM   #23
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My 2cents worth , recollecting my thoughts about the journey.

My MBA has really serve me well, great network, good faculty, career advancement.. its was tough juggling work commitments and study commitment. But looking back , it is a matter of perspectives and expectation. A MBA Degree is not a means to an end, its a journey of lifelong persuit for knowledge. Thus its important to get into the "right" mindset before you embark on one, else the journey will be a hollow and fruitless one.

A couple of useful pointers

  1. Maintaining a "Learner's Mindset" Whist you might possess significant experience, MBA courses can be thought provoking and requires you to "unlearn" and "relearn", as such it is advisable that you approach each class with a learner's mindset and seeking to learn , share and exchange ideas. Be receptive to different views and perspectives. Also please note that the faculty is NEVER always right.
  2. Choose your course mates properly, birds of the feathers flocks together. You will need to exercise some care in choosing your team mates. They dont necessary needs to be from the same industry or possess the same qualifications. As a matter of fact, the more diverse your team mates are, the more you will learn. Carefully check if the group shares different expertise and are willing to support and exchange ideas amongst them. Dont accept FREE loader in your team, you might also learnt to professionally dispense your MBA course mates who isn't matching the team criteria- a job that is not an enviable one but a very critical life skill to have.
  3. Effective Time Management. All of us have 24 hours, Evaluate both your family and job situation and decide accordingly. There are sacrifices, struck off those "luxury" items - golf, weekend movies, football games @ pub.. i know its hard but you need to allocate your precious time carefully, dont neglect your family.
  4. Gain Your Employer Support: The biggest challenge for working executives is to secure the endorsement of their immediate supervisor. Balancing between the career and study can be a daunting task. You might have to take leave occasionally to complete your studies. Hence, taking your immediate supervisor into confidence is the best decision for you.
  5. Focus Reading & Research: The volume of material is enormous. Hence, rely on Pareto's 80-20 rule - 20% of your effort to secure 80% result. Most MBA outline/syllabus will clearly specific the important chapters, go deep into these chapters 1st.
  6. Family Support: Your family is your biggest supporter and their cooperation is the best thing you can demand. If you really want to concentrate on your study and want to get the best result from your efforts, it is important that you discuss the situation with your family.

I know it's an old post but glaring grammatical errors errors aside, the advice is sound. I think this applies to many aspects of life and not just academics. Now if only people over on the undergraduate thread understand the importance of the meaning behind these words

One bump for you.
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Old 05-09-2017, 11:12 AM   #24
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While I have reduced my personal life to only essential chores, I am still facing a work-studies-sleep trilemma.

Need some suggestions from you guys on this. If I were to limit my sleep time to 3-4 hours for term papers, meeting preparation, and exercise till early December,

1) how to wake up successfully without feeling groggy? I tried to time my sleep using the formula of "15 mins (time to fall asleep) + multiples of 90 mins (one sleep cycle)", but still failed to hear alarm ringing.

2) any suggested medication/diet/tip to stay productive at work and in school?
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