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Arrogant/Sensitive Elderly Co-worker

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Arrogant/Sensitive Elderly

Was wondering if anyone came across a rude & super-sensitive elderly at your workplace?

Feel that I am dragging my ass to work almost every day - whenever I thought of having to see her again. I had nth against her but what she does is getting on my nerves. Acting like a 3-year kid, or worst than a kid. She is the worst and demanding person I've met so far.

1. Demanding & impatient - expect everything to be done nicely and given to her the next few minutes whenever she requested for something.

2. Super-sensitive - whenever you're too busy with your stuff and tells her you're not available to assist her, she will start to get super sensitive and tells you off. Or keeps on pestering you till you go over. Can I say she's attention-seeking? LOL. Worst still, when you're not smiling at her or speak in a tone which she doesn't feel comfortable, she will feel that you've something against her. (I am not a clown leh srsly.)

3. Perfectionist - Is a double-edged sword. However, too much of it can caused distress to someone else. She is so OCD that everything needs to place nicely and even if those things are placed nicely, she will re-arrange everything to the way she likes. Or when someone is doing something not her preferred way, she will start to question that person.

4. Screaming/scolding someone - whenever someone makes minor mistakes, she will start to scream at the person. Sometimes, she will even start to curse and swear when the person is not around at her desk.

5. She shows attitude to almost anyone or everyone there. Except for the bosses. Even if so, she will start to curse and swear when there's no one around.

6. Likes to take "revenge" - whenever she feels that someone does something wrong, she will complain to me that they must pay for their actions as if it sounds like some revenge.

7. Rude - as if she can only be the rude one in the office (since she's the most senior)

8. Worried almost everything - She worried this and that - almost everything. Start to say the same old story to everyone in the office, hoping that some solutions will be provided to her.

9. whenever she offers you something and you don't accept it, she will give that "disappointed" face.

Can someone tell me if yall have met same/similar situations and what did you guys do?

Feel that I needed to see a psychologist because of this but my friends said I don't need one since the issue doesn't lie on me and she's the biggest issue. I've nth against an elderly co-worker and I respect them. But she shouldn't be doing this.. purely out there to mentally torture someone leh...

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