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aslmate 02-11-2018 09:10 PM

I have an Acer Predator Helios 300. I'm a student studying at Ngee Ann Poly and for my course, having a laptop is an absolute necessity every single day. I bought the laptop at the start of this year. I've only owned the laptop for 8 months and within a short span of 5 months, it has died 4 times. I have sent this laptop to the acer repair center for three times already, and it's about to become my fourth.

The first and second time that i had to send it for repair was for the same problem. The motherboard's pci-e connector connecting to my pci'e ssd has stopped working. It kept on showing "No bootable device" for half the time i tried to boot the system up, which means it cannot detect the windows operating system in my ssd for some reason.

The first time I sent it for repair, i brought it to acer repair center on friday and i took it back on the following week's thursday . (they replaced the ssd and not the motherboard, which did not solve the problem since it was the motherboard which was faulty and not the ssd) (I did not know it was the motherboard which died, since they replaced the ssd and it was able to boot, so i didn't bother about it) Somehow the laptop managed to boot windows up and worked fine on friday, that was why i didn't immediately send it back again for repair. Then saturday comes and the same problem re-surfaced, which was when i realized that they didn't actually fix my laptop at all. They actually made it worse somehow. Before i sent it for the first repair, it could boot up half the time i tried booting up the system. After the first repair, it could only boot up 1/10 of the time. Even if the laptop was successful in booting, it will show up a blue screen and crash soon after booting. So of course, i had to send it back for repair again the following week.

After the second repair, it worked fine for about 2 months. I did not touch the laptop for the third month after it was repaired because it was during the holidays, therefore i did not have the need to use the laptop at all. I just left it sitting on a table for 1 month and did not touch it at all. And right on the day before school started( About Three weeks ago ) It died again! For the third time! This time, the motherboard fully died. No key that i press on the laptop produced any reaction from the laptop at all. When i press the power button, nothing happens, when i charge the laptop, nothing happens and even the charging light indicator doesn't switch on! The repair again took another week from me.

Now it has died again. When i press the power button on the laptop, the keyboard backlight switches on and off in a loop, and the system will not boot up. Nothing will show on the screen. Its just an endless loop of the keyboard backlight going on and off. I'm gonna need to send me laptop for repair FOR THE FOURTH TIME NOW!!!!!! So Acer, please, for the love of god, send me a replacement for my Predator Helios 300. (I've asked the repair center employees if a replacement was possible and they said no) Other students who bought the same laptop didn't even experience any problems that i have experienced on this one hell of a machine. Please just send me a replacement product, since repairing at acer repair center clearly does not fix the problem at all. Do contact me for a replacement of this machine. Its either this laptop is cursed or the people at acer repair center are animals who can't fix my laptop OR they are using terrible quality laptop components to fix my laptop. It's basically a loop of my laptop dying due to them fixing with terrible quality laptop components and then me bringing this shitty laptop back for them to fix, only to have it die a short while after. If they do not send me a replacement product, i think i'll have to keep revisiting their repair center for maybe another 30 times till my 3 years at my polytechnic is over.

And also, all my school work is in there! I did not have time to backup any of my data at all because it wont even boot! And i can't rip out the pci-e ssd and have someone else retrieve the data because of their stupid "Warranty void if removed" stickers. Absolute nightmare. For about 8 months of owning this laptop, i couldn't use it for a total of about 1 month because of the time taken for them to repair. And to think I paid $1800 for this piece of ****.....

( Please share? I want to catch some acer employee's attention )I hope some acer employee sees this post and does decide to do something about this. (REPLACE MY LAPTOP WITH A NEW ONE) For now, I definitely won't recommend buying an acer laptop for anything at all. If you send your laptop to their service center for repair, expect to send it there for a dozen( or maybe even more ) times till your warranty ends. Go buy ASUS or HP laptops lel.

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