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  1. Any webpage that give out free but real MNC hiring test questions?
  2. Thor aka son of odin is in singapore!!!!!
  3. (GPGT) Is this fake news?
  4. prudential agents all da ji big liao? many clients calling to cancel policies?
  5. Why our local female celebrities nv endose bra one???
  6. oh yes ... very tasty ... sibei song ...
  7. This chap was selling Shangri-la hotel stay 10-13 June for 5K. Now can offer how much?
  8. Will the wounds heal faster after the stitches are removed?
  9. Getting In Touch with Lost Contact Friends
  10. [Disccusion] Tomorrow KOSDAQ drop how many points?
  11. [GPGT] CECA worker complain cannot go to work because...
  12. Anyone work in dbs as CSO?
  13. $$$ to pay to service Seiko 5 automatic mechanical watch?
  14. [News] Trump says US military 'is ready if necessary' after Kim Jong Un summit cancellation
  15. Nowadays where do you buy your DIY computer har?
  16. Julie Tan’s Father - Who is he?
  17. If DJT and Bui Kim do 4some...
  18. Those live in HDB where your door facing neighbour lip lai...
  19. Donald Trump calls off Singapore summit with North Korea
  20. Darkstarer haters......
  21. my ah mah say Pinky should go 4 horse road bath flower water
  22. Shangrila and MBS hotels how ar ???
  23. sinkapore regrets cancellation of summit between United States and North Korea
  24. will Dr M arm chio when Sg tio fly aeroplane by Trump ?
  25. 1 child policy
  26. Morgan Freeman is accused of harassment and inappropriate behavior by EIGHT
  27. real or fake news.. 3x oso like that
  28. Prudential saga expose many Singaporean is rich where got poor yet complain Gov
  29. wah i think tmrw
  30. Why iPad and iPad mini price difference only $50?!
  31. Which local company has the highest performance bonus?
  32. My favorite edmwer is waterpipe man n relaxlabro
  33. Instagram story viewers sequence
  34. KNN de, how mehni times must the m1 ad pop up on the mobile phone?
  35. Break on CNA liao: Prudential policyholders affected by erroneous deductions from bank accounts
  36. can meh?
  37. GPGT:This kind of accident how to avoid?and why..
  38. [Breaking] Prudential admit GIRO extra money and apologise on facebook!!!
  39. Casino gamblers,what is yr favourite game?
  40. Can recommend me a coffee making machine if I like Kopi O?
  41. Stupid question: Why HDB want to...
  42. [QS] Buy here pay GST better or go in Malaysia to get?
  43. Have u seen ppl grad from Raffles institution but unsuccessful later in life
  44. why some people they like to stay so close to you?
  45. Now that summit cancelled, do you think Kim will still fly to Singapore?
  46. Taxi group asks PH to shut down Grab
  47. Trump is real experienced negotiator businessman
  48. My xmm female colleagues say donald trump very handsome and attrative as a man
  49. How to get rid of the irritating M1 pop up on mobile?
  50. Look like North Korea fall into USA's trap
  51. Zuo mo Jobstreet jiang bad de
  52. Managers here? Did directors order u to make lives diffcult for older workers?
  53. What's wrong here?
  54. terms of service
  55. Which company in sg got telecommuting/ flexi work scheme?
  56. Do u think u will stick through with your wife if she has been in an accident n was badly burnt
  57. Buffet serve unagi
  58. GPGT - Those travel by buese daily did you check if your fares are over deducted?
  59. No Sinkapore summit liao....so what is Trump's plan B? B52s in the air already?
  60. This NCM still dun wan to gib up
  61. Wanna play punk with me?' Motorist jailed for twice ramming into road rage rival's ca
  62. Eh deh
  63. If your mother ask your wife.. "几时给我抱孙子?"
  64. bikers, now R1 how much? which motor tiam good?
  65. Anyone saw the guy burning keropok at geylang pasar malam ?
  66. [GPGT] How to respond to "Time to eat your medicine"?
  67. Suria now showing one drama. Abang raising 5 kids who refuse help from social agency.
  68. Tiagong Shangri-la hotel de buffet got a lot of leftovers ... any bbfa want to go and help finish?
  69. One Belt One Road Sexpert Lip Lai!
  70. Trump-Kim summit in S’pore cancelled
  71. Singapore recently izzit feng shui not good?
  72. Can cancel Shangri lar hotel booking since bu kim not more coming here..
  73. Warning: Heart of God Church Another Scam Church
  74. lol 154 media's propaganda on Kim-Trump visit throw face???
  75. How come British MI6 so zai
  76. Pepsi and coke got different meh???
  77. Anti-Grab thread: Why? Once they become monopoly, they start charging ransom money on consumers
  78. Do you get frustrated about working in corporate and life that you wake up at night?
  79. ‘Raja Bomoh’ latest visitor to Najib’s home
  80. Omg just. Now ya hui ZG abit
  81. Darkstarer fans
  82. (SIC) Cash Rebate From SAF Group Insurance
  83. Interesting... not one, but two driving against traffic at nearly the same time.
  84. TOTO numbers.. . Heat map of winning numbers in a year from 2000
  85. Overseas on budget for NYE?
  86. [BREAKING][GPGT] Trump cancels US-North Korea Summit
  88. Drunk driver in Merz
  89. Ah beng always ah beng that guy on ch 8 drama
  90. GPGT - - oi chio bu chiu diao simi diao
  91. Kobe signed Ineista
  92. Before now,do u remember how people use to 点歌 in ktv?
  93. Hyflux’s fall from grace: What went wrong
  94. Juts learn a new word...’volte-face’......
  95. [NEWS] Australian grandmother sentenced to death in Malaysia after she tio gongtao and carry drug.
  96. Everytime he tops up 10 ringgit, he would need to add another 60 sen to that
  97. Consignment wine for wedding reception
  98. LOL. After seeing this.. I don’t think I wanna go USS anymore
  99. Do u feel that PSLE/O n A levels results are more important than school exam results?
  100. [GVGT] Lancer EX skidded
  101. S’pore watched $1.47 billion in revenue evaporate before her very eyes
  102. Is relaxlabrudder genuinely retarded?
  103. Liverpool fan flies to Kiev but left ticket in Singapore
  104. Who went to the insurance and credit card show at suntec already?
  105. Geylang got young Malaysian girl
  106. Has US-NK relations improved?
  107. "Business Development" do huat one?
  108. [sh1ttimes] Power stalker stalked until neighbour bth moved out
  109. PAP water price hikes; Residents trying to save water at home; Now become Aedes bleeding habitats
  110. 2 employment agencies charged for bringing in 13-year-old maids
  111. GPGT : anyone else rvd this? What is a good buy?
  112. Fall of Penang
  113. Annual Vesak Day Rant
  114. Mahathir 92 still stand straight sia...u see hdb those ppl
  115. Is king koil matress overpriced
  116. Why some people always look down on fellow forumers when they merely $5-10m nia..
  117. Fruit bat flying in my house
  118. (GPGT) Ma Ling luncheon meat
  119. * 猜歌有奖比赛 *
  121. Anyone knows of people getting retrenched in Hyflux?
  122. PIE collapse now got new liao
  123. GVGT - This uncle very nice person, help drunk driver
  124. What's the feeling of waking up to a waifu that rooks fugly and cmi to piak?
  125. Gpgt- who wants Siambu GF?
  126. Anyhuan have the PUBGMobile's trench coat ? sayang offer to buy the account...
  127. Which bank debit card has most benefit?
  128. [Breaking] Burkina Faso cuts ties with Taiwan
  129. When amdk meet opp sex..ladies..give friendly hug.
  130. [GVGT] Venezuela new President Nicolas Maduro and SG Minister Koh PK share the same gift....
  131. Can you stand self righteous people?
  132. Paracetamol helps athletes run faster says new study as it's revealed one-in-three competitors take
  133. very strange How come no haze
  134. Usa army even better than us, even their army encik also take care sia.
  135. Withdraw money more than 4 times at the same atm
  136. after 2 weeks period ban, ban the next time is how long? or pban?
  137. P&H woman sued for refusing to wax trans woman
  138. Who still peter ho???
  139. GPGT Isabelle from KL
  140. So far, have you all come across anybody whom pass away on their very birthday itself?????
  141. Company doing retrenchment.....
  142. [BREAKING] South East Asia's Largest Kpop Festival to Take Place in Singapore in September
  143. How come new teachers nowadays so easy cry one?
  144. #The last battle: Mahathir’s touching message after his election
  145. Are EDMW BBFAs smelly?
  146. GPGT - so this guy is one of edmwer?
  147. Transcript of meeting between Pinky & Tun M
  148. does your gf/wife allow role-playing during piak session?
  149. mummy1234 is the most free working mum i've seen
  150. [REAL] PRUDENTIAL customers quick check your GIRO! deducted $16,800 instead of the correct $168!
  151. Army officers retired liao the reward is becum silver serpent
  152. Jus nao buy subway, i say i want all veg and all sauce. The xdd stun tio...hahaaa
  153. How to stop China scam calls?!
  154. Who do you prefer, neojudy or cosmothecat~?
  155. SAGAT! : Arrogant Cooking School Zeh Zeh want to guai lan with me .. how ah?
  156. 夏日摩模茶。。。
  157. Went to church , intro myself as single, so join singles group....
  158. My son's geography teacher asked him to photocopy his friend's paper then failed him!
  159. Why some people always complain no money yet can spend so much on stuff like
  160. [GVGT] Do you feel Malaysia Finance Minister Ng Guan Eng sound like Mr. Brown?
  161. 女装大佬可以吗?
  162. Best wanton mee
  163. Firefighter are highly respected in USA. Why ours are looked down upon?
  164. What's your first impression of EDMW when you just joined as member.?
  165. [GLGT] Malaysian Uncle scolding GST...
  166. Do u think EDMW forum should be an App?
  167. Primary 3 exam question. Anyone know the answer?
  168. [GVGT] Razer's new Blade ~ !
  169. where to bye this cute bare
  170. Best is dun teach new staff things or update/create SOP? So u wun kenna replaced?
  171. Who going change car
  172. Anyone in SCDF during NS before? Did u kena 'rituals' before ORD?
  173. [GPGT][GLGT]Chio zeh zeh kena touched by humsup uncle in bus
  174. Anyone near me now?
  175. Soldiers are highly respected in USA. Why ours are told not to sit in mrt, jeered
  176. GST vouchers rebate is like a free set of 3 piece condom
  177. New measurement 4 sg economy :budget hotel short hrs occupants rate index
  178. 8 new dengue cases in slumdok; 14 new in slumrong west
  179. Csm may be right. Should teach Malay as third language?
  180. just now i find fl the service very bad :(
  181. Ho Jun Wei, Chew Hup Seng + Sathappan Anbarasan ……………cane all of u!
  182. Car burn at balestier road
  183. Usa say NK will end up like Libya if NK don't denuclearize
  184. HIGH-RISK dengue clusters are here liao…..!!!
  185. huawei next phone mate 20 will use hisilicon kiron 980 SoC cpu.
  186. Today weather so blazing hot... stand MRT platform at Zoolong east can bake...
  187. [GPGT] Give summon one so gek sim?
  188. If bring xia suay to sahara desert for BBQ outing during the noon time
  189. [BREAKING] GPGT: SCDF investigating videos of officer being dragged along floor, struggling in well
  190. Those 6 modules (top up) degree, anyone took before?
  191. If this opposition dream team. Can take down how many grcs?
  192. what is the meaning when ger said “ you champion lah you”?
  193. Can csi this Chinese song?
  194. [GVGT] This russian guy should start his Space X!
  195. [BREAKING] IKEA Singapore recalls SLADDA bicycle due to fall risk caused by drive belt
  196. how to know your buaya is sucessful?
  197. Government support to enhance lift safety in wake of recent accidents
  198. A1 - Concert! Any korkor going?
  199. NEWS say many airline still listing Taiwan as country , including one of SG airline
  200. Gpgt speedtest orange & red
  201. Now buy Singtel shares cannot earn ?
  202. [GPGT] like that also can kena summon by TP ?????
  203. Does your corlick's fart smell good?
  204. Superb parking skill..
  205. [GVGT] Mexican Martial Arts
  206. Do u think "Need" is a dirty word?
  207. Life under PAP
  208. New M’sia govt shuts down politically-linked agencies while S’pore govt increases bud
  209. If taiwan fight china, will taiwan soldier still go to war?
  210. LKY proud of PM Lee. Razak Hussein proud of Najib?
  211. AMDK show you how to do a 12KM WIFI LINK~!!!
  212. My neighbors are becoming more and more low SES..... What should I do???
  213. Why malayisa cabinet can cut pay where else our cannot?
  214. Apple Watch users lip lai
  215. Dark84 got china wife, saloon car, cash, hdb, what more does he need???
  216. which password ish more secure?
  217. NDP 18 Theme Song
  218. When will Pee Ass start distributing free KY jelly?
  219. Grab driver use hyundai sonata petrol to drive grabcar?
  220. TP & LTA should learn from ah neh land
  221. Csj like quiet recently
  222. (AKAN DATANG) Sing $1 to $5 Ringgit
  223. Singapore Indoor Stadium concert advice
  224. [GPGT] Siao liao! Even Internshit opportunity also going to peenoise riao
  225. Trump: 'We will know next week about Singapore'
  226. Wartime, those BBFA nsmen sure desert until buay lin chu
  227. Gpgt- Twn mm kym??
  228. Samsung S9 or Hwawei P20 Pro
  229. If your ex is your neighbour~~~
  230. 1 month only $2.4k take home, feel super failure
  231. SBS Transit apologises for not alerting commuters to Downtown Line delays
  232. Met with a classmate of Xiao lee while on tour in England.....
  233. [GPGT] This black doggie KYM?
  234. is it safe to go msia during hari raya month
  235. How come assistant head paid so little?
  236. Comedian Kumar "Singaporeans suffering is lifetime"
  237. Why Singapore need so many budget hotel?
  238. LOL no wonder so many single guys in Singapore
  239. Doctor in China detained on suspicion of raping patient
  240. Now many many young couple like to pat pat gf backside
  241. Msia new government to 1.5 million Bangladeshi worker intake
  242. After selling HDB flat must plow back withdrawn sum+accrued interest into RA……what if sales proceeds
  243. Job hunting experiment ~
  244. Handsome Nurse spotted
  245. Russia very smelly....
  246. Girl Gamer Team ok bo?
  247. JUST IN: Singapore's economy grew 4.4% in Q1 of 2018.
  248. 2hrs short stay occupied rate up at budget hotel
  249. Car become chao ta at Balestier near Hotel 81
  250. [GVGT] Zeh Zeh sent flying by motorcycle, who's fault??