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  1. Singapore Youth Flying Club
  2. Which Route should I go for Nitec or Private Diploma
  3. The most difficult Multiple Choice Test?
  4. 2017 Google Online Marketing Challenge
  6. International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway - financial aid to cover travel costs
  7. Green jobs and Sustainability What does it mean to you?
  8. University Student Pocket Money
  9. Take part in our global scientific learning experiment!
  10. s
  11. where to interview people for sociology research paper?
  12. Resume/Interview skills
  13. How can I prepare myself for a data analyst internship?
  14. Getting a degree in Singapore set to become costlier
  15. URGENT I.T Expert (Java) Needed!
  16. Uni Exams finally over!!
  17. McGill Uni VS local uni
  18. Got any MP's with UNI SIM degree ?
  19. How come SIM Application fee is 4x expensive than ntu?
  20. Study at University of Leicester satki bo ? maybe they will become top in the world one day.
  21. NUS NTU will rise to joint 8th position this year
  22. My fren kena accepted by SMU and NTU
  23. GPGT The difference between NTU and NUS admissions
  24. New SMU course: 1,108 vying for 45 places
  25. Is singapore education system screw up?
  26. Paging graduates of elite universities
  27. Congrats to LSE for top 3 UK uni
  28. what course to choose in ITE?
  29. Today i interviewed a sim unisim grad
  30. Saf degree holder can up 1 rank every 3 years right?
  31. Is a degree from SIM really CMI ah?
  32. Is UniSIM considered the ITE of universities?
  33. Is it true that NUS/NTU/SMU can ask SIM student to shutup while SIM cant ask NTU/SMU/NUS to shutup?
  34. [Sunday] How come Hwz Campus Zone only got NUS, NTU and SMU???
  35. Is sim unisim the only last hope for cmi people?
  36. NTU take up quite a big land in SG?
  37. If until now late April still no news from NTU/NUS, means gg?
  38. (GPGT) NUS students to EDMW: GTFO
  39. Got any uni student don't care about exam grade one?
  40. question about repeating 2 core modules in a subsequent year. (NTU)
  41. Masters at low tier universities or bachelor with hons at Russel group university?
  42. using parents CPF to pay uni tuition fees...
  43. Is this the first private uni (SIM uni) thread that nobody bash?
  44. Which private uni is very ex?
  45. University offer!
  46. Uni choices in Business / IT
  47. Only got diploma, no interest in private degrees.
  48. No news from any local universities.
  49. Those study Uni got tio or heard before plagiarism investigation lip lai ~!!!!!
  50. Tiagong if nus reject u means ur slot tio taken by FT... is tis true?
  52. [Sunday uni threads] actually those people who stir the threads....
  53. SIM UOL just accepted me
  54. 45% of gaculty in local uni r singaporeans
  55. Why many local grads either dont or can't speak properly?
  56. sp?
  57. Electrical Wiring Installation & Electronics Discharge (ESD) Control Course
  58. anyone tried modafinil?
  59. JPAE 2016
  60. How does my introduction sound???
  61. Would you hire a 16 year old tutor?
  62. Looking for Chinese Tuition? HCJC/ NUS CL undergraduate tutor.
  63. Kids these days so lucky to have scholarship seminars...
  64. Amazon Global Selling in Singapore
  65. Singapore Kindness Movement and The Necessary Stage proudly present International Friendship Day
  66. Volunteer with WWF
  68. PAID Focus Group (for final year university students)
  69. Internships in Southeast Asia facebook group
  70. Conjunct Consulting - volunteer roles
  71. Asia Europe Foundation Summer University - Sustainable Urbanisation in Heritage Cities
  72. Calling All Budding Filmmakers!
  74. ASEAN Future Leaders Program 2015/2016
  75. UOL exam for stats no stats table
  76. PSLE/OLEVEL/ALEVEL marking‏
  77. Volunteers for Shanghai/Chengdu overseas project
  78. Leading Change Through the United Nations: A Personal Journey
  79. Sponsored Entrepreneurship Program to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  80. ASEAN Youth Volunteer Programme Cambodia 2-29 August 2015
  81. B> H2 History & H2 Econs Tutorials/ prelim papers with solutions
  82. Twitter #YPL (Young Promising Leaders Program)
  83. Small programming project
  84. Environmental Advocacy workshop in Siem Reap (with travel grant)
  85. Programming in Star CCM+ and arduino
  86. SOUTHEAST ASIA BEYOND 2015 AND THE WORLD WE WANT ~ Youth Conference & Development Workshops
  87. 42nd Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP) 2015
  88. GeniebookApp- The Best Study Companion for Pri,Sec,JC level!
  89. Tutors Needed
  90. ASEAN Career Fair with Japan
  91. Social Venture Challenge
  92. Young CSR Leaders Award 2015
  93. UOL Textbooks for sales
  94. Higher Nitec to D/L universities?
  95. Clearing A level notes from HCI, RJC, VJC
  96. Call for Donations
  97. Free O level & Lower Sec Homework Consultation
  98. IPHONE 6+ 64GB GOLD $1210
  99. AMA: Oversea Education
  100. Sec 4 going to Sec 5 or ?
  101. All Jc and Poly open house dates here
  102. ANSYS Workbench?
  103. Kaplan referral for 2015
  104. Looking for binding service
  105. Where to Buying Laptop for student price?
  106. Do students nowadays use calendars to organise their schedule?
  107. Help On My Project!!!
  108. hello
  109. eLearning
  110. Volunteer in Laos (ASEAN Young Professionals Volunteer Corps)
  111. Project Double-Trouble
  112. Preservation of Sites and Monuments Volunteer Guide Programme 2015
  113. Volunteer in Vietnam (ASEAN Young Professionals Volunteer Corps)
  114. Volunteer expedition to Bohol Philippines 28Nov-7Dec
  115. Urgent: Ngee Ann recruitment error msg
  116. Murdoch University Attendance Policy
  117. Free online courses - (1) Succeed at interviews (2) Produce a perfect CV
  118. Computer Skills Volunteer Mentor/Coach
  120. Contest
  121. UOL Lecturer Recommendation
  122. Condo Survey. Please help!
  123. Volunteer Service Trip to Cambodia Oct 23 to 26, 2014
  124. Hanoi Sapa Volunteer Trip 2014
  125. Engineers Without Borders Asia Official Launch
  126. Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative
  127. Pulse Singapore 2014
  128. Model ASEM 2014 in Milan, Italy
  129. WTS Nat Geo tix!
  130. Offfice 365 uni
  131. Survey for students
  132. HSBC Singapore Student Ambassador Programme 2014
  133. Volunteer expedition to Siem Reap Cambodia Oct 2014
  134. Scrap PSLE, delay streaming and foster creativity
  135. NUS Life science or NTU Maritime Studies
  136. UK, USA and AUSTRALIAN UNIVERSITIES vs Singapore universities
  137. FROM SINGAPORE WITH LOVE Overseas Volunteer Missions
  138. Just found free CMFAS sharing place M1-10
  139. DreamJagers l Singapore Web design, Graphic design, SEO, SEM l For Personal, SME, Corporation l
  140. Free JC Math Solutions
  141. Survey on Online Credibility (Open to all university students only!)
  142. SG Education
  143. Murdoch Exams - Events Policy TOU304 (HELPPPPP!!)
  144. Looking for people who is getting into NTU in AY14/15
  145. A-Level Math Vs Polytechnic Math
  146. HELP TO DO THIS SURVEY on social media PLEASE! i need huge sample size!
  147. Need help in deciding what course to take
  148. Need help on EAGLECAD
  149. Anyone applied for SUTD this year?
  150. looking for student tenants
  151. Book for Accounting Fundamentals
  152. Project LOVE Asia (Volunteer in Thailand)
  153. Common room for rent in Pioneer
  154. H1/H2 Economics Group Tuition by former RJ teacher!
  155. Ace the exams! Get a Home Tutor!
  156. 6th ASEAN Youth Forum
  157. Looking For Tuition Teacher In The East
  158. Curious about new learning method
  159. WTB: St Andrew's Secondary School PE Attire
  160. Financial calculator to sell - BA II Plus, Texas Instruments
  161. Volunteer expedition to Chiang Mai, Thailand
  162. WTS: NBS Tee
  163. Tuition for Pri, Sec, JC, Poly. Affordable!
  164. Volunteer expedition to Luang Prabang, Laos
  165. K2 Spark 80 ALU for Sale - $200
  166. Flyer Distributors needed $10/hr
  167. Daimler - Trainee (IT/HR degree grads)
  168. Able to enter Poly?
  169. buying ntu/nus chem engineering textbooks
  170. ielts
  171. BUYING ACCA P1 Textbook + Lectures notes fullset
  172. 2013 Domain of Singapore Tutoring Experts' List of Most Influential Online SG Tutors
  173. A Quick Survey
  174. Looking for home tuition services?
  175. Need help in marketing assignment
  176. Could I get your opinion on Magazines?
  177. GlaxoSmithKline Future Leaders Programme
  178. JC Economics Tuition
  179. A level cands
  180. What is GeeMeow.com?
  181. Call for volunteers at Laos Wildlife Sanctuary 6Dec-15Dec
  182. Hi fellow students, can i get your opinion on sharing of umbrellas?
  183. Available room for rental near NTU
  184. How to do this?
  185. CAIA Level 1 Test bank Uppermark
  186. GenesisTutors -Preparation for 2014?
  187. JC Tutor for Maths and Chem
  188. Floating point decimal to binary Conversion
  189. Visit GenesisTutors Now! We provide the best tutors that suits your child!
  190. Overseas volunteer expedition - Cambodia 17-29 November
  191. Maths Engineering Tutor needed..
  192. general paper help
  193. Engineering maths experts please help...
  194. Music Software Survey
  195. GP Crash Course - RJC Tutor
  196. 2013 List of Worst SG Lecturers on the internet-nominations now open!
  197. Volunteer Expedition to Cambodia
  198. Where to rent/buy NUS and RMIT graduation gown?
  199. Taking ACCA F8 Audit (INT) in Singapore
  200. Lm9001
  201. SIT ppl need lai!
  202. Daimler - CAReer Trainee in IT Infrastructure
  203. Volunteer Expedition to East Timor
  204. Resume/ Interview Doctor (Our Career Paths)
  205. Volunteer Expedition to Indonesia/Philippines
  206. Volunteer Expedition to Vietnam (Sept 2013)
  207. A F#$!ing Short Vulgarities Survey
  208. looking for polytechnic accounting tutor
  209. Labview
  210. how GPA is calculated?
  211. Free 15gb cloud storage for students!
  212. Study cafe for student?
  213. UN Summer School (FREE air ticket and accommodation)
  214. O-Level Chemistry June Intensive Revision Workshops 2013
  215. Rental of Room
  216. Looking For> student volunteers to carry out surveys
  217. June Intensive Revision Workshop for Chemistry and Combine Science (Chemistry, Physics)
  218. Sec Maths Tuition (A and E Maths) - CHEAP and EFFECTIVE!
  219. Recruiting participants for a Masters Study ?
  221. Enquires on Wine Course
  222. JC students looking down on ITE people: Accusation is repulsive
  223. Acceptance Replies - Which uni reply first?
  224. Need tutors for Quantitative Methods
  225. Struggling with Chemistry? Take a look at Chemistry Champions!
  226. Foreign Scholarship Policy: Fairness? Or Not?
  227. Offering Crash Course for MQL4, VBA and MATLAB
  228. 2013 Google Online Marketing Challenge
  229. SIM Global - UOW Bachelor in IT Notes
  230. MAS JC Award
  231. Does temasek poly open on sunday?
  232. Need help on business law !!
  233. Daimler - Trainee in Finance and Controlling
  234. JC ranking 2013 (based on COP)
  235. NTU COM SCI with business minor OR SMU SIS?
  236. Tuition Assignments 2013
  237. Help Needed for Participants on Email Interview on Twitter in the Workplace
  238. Looking for current SIMGE students
  239. Past Year Exam
  240. Anyone wants to swap Poly places?
  241. calling all kind souls at Republic Polytechnic
  242. Need help for student survey :(
  243. Need help in SPSS for marketing research assignment
  244. How to Select a Good Home Tutor in 5 Steps
  245. Need help with interviews or application essays?
  246. seeking help from kind souls to buy on behalf notebook @ polytechnic
  247. www.surveymonkey.com/s/8L6M7X7
  248. Responsible Energy Advocates Programme
  249. Home Tuition - Physics, Chemistry
  250. Home Tuition - E/ A Math