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  1. Network experts, i need your help regarding modem and router. TIA!
  2. M1 cable problem new user. Need help to connect to wireless router
  3. How to check if my desktop has wireless capabilities or not?
  4. Help.. Some questions regarding cable broadband
  5. Prepping my home network for MIO. Advice pls.
  6. MIO Voice versus Homeline
  7. Using cat5e as telephone cable
  8. bypass
  9. Quick Question: ASUS RT-N15U vs Engenius esr9850
  10. cheapest broadband plan
  11. TP-link vs aztech vs other brand 500mbps homeplug
  12. Medicorp live radio works in Internet Explorer but not in firefox.
  13. Where to buy LAN cabling equipment?
  14. Wireless N Dual Band PCI Express Adapter card
  15. Help with mio TV/Router setup
  16. [HELP] Need to boost WiFi Signal in house, will pay for services!
  17. anyone can help? Vuze for mac is not working on my Singnet Broadband
  18. How hot does your mobile dongle get?
  19. Starhub broadband
  20. starhub
  21. Need help configuring QOS on Tomato
  22. 迅雷 users!
  23. Internet Connection Keeps Dropping
  24. Access Home NAS remotely
  25. Homeplugs suddenly broke down?
  26. Connecting my Android HP via WIFI and share using tethering, possible?
  27. Problem with my router??
  28. Starhub maxonline no longer bundled with mobile broadband
  29. Desktop not able to get 1.0Gbps Speed
  30. Advise on singnet
  31. Help with new router (upgrade from 2wire)
  32. Speed of my new internet connection
  33. Just upgraded the wireless card on my HP DV6 notebook to a Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250
  34. Starhub APN Setting for M1 Vodafone K3765
  35. Weird connection from different laptops
  36. Home plug for mio tv
  37. Cheapest source of consistent home broadband connection
  38. M1 RG256 unable to get itune homesharing to work.
  39. Best Internet Service Provider
  40. Help with Asus n56 router
  41. Mobile Broadband USIM
  42. Starhub Wi-Fi Speedtest
  43. laptop causing whole house to discon
  44. Anyone using StarHub HD Interactive Set Top Box?
  45. LAN gaming
  46. Need help with router and latency issues
  47. Is Singnet acting up?
  48. Which is better? TP Link TL-WR1043ND vs Asus RT-N15U ?
  49. M1 Speed Problem
  50. [HELP] Port Forwarding problems
  51. Possible different cable modem for SH broadband and voice?
  52. Please suggest a Singtel ADSL Modem
  53. Anybuttie here regretted signing MR?
  54. Where to buy 220V/12V 2A AC-DC adaptor
  55. Cabling new home - Need advise
  56. 802.11ac
  57. Slow ADSL : Who are the culprits?
  58. Low Starhub Download speeds??
  59. Where can I buy 12 Meter Ethernet cable ?
  60. extremly slowness streaming movie and climbing BT after changing to fiber plan?
  61. low wireless signal
  62. Connection Issue
  63. Network question
  64. tp link wireless router wr1043nd
  65. Wireless Adaptor N53 VS AE2500
  66. not sure why....
  67. singnet abuseteam warns about torrent downloads
  68. Internet looks connected, but no internet access.
  69. Mio Fibre vs Starhub Cable
  70. Star Hub configuration for NoteBook
  71. MO 100Mbps with wireless router G or N
  72. Pfingo for business?
  73. Help Engenius ESR8950
  74. Internet and tv broadband keep dropping
  75. Need Help on Wifi Bridging with Dlink/Linksys
  76. Lenovo IdeaPad U410 internet spike when im charging while playing Dota 2
  77. [Review] Buffalo AirStation Nfiniti WZR-HP-AG300H - To Infinity and Beyond
  78. starhub mobile broadband
  79. Mobile broadband dongle
  80. Mio tv failure, reimbursement?
  81. WoW latency
  82. Prolink wnr1011 and huawei e303
  83. Where is Asus Service Centre?
  84. USB modem
  85. Comtrend Powerline and Aztech compatability
  86. VPN Router / LG TV
  87. Question about VPN servers.
  88. shld I get n router and adapter combo or jus buy 6m of ethernet cable?
  89. Asus RT-N56U IPv6 custom firmware is out! ( Full IPv6 support)
  90. VPN To Home
  91. padavan rt-56u, how can i re-route an external ip to internal ip?
  92. youtube intermitent loading
  93. Should I get a new network interface card?
  94. Some advice for a Bishan Masionette
  95. Which internet plan if fibre not yet come to my house ?
  96. D-Link DIR-655 vs Belkin N300 vs Linksys E1500
  97. [Question] Change from Singtel to M1
  98. Recommendation on gigabit switches for home use
  99. Question on "stacking" switches for home network
  100. Modem Keeps Re-Starting?
  101. Need help! to setup strongvpn on RT-N66U
  102. DNS server not responding?
  103. Looking for a smooth wireless router
  104. How to connect the two computers to the internet at two different cable points
  105. ASUS RT-N66U & AC66U routers' IPv6 do not work with ViewQwest's
  106. How to set limited wifi access for 2nd user.
  107. problem with starhub mobile broadband
  108. Philippine network ISP
  109. Temporary broadband router
  110. which ISP to get for SMEs?
  111. Best Routers ?
  112. multiple wifi ssid on 1 router?
  113. Starhub Cable Promotion to recommend while waiting for Fiber to be ready
  114. Homeplug on fiber
  115. Youtube "An error occured. Please try again later"
  116. Network card
  117. M1 Smartphone plan & Iphone plan different internet speed.
  118. engenius er9850 users come in!!!
  119. help on my internet
  120. possible to set DSL1015EW as bridge?
  121. config mio white with esr9850
  122. A.C.Ryan 3G WiFi Router with 1800mAh Mobile Charger.
  123. [Qn] Refund on pro-rated prepay bill payment
  124. starhub blocksssssss
  125. Use of repeater
  126. Power adapter for ethernet switch
  127. Wireless Strength Help
  128. Anyone using the new Pace 5520N RG from singtel?
  129. Where can get half size mini pcie wifi?
  130. [Article] Intel Labs Demonstrate Technologies That Make the Future Wireless
  131. [Part 2/II: Review]Alternative to Wireless and Powerline Comms | 100Mbps over telephone line/2 wire!
  132. My router as Proxy for friend in C h i n a
  133. Need help to choose modem + router for Starhub MaxOnline
  134. Starhub Maxonline Downstream Issues Lately ?
  135. Qns on have 2nd router as media bridge
  136. [Help] Connecting desktop to wireless connection
  137. Blocking ip range from an office ?
  138. Singtel offer national geo channel in HD by default, Starhub just keep quiet?
  139. Next-gen routers : 802.11AC
  140. TP-LINK W8960N singnet bb settings
  141. How to port forward engeniue 9850??
  142. Need help to recommend Wireless Router
  143. ADSL Broadband or Fibre Broadband
  144. Singnet Fiber Installation and registration fee.
  145. Starhub Maxinfinity 150MBps Fibre home BB.
  146. M1 Ping during the Night
  147. high ping detection on both lan and wireless.help
  148. Can't access safra.sg?
  149. unstable Starhub Request Timeout
  150. Need your help!
  151. Any SingTel/Starhub/M1/MyRepublic people here?
  152. New M1 plans wef 15 Sept?
  153. Singtet Fibre 2Wire Router Good?
  154. Wifi connect and disconnect frequently automatically
  155. MIO TV Installation - What cable?
  156. My 3G speed has being throttle due.
  157. Direct Vs Homeplug Vs Wireless
  158. [News] TV White Spaces Ready for Pilot Deployments
  159. Advice on using VPN service for PS3 & AppleTV
  160. Mifi Router for Rent - with included DATA plan
  161. Wireless network card
  162. Fibre turn on takes a MONTH and not 3 days as OpenNet reported
  163. Seeking an All-in-1 Cable Modem cum Wireless Router
  165. linksys wrt54gs cannot connect wirelessly
  166. careful..the Green Pipe trying to smoke customers. redemption points used but no redemptions
  167. Help Needed (TOA)
  168. a question on upgrading network
  169. Micro USB 3G dongle
  170. Problem with some website access!! need help :(
  171. how to setup wifi, just buy usb router?
  172. Need urgent advice on Starhub Fibre Broadband connection with AZTECH Homeplugs HL125G and HL115EP
  173. StarHub Cable Broadband Max Online Down?
  174. Question on Wireless Connection Speed
  175. Re-contract Special Price ADSL or switch to Fibre?
  176. Stinknet vs sh!thub SOPCAST buffer
  177. Urgent router advise needed.
  178. Need new Wireless ADSL 2 Modem + adapter receiver
  179. Router or switch needed?
  180. Where to buy compatible batter for 3G-6218N
  181. tortoise wireless connection
  182. Starhub mass network down
  183. USB Modem + Router need to have password?
  184. Fibre network freezed after connecting Xbox live.
  185. Router choices
  186. M1 mData Value
  187. M1 mData Value
  188. [Article] Comex 2012 - Notebooks, PC Systems, Networking & PC Accessories Buying Guide
  189. Unlimited International Bandwidth Singtel Comex 2012?!!
  190. mobile internet speed
  191. Router + Adsl modem combo?
  192. Tracking website visited and time spent on websites
  193. Am wondering if best to get Router or Switches???
  194. Is there any 3G mobile router that can just take the sim card itself
  195. Aftermarket long antennas - do they work?
  196. Any good seedbox for SG
  197. Cable Modem + Router problem
  198. singnet offer 1-1 exchange for the 2wire modem?
  199. Linksys E4500 or Asus n56u
  200. starhub network management
  201. Need help with Singtel Fibre wireless setup
  202. Weakest Link
  203. How to utilise hotel room's LAN point to have a wireless network?
  204. Can't search for the wireless network
  205. to get fibre or broadband
  206. Quick Question
  207. need some help
  208. Persistent problem
  209. TP-LINK warranty card
  210. Wireless range extender
  211. Need Help on Setting Up FTP for ASUS N56U / N66U Router
  212. Linking up 2wire modem
  213. Cloud storage for businesses
  214. Asus RT-N65U Dual-Band Wireless-N750 Gigabit Router
  215. Browser cannot connect to the internet
  216. What is the future of IPTV in Sgp?
  218. Singtel 15Mbps or Starhub 16Mbps
  219. HP MSR900 Public lan address issue
  220. Is the 69.90 singtel package the best?
  221. TP-Link TL-ER6120?
  222. Google intermittently uses Tamil language - anyone else getting this?
  223. Recommend a Wireless N Adaper (USB/Non PCI)
  224. Accessing home network from outside
  225. Wireless Adapter Reads only 72MBPS
  226. Speed drops when wired through a router
  227. How to connect 2wire to Starhub cable tv box?
  228. Cat 5e UTP fibre broadband cable contractor?
  229. Deleting port forwarding after machine has been unhooked
  230. [Part 1/II: Interest] The Amazing Wonders of 2 Wires... What YOU can do with it!!!
  231. Help to telnet
  232. [Review] ASUS RT-AC66U Wireless-AC Dual-band Router - Thrilling Media Streamer
  233. any good pure ethenet router?
  234. Asus N15U
  235. Anyway to Speed Up Upload speed in Starhub Broadband
  236. Simple VPN question.
  237. Network Speed
  238. Way to increase stability of mobile broadband.
  239. How to offer free wifi to neighbours?
  240. ASUS RT-N12: SSID keeps disappearing from "Connect to Network" screen
  241. [NEW] ASUS DSL-N55U & RT-N65U Router
  242. Why does internet provider alway blames the router for any issues?
  243. Need advice over Singnet problem
  244. Torrent and Cisco DPC3925
  245. Which option increases the wireless range further?
  246. usb wifi antenna
  247. Can I use a wireless router to create a network for communication?
  248. Need help on recommending a network adapter to connect to router
  249. Staging Examiner Prompt
  250. Setting up Aztec IP Camera WIPC401 and Wireless Extender HL-110EW