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  1. Fibre turn on takes a MONTH and not 3 days as OpenNet reported
  2. Seeking an All-in-1 Cable Modem cum Wireless Router
  4. linksys wrt54gs cannot connect wirelessly
  5. careful..the Green Pipe trying to smoke customers. redemption points used but no redemptions
  6. Help Needed (TOA)
  7. a question on upgrading network
  8. Micro USB 3G dongle
  9. Problem with some website access!! need help :(
  10. how to setup wifi, just buy usb router?
  11. Need urgent advice on Starhub Fibre Broadband connection with AZTECH Homeplugs HL125G and HL115EP
  12. StarHub Cable Broadband Max Online Down?
  13. Question on Wireless Connection Speed
  14. Re-contract Special Price ADSL or switch to Fibre?
  15. Stinknet vs sh!thub SOPCAST buffer
  16. Urgent router advise needed.
  17. Need new Wireless ADSL 2 Modem + adapter receiver
  18. Router or switch needed?
  19. Where to buy compatible batter for 3G-6218N
  20. tortoise wireless connection
  21. Starhub mass network down
  22. USB Modem + Router need to have password?
  23. Fibre network freezed after connecting Xbox live.
  24. Router choices
  25. M1 mData Value
  26. M1 mData Value
  27. [Article] Comex 2012 - Notebooks, PC Systems, Networking & PC Accessories Buying Guide
  28. Unlimited International Bandwidth Singtel Comex 2012?!!
  29. mobile internet speed
  30. Router + Adsl modem combo?
  31. Tracking website visited and time spent on websites
  32. Am wondering if best to get Router or Switches???
  33. Is there any 3G mobile router that can just take the sim card itself
  34. Aftermarket long antennas - do they work?
  35. Any good seedbox for SG
  36. Cable Modem + Router problem
  37. singnet offer 1-1 exchange for the 2wire modem?
  38. Linksys E4500 or Asus n56u
  39. starhub network management
  40. Need help with Singtel Fibre wireless setup
  41. Weakest Link
  42. How to utilise hotel room's LAN point to have a wireless network?
  43. Can't search for the wireless network
  44. to get fibre or broadband
  45. Quick Question
  46. need some help
  47. Persistent problem
  48. TP-LINK warranty card
  49. Wireless range extender
  50. Need Help on Setting Up FTP for ASUS N56U / N66U Router
  51. Linking up 2wire modem
  52. Cloud storage for businesses
  53. Asus RT-N65U Dual-Band Wireless-N750 Gigabit Router
  54. Browser cannot connect to the internet
  55. What is the future of IPTV in Sgp?
  57. Singtel 15Mbps or Starhub 16Mbps
  58. HP MSR900 Public lan address issue
  59. Is the 69.90 singtel package the best?
  60. TP-Link TL-ER6120?
  61. Google intermittently uses Tamil language - anyone else getting this?
  62. Recommend a Wireless N Adaper (USB/Non PCI)
  63. Accessing home network from outside
  64. Wireless Adapter Reads only 72MBPS
  65. Speed drops when wired through a router
  66. How to connect 2wire to Starhub cable tv box?
  67. Cat 5e UTP fibre broadband cable contractor?
  68. Deleting port forwarding after machine has been unhooked
  69. [Part 1/II: Interest] The Amazing Wonders of 2 Wires... What YOU can do with it!!!
  70. Help to telnet
  71. [Review] ASUS RT-AC66U Wireless-AC Dual-band Router - Thrilling Media Streamer
  72. any good pure ethenet router?
  73. Asus N15U
  74. Anyway to Speed Up Upload speed in Starhub Broadband
  75. Simple VPN question.
  76. Network Speed
  77. Way to increase stability of mobile broadband.
  78. How to offer free wifi to neighbours?
  79. ASUS RT-N12: SSID keeps disappearing from "Connect to Network" screen
  80. [NEW] ASUS DSL-N55U & RT-N65U Router
  81. Why does internet provider alway blames the router for any issues?
  82. Need advice over Singnet problem
  83. Torrent and Cisco DPC3925
  84. Which option increases the wireless range further?
  85. usb wifi antenna
  86. Can I use a wireless router to create a network for communication?
  87. Need help on recommending a network adapter to connect to router
  88. Staging Examiner Prompt
  89. Setting up Aztec IP Camera WIPC401 and Wireless Extender HL-110EW
  90. Wireless Router for optic fibre
  91. Advice needed on Wifi
  92. Singtel ADSL 200ms+ ping.
  93. Help Configuring Linksys PAP2T for Mio Fibre
  94. Cannot access Internet from router.
  95. Router and Broadband modem
  96. Need help with some network issue
  97. Infiniband, CX4, 10Gbe etc
  98. How to reduce Ping to USA <100ms?
  99. Changing antennas for Wireless N network
  100. Need advice for increase wireless signal
  101. Looking for portable router with these properties
  102. Trouble with my Xbox 360 (Slim) wi-fi connection setup using Pace A5520N
  103. NIC won't detect ethernet cable under certain scenarios
  104. MioTV US TV Pack
  105. need help with wireless network at home
  106. Unable to load certain websites
  107. Securifi Almond - Touch Screen Wireless N Router + Range Extender (Booster)
  108. Wireless Mobile HotSpot
  109. Need advice ... Starhub cableTV to PC
  110. [Maylyn's Review] ASUS RT-AC66U Dark Knight Rises
  111. changing dns settings on 2Wire 5012NV-002
  112. Netload - Access Denied
  113. Wireless Range Extender / Expander / Repeater / Booster
  114. Singnet Peering/routing issue to local datacenter?
  115. Is it possible to have Mio TV + Another ISP other than Singnet?
  116. wireless B/G and Wireless N
  117. How come when i download thing always halfway NETWORK ERROR?
  118. Aztech WL556E: intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity
  119. How do I configure Utorrent to run at optimum performance with Singtel 100mpbs fibre
  120. Need help for Aztech Homeplug HL115EP
  121. m1 disconnect when using the torrent.
  122. Help needed for MOL express
  123. Tp Link N750 or Linksys EA4500?
  124. Anyone done structure cabling?
  125. Any juniper firewall expert here?
  126. m1 internet broadband down @ 2am
  127. Recommendation for router for multiple storey
  128. Help in Configuring and installing Zyxel Wap3205
  129. powerline
  130. About Dual Band Router ?
  131. [Please Help] Unable to connect via wifi, but able to connect via cable
  132. HDB to HDB network
  133. (Urgent) Where to buy mobile broadband gadget / dongle?
  134. Unable to login DBS Internet Banking.
  135. Singnet 10MBPS: How come I'm issued 2 WAN IP address?
  136. Singapore regulations regarding antenna
  137. Please suggest a telephone "handyman"
  138. Wifi Router for small office suggestion
  139. [Review] Lantronix xPrintServer Network Edition - iOS Printing in the Office Made Simple
  140. A question regarding HomePlug - HL110EP(A) by Aztech
  141. Cannot connect to router control panel
  142. Recommendation on router
  143. Wan Port on Router not getting IP Address from Starhub
  144. Subscribing to StarHub.. promoter come in
  145. Singnet 10mbps plan, speedtest 3-4.5mpbs
  146. [News] Cisco Systems to Axe 1,300 Employees
  147. Cannot connect Samsung Smart TV to my network
  148. A question on antennas.
  149. [News] Insane Speeds: Marvell and Wilocity to Co-produce Tri-band Wireless Chip with Top Speed of 7G
  150. 100mbps MR fibre BB with DIR615 router and Aztech 200Mbps Homeplug
  151. Fibre BroadBand - Stupid Question
  152. Blocking Port 1024
  153. [News] VMware Acquires Nicira for US$1.25 Billion
  154. please recommend a router
  155. WIFI still connected, but no internet access
  156. NAS not working behind switch
  157. Frequent disconnection
  158. Router can only access Singapore sites only
  159. so I just received the opennet appt letter
  160. singtel fiber, wireless and mio qns
  161. Wireless Help!!!!
  162. Wireless adapter recommendation for fibre
  163. Using StarHub's Linksys SPA 2102 for Digital Voice service
  164. 2Wire Management and Diagnostic Console
  165. signal drop from 54mbps to 1mbps
  166. port forwarding problem with Aztech DSL705E
  167. Netflix don't accept POSB Debit Card!
  168. "Unidentified Network No Internet Access"
  169. Need advice ... Starhub cableTV to PC
  170. HELP: WAN MAC address on ASUS RT-N66U
  171. Question regarding setup
  172. Problem with my Cable modem SBV5121
  173. Network Cable
  174. Advice needed for M1 home broadband to connect to router access point
  175. Port Forwarding to IP Camera with Cisco 2600
  176. M1 could be following ST and SH to adjust its mobile data tier
  177. aztech hw 550 3g as a repeater
  178. Powerline Adapters?
  179. [News] Cisco to Introduce 1Gbps 802.11ac Access Point Next Year
  180. Bad internet connection with Samsung S2 (M1).
  181. network load balancing for windows 7?
  182. USB Wireless Card
  183. Starhub Digital VOice No Longer Free
  184. Qwest Firmware on 2wire HGV-E Modem
  185. Cat 6 patch cable
  186. Unable to load fb image
  187. M1 Broadband must relogin everyday since I changed router
  188. Help what is this!!
  189. Question: New to networking, need help of maximizing my network..
  190. Is Cisco E1500 300Mbps W/L-N Route w/SpeedBoost good?
  191. Enquiry-internet connection
  192. Where to buy TP-Link / Edimax Wireless 802.11b/g/n PCI Card?
  193. recommend modem/router
  194. Frequent disconnection from network help
  195. Router Recommendation
  196. Which one would you choose?
  197. TP link WR1043ND wireless problem
  198. Internet connection lost after Windows Updates
  199. Need help regarding USB Dongle
  200. Aztech Homeplug in house with 3 phase Current ..
  201. Stupid SinkLag Is Very Lagging
  202. HomeNetwork for 100Mbps Fibre
  203. NAS / Router with BT that supports private trackers
  204. Switch or Hub?
  205. Need help on AzTech HomePlug
  206. Wireless network on Starhub fibre BB
  207. 10 Jul 12 (1.15 am) - Singnet Fibre Broadband Down!
  208. Sign new Fibre Broadband or recontract?
  209. Remotely connecting to Windows 7 shared folders
  210. Best VPN provider (In your opinion)?
  211. TD-W8951ND suddenly no more wireless signal??!!
  212. Wireless gigabit router with Bittorrent
  213. anyone knows where to get this?
  214. SingNet BB: Out of Bandwidth or Throttling YouTube?
  215. TP Link TL-WN723N problem
  216. 802.11g Adapter for Desktop PC
  217. Bbom vs multi-sim (Help!)
  218. Wireless bridging help please?
  219. A question about powerline network
  220. Mohu Bounce available in Singapore
  221. Can connect to 5ghz band but not 2.4 ghz band
  222. Need: Mobile Wireless Adaptor
  223. First Look: ASUS RT-AC66U (Dual-Band 802.11ac Router)
  224. Linksys WUSB54G and Dlink DIR-655 problem
  225. Regarding Bulletin on DNS-Changer Malware‏
  226. New Asus N56U Padavan firmware thread
  227. Recommended Router for long coverage.
  228. My singnet mio 2wire modem spoil where to replace?
  229. Pocket router : TP link WR702 vs DLink DAP1350?
  230. CAT6 Cable crimping tool, faceplate and patch panel
  231. Wireless in Landed Property
  232. Could not load any website pls help.
  233. Are wireless range extender any good?
  234. DIR-300 flashed to DD-WRT
  235. How to share files on the network?
  236. Unable to play fb apps after new com (window 7)
  237. Starhub 3G Internet down in Tampines/Pasir Ris area.
  238. Which Wireless PCI Should I Get ?
  239. Basic NAS
  240. Home network video streaming PC - TV
  241. Setting up VPN
  242. Speednet upload test error
  243. Mobile Broadband with 3G router
  244. DNS Client Event 1014
  245. TP-Link WR1043ND
  246. Anyone know of this company Efficient networks international??
  247. [News] Cloud Nine: Cisco Linksys Unveils Smart Wi-Fi Routers and Cisco Connect Cloud
  248. BAD service Starhub
  249. ISDN NT1
  250. Need help in choosing 3G router