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  1. Is Network cable CAT 7 good for fiber?
  2. Upgraded 200mbps to 1Gbps
  3. Connecting ONT to 1 router and then to 2 AP
  4. DHCP/IP Settings for MioTv
  5. Where To Buy Original Stock Antenna for Asus RT-N66U?
  6. [News] The new ASUS RP-AC68U wireless repeater has more than meets the eye
  7. [News] The new ASUS RP-AC68U wireless repeater has more than meets the eye
  8. Recommend good wireless repeater
  9. Speed gains if router goes from N--> A/C?
  10. router stops sending info so must unplug...
  11. Best method to setup a wired connection in my room
  13. PC affecting speeds?
  14. Msi GT72 2QD gaming laptop
  15. Asus router
  16. Asus AC87U help
  17. Q: Transfer speeds over LAN
  18. Asus high end ac wireless routers
  19. Data point installation question
  20. Networking question
  21. [Review] Securifi Almond+ router review: An easy to use router that lacks some key features
  22. Improving WIFI speed on 2.5GHz channel
  23. M1 main site down
  24. [HELP]Setup Singtel TL-WR841HP
  25. ST fibre home bundle expiring soon
  26. Help needed!!!
  27. Seeking advice for my singtel 200m connection
  28. HELP! Wireless speed drop after upgrade fiber plan?
  29. URGENT: Im on Viewqwest, did my router tio hacked?!
  30. Question regarding the Singtel Home Fibre and Unlimited Fibre plans
  31. Do you worry about security on your router beyond Wi-Fi password?
  32. Cost for short LAN point installation?
  33. Need help with router selection
  34. Starhub Dual Broadband Users Come In Please
  35. Need help troubleshooting lack of speed in home network.
  36. Advise on Internet connection
  37. [MyRepublic] Teleport is no more?
  38. Third Party router to go with Singtel Fiber
  39. MU-MIMO : ASUS RT-AC5300 and Samsung Galaxy S7
  40. Need 2nd Wireless Router or a AP router ?
  41. Regret buying AC88U and AC68U, Web UI always dead!
  42. [Review] Maximize your router's potential with the D-Link DWA-192 AC1900 wireless USB adapter
  43. Router for wired connections
  45. What to do with DIR-850L
  46. Netgear NightHawk X4S (R7800)
  47. Invisible Laptop over Wifi (Macbook)
  48. Wifi for 3 storey house
  49. Asus AC56U wifi intermittent with mobile devices
  50. D-link 5300 vs Asus 5300
  51. [News] The Aftershock Boost is a custom PC that works with ViewQwest's new 10Gbps home fiber broadba
  52. help! Best channel for 2.4G and 5G
  53. Is the Linksys WRT1900 good?
  54. Singtel 1Gbps question
  55. [Review] ViewQwest Corporate plan
  56. Fibre Optics: Which ISP to Sign Up With?
  57. Pls Recommend: Wireless Router home, M1 fibre optic
  58. [Article] IT Show 2016: HWZs picks for the best wireless routers
  59. M1 1GBPS
  60. Singtel Router FG7003GR(AC) Setting
  61. Sharing files on home network?
  62. do broadband provider allow self-installation of ONT?
  63. Very noob qn.
  64. Having slow speed and intermittent connection despite RMA-ing Asus Router
  65. advise need on recontract
  66. Have a question regarding Homeplug Vs wireless
  67. Help! Trouble with DMZ configurations..
  68. [News] Is the eero the Wi-Fi router youve been waiting for?
  69. Swapping of Singtel router to Asus N56U
  70. router admin login for lvl 1 router to access lvl 2 router
  71. Things to get for 1gb Fibre Unlimited!
  72. Modem + Router Recommend
  73. Borrow a router? LOL
  74. [question] where to buy business grade network switches?
  75. Advice needed for home networking setup (Singtel 500mbs fibre plan)
  76. Slow download/upload speed after upgrading to Singtel 1Gbps Fibre
  77. [News] Now you can sign-up for M1's 10Gbps fiber broadband plan for your home
  78. HELP! BTO network configuration
  79. Easiest router to set up?
  80. Is it Normal?
  81. Kindly share your means for online gaming (WiFi or lan)
  82. Quick Question: DSL1016EN(S2) VLAN hardcoded ?
  83. Ubiquiti 25km Long range p2p antenna
  84. Switching from 500Mbps Fibre Home Bundle to 1Gbps Unlimited Fibre
  85. best router under $200?
  86. ssid cannot be disabled with smart connect on?
  87. Ubiquiti - Setting Up Home Network
  88. Recommendation for Layer 3 Gigabit Network Switch for home use
  89. ASUS N56U Problems
  90. [Review] D-Link Ultra WiFi AC3150 Router DIR-885L
  91. Will Homeplug mess up the speed of my non-Homeplug devices?
  92. how to set individual router password and security at home?
  93. Router question
  94. Recommendations for low cost replacement router
  95. Which VPN is best for using in China?
  96. StarHub Fibre & Router
  97. iptables / filter table / forward chain effectiveness & efficiency
  98. Disappointed after upgrading to Singtel 1Gbps Unlimited Fibre
  99. Wifi or Powerline ?
  100. Business Fiber Broadband
  101. Dlink DAP-1620 (Should I use as Wifi extender or wired access point)
  102. TP link TL-WDN4800 wireless good ?
  103. NAS, Router with HDD, or Cloud Disk for movie streaming?
  104. Xiaomi Mini Mi Router as AP?
  105. Router Speed Issue
  106. Need advice/expert views on 2gbps fibre
  107. Looking for reliable trunking contractor!
  108. Is TP link n900 wdn4800 3 antenna wifi card good ?
  109. [Advice] Connectivity issues on 1Gbps Singtel Fibre Home
  110. How to change router issued by Singtel?
  111. router recommendations
  112. Broadcast wifi signal from PC.
  113. Problem with Myrepublic Router RT-N65U
  114. Singtel 300mbps Fibre speedtest issue
  115. how to improve ping?
  116. Need Advice on type of router to buy
  117. Tracert
  118. IP Range Setting for AP
  119. Problem with N56U router. Please help.
  120. ASUS RT-n66u wifi speed on Singtel fibre 500mbps unlimited
  121. Captive portal setup at home possible?
  122. Wifi issues
  123. Upgrading Laptop WiFi Adapter
  124. Improve my internet setup?
  125. Which route to buy, TP Link Archer 9 or Asus 66
  126. Let's talk about AC5300s
  127. [Maylyn - Networking] ASUS RP-AC68U
  128. BTO 5 room networking Advice needed
  129. Advice for IP Cameras?
  130. D-Link AC5300 When Reach Singapore
  131. New BTO flat
  132. Network Switches for Home Use?
  133. Lan Cabling for access point
  134. High ping for Facebook
  135. Problem with MR fibre broadband
  136. Possible to use Homeplug for Singtel IPTV?
  137. why am i experience faster upload speed and slower download speed using powerline
  138. Linksys EA9200 can't connect to Miotv
  139. Latency in starhub and diablo 3
  140. Moca 2.0 Adapter transfer speed of 1 Gb/sec
  141. Asus AC87U problem with singtel fibre 300mbps
  142. Unacceptable wifi speed on devices
  143. how to fix my ONT problem
  144. Mio TV Error
  145. Azurewave AW-CB160H 1300mbps WiFi card
  146. My starhub 25mbps contract expires soon
  147. I was lied by a Starhub consultant
  148. [News] Securifi's Almond routers are now available in Singapore
  149. How to set port forwarding
  150. Advice on New Powerline/Repeater
  151. Need expert to recommend a high gain wireless. Router
  152. Recommend me a NAS that can be accessed via esata too
  153. Connection issue with Singtel 1gb Unlimited Plan
  154. Setup EAP-SIM Radius Server Authentication
  155. Ethernet Tethering?
  156. Best 1Gbps Broadband plan?
  157. [Quick Test] of TP-Link AC750 Gigabit Wi-Fi Range Extender RE210
  158. [News] Netflix blocks non-US users attempting to access US content, starting in Australia
  159. [Noob question] What's the benefit of 1Gbps network over 100Mbps?
  160. Wifi via home LAN issues
  161. Turris Omnia
  162. M1 fiber network down?
  163. Internet down every 24 hrs after adding switch
  164. Question on Server Colocation
  165. USB adapter crashing
  166. Network intermittent
  167. Possible to denied Internet access via wired LAN?
  168. Singnet Fibre backend settings issue again!
  169. Asus service centre Kallang Ave
  170. Is this setup possible and feasible? thanks
  171. Pls recommend me a good wireless AP / Repeater to replace my Engenius 9850
  172. Recommend 1 USB WIFI adapter !!
  173. How to check 2nd router IP address
  174. [News] Coming soon: Seamless Netflix viewing experience for StarHub customers!
  175. Starhub Go question
  176. Wireless@SGx using SIM login on Windows 10 laptop
  177. dlink malaysia fibre supported
  178. Old telco equipment
  179. Router + Switch + PoE Access Points
  180. Singtel TV Termination Charges HELP!
  181. M1 View Bill website down?
  182. Help needed on DNS and IP.
  183. Can anyone recommend good and cheap USB wireless Adaptor
  184. Crossover LAN cable
  185. Standalone Wifi Router
  186. Upgrading to 1Gbp Singtel Fibre Broadband next week
  187. Can dial-up still be used?
  188. Miotv replacement
  189. Any recommendation for a reliable 3G router ?
  190. 1 Gbps Fibre & 200 Mbps Homeplug Compatibility
  191. Some recommendations
  192. TP-Link Talon AD7200 .... Lai lioa....
  193. [News] - ASUS Networking @ CES 2016 and some new ASUS 2016 networking products
  194. Help me! My upload speed sucks ! Asus RT-68U
  195. VPN vs Unotelly, which is better for Netflix?
  196. Budget Router recommendation
  197. Starhub fibre broadband issues
  198. What is MU-MIMO - a simplified summary
  199. Starhub 1000Mbps - What throughput are you getting?
  200. Techno Buffalo Deals! PureVpn 5-Years USD69
  201. Wireless@SGx - Certificate Error
  202. Short lan cables
  203. Advise for NAS connection
  204. powerline advise
  205. mobile wifi
  206. D-Link 890L vs Asus AC68U vs TP-Link Archer c7
  207. M1 1Gb Fiber Broadband game experience
  208. why singapore telco ownself check ownself like no government not like in australia
  209. Rig Internet connection
  210. Router Recommendations for Starhub Fibre with good range
  211. Will there be bottleneck?
  212. home internet cannot use
  213. Would this work?
  214. Is my dlink dvg n5402sp spoilt or "locked"?
  215. Bridge network with fibre optics setup
  216. [SG] M1 fibre internet
  217. Slight technical issue with TP Link RE450 Wifi Range Extender
  218. How much cheaper is TP Link in HK?
  219. Netgear Nighthawk X6+ MIO TV + Singtel Fiber Broadband = Disaster?
  220. portable router with VPN
  221. Default WiFi password for SingTel?
  222. Need help!
  223. network card and wireless card
  224. Looking for Singtel 15mbps ADSL plan
  225. Asus RT-N56U as AP client
  226. USB wireless adapter
  227. ASUA RT-AC68U and PCE-AC68
  228. Service to setup home network?
  229. Just bought a Linksys RE6500HG Max
  230. Able to see additional devices not in my network
  231. What USB dongle to use free M1 data sim card?
  232. Can smartphones connect to Wireless Repeater/Extender?
  233. Need some help on router/modem
  234. Setting up wifi at home
  235. Considering getting the Linksys EA8500. Thoughts?
  236. Router Placement Advice for WIFI
  237. AC5300 router options
  238. Multiple Powerline Adapters from ONT
  239. fly airplane
  240. Any Good Starhub Broadband Promo Contract?
  241. Good routers for 2000sqf office?
  242. OpenWRT and Aztech DSL7002GV(S)
  243. anyone using Sineoji AC750 Wireless Range Extender with their homeplug?
  244. ONT direct connect with ASUS RT-AC5300
  245. [Article] Upgrade your home with these new AC3200 wireless routers tested
  246. The sineoji homeplug users here
  247. [HELP] room wifi signal weak
  248. Network connection problem
  249. Looking at mobile broadband 4g lte devices (wtb also)
  250. need advise regarding router choice D-Link vs ASUS