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  1. Need advice on network security for sole proprietor
  2. Can't connect to the internet with STATIC IP
  3. Home Network Monitoring and Addiction tracking
  4. D-Link 10/100/1000 Gigabit Desktop PCI Adapter
  5. MiNote not compatible with Singtel DSL?
  6. MU-MIMO supported devices?
  7. Moving from Starhub 300Mbps to Singtel 1Gbps
  8. Question about AP
  9. Multiple Internet Accounts in One Address
  10. Internet, switch and router setup
  11. m1 1gb fibre broadband movies streaming.
  12. Problem with Wireless@SG
  13. VPN technology being reviewed as part of proposed changes to Copyright Law
  14. How to set up VPN tunnel through Zhone Modem to Asus Router
  15. stinktel fibre upgrade
  16. M1 broadband speed
  17. Office Network
  18. [ADV] Tell us what good things comes in pairs! Stand to win prizes from TP-LINK!
  19. wifi speed clarificatons : home fibre broadband
  20. Can Aztech DSL 1016EN(S2) be used as a "bridge" or "repeater"
  21. Access point help
  22. MIOTV Recordings & Network Query
  23. Ethernet port on Motherboard problem?
  24. M1 launches Singapore's first commercial disruption-free high-speed Internet network
  25. SH Static IP issue
  26. Asus AC-1300 unable to detect wifi network
  27. Powerline & router connection query
  28. Ubiquiti AmpliFi
  29. are they really phrasing out adsl broadband?
  30. Can you help identify this cable?
  31. Ethernet connected, Unidentified Network
  32. DIR 865L Range Extender
  33. [SIC] Getflix for USD$30
  34. where to buy high gain wifi anterrna for my asus ac66
  35. Seedbox
  36. Export phone settings
  37. M1 300Mbps fiber, ok for Youtube?
  38. Extension of Fibre Cable, am I doing it right?
  39. Radio Frequency Interference, HDB BTO flat
  40. Wifi Adapter Help
  41. Fibre Boradband connectiity
  42. D-Link 4-Legged Range Extender
  43. 1Gbps FIBRE home broadband @ $49.90/month (FOC 8 mths)
  44. Connecting Wireless Router To NUS ethernet lan cable
  45. Awful Speedtest Speeds on Starhub 1GBPS plan
  46. Please help
  47. help : no wifi, but want connect rj45 to pc wirelessly
  48. WiFi Router with 160MHz bandwidth
  49. What is the difference between wireless@SG and wireless@SGX and how do i sign onto wireless@SGx?
  50. My new network cabling, using mostly flat network cables
  51. Hardware recommendations please!
  52. TP-Link Archer T2U (AC600) suddenly stopped working
  53. Fibre broadband recommendations
  54. Anyone having problem with their Singtel ADSL Network?
  55. My journey with flat network cables
  56. Determining SingTel's VLAN IDs
  57. Issues connecting to internet on Aztech FG7003
  58. Help needed for pfsense router for mioTV
  59. Recommendation to replace Singtel Modem/Router
  60. best router to use with cisco dcp3925 router
  61. Why switch(es) insist on 192.168.100.xxx
  62. Certain website cannot load
  63. Range Extender - Highest Spec now?
  64. Planned NAS (Newbie) Setup - for review
  65. Help Pls : LAN Speed Question
  66. Any good traveller router for smartphone ?
  67. where can i find Ethernet wall jack in sg
  68. [Article] Gear this week: A better router idea, Xiaomiís first notebooks, and more
  69. [Review] Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream AC5400 MU-MIMO Gigabit router: A new wireless kingpin
  70. USB wifi dongle for win10/ubuntu
  71. AC5300 keeps losing internet connection?
  72. Better YouTube streaming with Linksys EA8500
  73. How to enable all ports in Asus RT-AC5300 (For Singtel Fibre Broadband)
  74. AWUS051NH
  75. advise needed for router (M1 300mbps)
  76. Anyone have problems Port Forwarding on ViewQwest ?
  77. Asus RT-88U on Myrepublic - no LAN internet
  78. Connect 2 laptops directly using LAN cable
  79. [News] Linksys updates its Smart Wi-Fi app with new interface and features
  80. Any Singnet Fibre user having low upload speed issue?
  81. National Numbering Plan & Allocation Process
  82. Range extender
  83. Your favorite router brand
  84. Asus N66U latest firmware weaker wireless signal
  85. Facebook video keeps buffering with SingTel 1Gbps Unlimited.
  86. Help needed on MoCA Adaptors (Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0)
  87. Seek Advise
  88. Where to get LAN cables in Orchard?
  89. Starhub Fibre broadband
  90. How to enhance my internet speed.only getting 20mbps.
  91. Fibre broadband or not
  92. Problems repeating my AC5300 wireless network
  93. Setup networking in new house
  94. Does my Singtel Black modem store my browsing history/IP logs?
  95. Business Broadband Advice
  96. [Experts pls help ]Question on Starhub Dual broadband
  97. TP-Link Touch P5 1gbps lan settings
  98. Installation of fibre broadband
  99. Need help! Slow fibre broadband speed
  100. AZTECH MiMO
  101. Router recommendation for 300mpbs
  102. Can CISCO DPC3925 modem/router act as a 'wireless adapter'?
  103. Will getting a better Wireless Adapter solve ping spike issues?
  104. Credit balances refund with SingTel
  105. [News] Linksys launches new flagship tri-band EA9500 Max-Stream AC5400 MU-MIMO router
  106. unlimited 4g data plan singapore no throttling
  107. Dyanmic fibre broadband for SME
  108. [Review] TP-Link Talon AD7200 802.11ad router review: Blazing ahead at 60GHz
  109. mobile broadband
  110. [News] The Aztech WIPC411FHD is a Full-HD wireless IP camera that pans and tilts
  111. Can use a homeplug wifi extender as cable link?
  112. Home Network Cabling
  113. WIFI EXTENDERS / Routers
  114. Homeplugs question
  115. Unable to access router admin page
  116. Singtel Wifi Mesh
  117. My republic free labtop from Asus
  118. installing phpbb on Gator website
  119. best free vpn to be used in china?
  120. wireless repeater
  121. M1 1gbps + GA-H97N-WIFI + ASUS AC 5300 = poor wifi connection?
  122. Seeking help on router to fiber connection
  123. Asus Router RT-56U (aka N600)
  124. seeking help on dns setting
  125. NAS
  126. WIFI pros help me with my asus ac88u pls
  127. Local File download website to test download speed
  128. Plugging old desktop HDD to Asus router for cloud drive
  129. Tips for getting the best Wi-Fi experience
  130. If you could use WRT, what would you use it for?
  131. Slow Wi-Fi speed on PS4
  132. HDD connected to Asus Router
  133. Cat5 Lan cable upgrade
  134. Asus AC68U and AC1200G+
  135. Asus RT-AC68U Setup Help
  136. How to set up a second router?
  137. Amplifying Wi-fi through Ethernet points
  138. adding a router/wireless repeater to the singtel router
  139. Improving wifi range
  140. [Review] Linksys EA7500 Max-Stream AC1900 MU-MIMO Gigabit router: A more affordable MU-MIMO router
  141. Help from expert to maximise M1 fibre output
  142. Possible to Swith Singel Router?
  143. AP bottle neck at 500mbps
  144. Cable broadband provider in Singapore
  145. Question about LOS light on the ONT (singtel)
  146. New Office Setup
  147. Recommend a 16 port network switch please!
  148. Share contact, freelance guy who does networking cable at home
  149. [Maylyn's Review - Networking] - ASUS USB-AC68
  150. recommendation for wifi extender
  151. unable to send outgoing mail - DNS blacklisted by zen.spamhaus.org?
  152. Wifi doesn't have a valid ip configuration help
  153. Help with Singtel VLAN tagging TP-Link SG105E
  154. SureStreamer- really works? Enhance streaming quality
  155. Singtel fibre speed upgrade
  156. Recommend me homeplug for Singtel 300mbps fibre, THANKS !
  157. Found a unknown mobile devices in my network
  158. Your router isn't as fast as you think it is. Here's why.
  159. Router Fault Mistake
  160. How to terminate a telco plan without an extra charge?
  161. [News] TP-Link launches world's first 802.11ad router in Singapore
  162. Best ISP for Gaming & Home use?
  163. tp-link tl-pa7020p - heating up
  164. Which wifi router to get?
  165. [News] Extend your Wi-Fi coverage to 12,000 sq ft with the Amped Wireless REC44M
  166. Starhub Fiber internet, TV and telephone installation
  167. Mobile Broadband
  168. Anybody knows what is the proxy in Starhub Mobile for ???
  169. Change Singtel Aztech DSL8800GR to something else ?
  170. Seeking help to troubleshoot high ping times to router
  171. [Fibre Broadband] How to extend to 3 storey house?
  172. Question for those relevant ones only (not others, so..:)..That free Tablet from your $6 Internet
  173. recommendation for usb wifi adapter
  174. Setup of 02x Asus RT-N66U for wireless network
  175. Starhub 1Gbps is slower than the 100 Mbps plan?
  176. Cable Trunking
  177. [News] Bluetooth 5: 4x the speed, 2x the range, and coming to a device near you soon
  178. Ethernet for 2 computers in a room
  179. Which 1Gbps ISP to choose, ViewQwest or My Republic (Advice needed)
  180. M1 100GBP Wifi speed
  181. Anyone can gimme a quick 101 on WRT?
  182. Wired ethernet and home phone set up
  183. Ethernet/Wi Fi/ Adaptor HELP
  184. Internet Speed Trouble Shoot
  185. Wireless Card / Options
  186. Called up M1 for their 1GBPS internet. still slow AF.
  187. Advice for home network planning
  188. which is the best ISP now ?
  189. Optimising WiFi Stability
  190. [M1 Fibre BB] Any difference in speed between Fibre BB 1Gbps and Gamepro 1Gbps?
  191. How to get Dual-Broadband within Hub Club framework
  192. New M1 home broadband line
  193. singtel bb
  194. Which Plan - Please Advise
  195. Low Download Speed on Laptop Running on Battery
  196. Broadcom NetLink (TM) Gigabit Ethernet Configuration For 1GBPS
  197. Any Singnet users facing network issues?
  198. ASUS RP-AC68U [Poor performance issue]
  199. Moving from Starhub Cable to Fibre
  200. Looking for old Singtel modem
  201. Mobile broadband
  202. Cannot Connect to Router (
  203. SG Speedtest.net Speedwave!
  204. RT-N66U not detecting any internet at all
  205. Aztech powerline socket help!!!
  206. Singapore Broadband speed test EXPIRES???
  207. Sign up internet plan at roadshow but start service 2 months later...
  208. Setup Asus RT-AC88U for Singtel Fibre Home Bundle
  209. Can't detect 5ghz band on my wireless adapter
  210. Wifi Extender or Long Lan cable
  211. Cat 6 vs Cat 5e LAN
  212. Recontract singtel fibre 200 mbps
  213. Aztech router problem with 4G
  214. Need Solutions for watching MediaCorp shows on VQ
  215. Anyone changed telco for digital home phone line without changing number?
  216. Recommend an Access Point
  217. DIR 868L Router with USB HDD connection
  218. Wall mount 2U rack bracket for home use
  219. [News] Synology announces new RT2600ac router at Computex 2016
  220. [Review] Netgear X4S AC2600
  221. Recommendation for Replacement of Router
  222. network admins come in
  223. Specs for Singtel Arcadyan 1900AC router
  224. Sineoji 600Mbps Gigabit HomePlug AV2 No Longer Working
  225. Home used 24Port Gigabit Switch
  226. Best router for HDB Electrical DB
  227. Problem with Asus usb-ac56 adapter on win 8.1
  228. Which Telco to sign up???
  229. USB3 to Gigabit Ethernet
  230. Transfer Starhub 1Gbps fibre internet and tv contract
  231. [Maylyn - Networking - Preview] ASUS BRT-AC828M2 Router
  232. Asus AC66U vs TP-Link C7
  233. 1GB fiber but speed is 50MB only
  234. Help! Need some advice with powerline adapter (aka homeplug)
  235. VPN Recommendation for China Movies/Drama Streaming
  236. Site to Site VPN both offices using dynamic IPs
  237. Which Wireless Dongle/Adpater?
  238. It doesn't pay to be loyal to any telco
  239. Windows 10 connected to LAN but internet connection not available
  240. Which AC Wireless USB Adapter?
  241. Singtel 1Gbps Fiber Bundle Router
  242. Linksys EA7500 MAX-STREAM AC1900 launch on Wednesday
  243. M1 1Gbps Internet super slow
  244. [Recommendation Needed] Upgrading from AC68U
  245. Is there a problem with the ASUS DDNS service?
  246. XDA forums not working on Starhub connection
  247. M1 300Mbps with Aztech 500Mbps Homeplug
  248. Homeplug Hl117e
  249. HDB LAN - Help -
  250. Anyone having problem with Singtel mobile broadband access?