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  9. Paracord 550 4mm ropes
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  21. Would this 7 years old PC be upgradeable for Vid Editing today?
  22. Harddisk Bays Etc
  23. [Build Log #5] Project Threadripper
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  27. PC 5.1 Surround Desktop Setup.
  28. PC desk case project!
  29. HOOT! ID Cooling Auraflow 240 Review *RGB AIO*
  30. PSA > Found metal cutting lobang
  31. Complete amateur and his NEW PC
  32. [WC] Nano S "ITX" Case
  33. Wiring pc fans to a 3pin socket
  34. [BUILD LOG] Project Tiny v1.0
  35. MSI H270M Bazooka Vs Asrock Fatal1ty H270M Performance
  36. Build Log: Project Rampage III
  37. Newbie needs Help. Question: Is HWZ the right platform to sell Fiber Optics and LEDs?
  38. want to build own gaming desktop
  39. Arduino project
  40. <For Your Advice Pls> Building Gaming PC
  41. Desktop monitor stand
  44. PC Build Recommendations
  45. Complete novice looking to build a gaming pc
  46. DIY set or Create my own?
  47. 1800 gaming rig
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  67. Where to get Decal Sheet
  68. How do i know if i need a heatsink / cooling?
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  70. Need help in PC building
  71. DIY project. need some help/feedback
  72. AVerMedia Aegis Review
  73. [Review] Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L
  74. [WIP] Setup Wars Submission [Rainbow 6 Blackout Edition]
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  76. [Review] Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L Cherry MX RGB Mechanical Keyboard
  77. [Review] Cooler Master Devastator II Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo
  78. HELP: Building fan speed controller module - Tag: electronics, circuitry
  79. Zotac Premium SSD 480GB Review
  80. [Review] Cooler Master MasterGel Maker Nano
  81. Removing XigmatekCPU Backplate
  82. Where to buy Silverstone G11303260 USB3.0 Upgrade Kit
  83. Laptop parts
  84. [Review] Cooler Master CM Storm Sentinel III Optical Gaming Mouse
  85. USB Red Button
  86. Master system?
  87. NZXT IU01 where to buy?
  88. My revamp CPU
  89. [HELP/ADVICE] Windows Installation
  90. [Custom] Gaming Desktop
  91. [Build Log] Project GeneXis 2.0
  92. Custom vinyl pc wrap
  93. Schwarz HŲlle, White Redemption
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  95. [Build Log] Ebony and Ivory
  96. [Project] Dragon Spirit Case Mod
  97. Mini Safe Queries
  98. Custom Fan Shrouds?
  99. [First build] Glowing Cube
  100. [Build Log] jmng14's Persona
  101. ADATA's Premier SP610 & Premier PRO SP920.. the user perspective
  102. Finally got my new rig setup and running...
  103. [Build Log] Stormborn
  104. [Mobile Game] Project Y2Z
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  106. HDD/SSD cage for built-into-table PC
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  109. [Review] CM Storm Suppressor
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  112. [Review]CM Storm Novatouch TKL
  113. [Review] CM Storm Octane Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo
  114. [Review] Cooler Master Nepton 240M Liquid Cooler
  115. ZOTAC GeForce GTX 980 4GB AMP! Omega Graphics Card Review
  116. Project Skimpy
  117. [Build Log] Project X
  118. Project Green (Razerrr!)
  119. Help with new xerig
  120. Extra-ordinary Gigabyte X99 Gaming G1 Wifi - LED & 30u Gold!
  121. Any advice on my PC build?
  122. Project Morpheus Build Log
  123. Asus & Corsair X99 Enthusiast Level Test Rig... in progress
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  125. Building a gaming pc (1k~)
  126. [Review] CM Storm NovaTouch TKL
  127. New Gaming PC Idea - Please commend
  128. Asrock Z97 Extreme 4 - Initial impressions
  129. New Gaming PC Budget ($2k-$2.5k)
  131. [MSI] Z97M-Gaming (Haswell Dragon) - Let the games
  132. Recommendations for PC build for video and photo editing
  133. Project Formula 13
  134. Project: Mid-Range mini-ITX SFF PC
  135. Getting a local PC shop to build my rig, do comment/recomend me on my parts :)
  136. [Build Log] Corsair 250D
  137. Need to change most of the components for current PC
  138. Needs help to build a PC
  139. [Review] ASUS Radeon R9 290 DirectCU II
  140. [Project Log] BLACK OPS II 2.0
  141. Power Supply Survey 2014... And Introcing The Silverstone Strider 700W Bronze
  142. mini itx board but needed 2x mini PCI e slots
  143. Review: Asrock H97 Performance
  144. MSI 270X Gaming: Mid Tier High Performance GPU
  145. [Quick Bite Review] Asus Xonar STU USB DAC and headphone amplifier
  146. Unboxing/Review MSI Z97S SLI PLUS A ECO friendly board
  147. [REVIEW] Orico A3H10 10 Port USB 3.0 Hub
  148. HOOT! CM Storm Sirus-C 2.2 Gaming Headset Review
  149. Experiments
  150. Help needed in building a budget PC for working
  151. Need help building a basic gaming desktop
  152. Project Siren (Custom ASUS RT-AC68U Mod) Sponsored by ASUS
  153. Unboxing/Small Review of the MSI Z97 MPower MAX AC, the Enthusiast OC motherboard
  154. Madcapís Asus Xonar Essence STU Review
  155. Project Log : Einzige Der White Fortschritte
  156. Need Advice on Mod
  157. Mini Review] Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1: The Ultimate Force
  158. [Ongoing Build Log] Project GeneXis
  159. Project ~Poseidon~
  160. CoolerMaster V1200 Platinum is here!
  161. Need help building a gaming PC
  162. Project Rampage Cerberus (Sponsored by ASUS, Caselabs and Kingston)
  163. The Reactor
  164. Need advice on DIY desktop
  165. Watercooling powermac G5 Mod [Firmament] Project log
  166. first-time PC Build for Guild Wars 2 and other MMORPGs
  167. Design Problem: Converting SMS to Voice Call
  168. Branded PCs vs DIY PC
  169. low profile cpu cooler recommendation
  170. Blue print for my Rig
  171. Need advice on 1.6k gaming rig
  172. Maximus VI Gene - another review perspective
  173. ~~Deepcool Tesseract PC casing review~~
  174. Gaming with Colours( Red harbinger:Cross desk / Bitspower & Aquacomputer)
  175. Need Help! Building Gaming Rig $2000
  176. Any tips on my build
  177. 480 + 480 + 240 radiator phanteks enthoo primo build
  178. Incoming - Toughpower Meets C2 Extreme Thunderbolt & 2 Killers!
  179. LiteCoin Mining - Hobby/Project 2014
  180. Side panel mod
  181. Enthusiast-Level ITX PC Build - FT03 Mini
  182. Build #1 Update - Installed 4x4GB Avexir Core RED LED!
  183. Journey of Prescott => Conroe ==> Haswell
  184. Project Log: CorsAsus
  185. First build project. Please help take a look and advice
  186. Upgrading from my Q6600 (finally!)
  187. Rate my build so far? 90% Completed - AMD 7990 + I7 4770K
  188. Unboxing of my new build - AMD Radeon HD7990 Graphics Card (Gigabyte)
  189. cutting holes on casing side panel in simlim?
  190. Gaming with Colours ( ASUS R4E in STH10 /WC parts: Bitspowers,Aquacomputer & EK)
  191. mini-ITX motherboard change
  192. [Gigaland] Gigabyte F2A85XN-WIFI with AMD 6800K: Small but Powerful
  193. DIY Casing Rig
  194. [MSI] MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 w/ AMD Elite APU 6800K: Quality Budget iTX 4Ghz+ gaming build
  195. [ASUS] Asus Z87 Maximus VI Gene Review: Choice of Champions
  196. Recommend setup to watch/store 400 TB of video with US$200,000 budget
  197. First time building a gaming rig
  198. [Build Log] Project Rampage II
  199. Unboxing - Cubism* by Corsair, the Carbide Air 540 Cube Case
  200. [Second-hand project diary] (Relatively) Low-power Gaming+HTPC for the lowest price!
  201. Building new gaming rig
  202. [WTA[ drilling holes on the sdie of the casing
  203. Finding coordinate of the diagonal line using Visual C#
  204. [Review] MSI H87I - A mighty tiny "H"overclocker
  205. [Review]Silverstone Air Penetrator SST-AP123 Fan: Taking air channeling fan to another level
  206. [Review] The Big Budget 3: AMD Richland 6800K with Asus F2A85-M and Asus 7750
  207. HOOT! [ K-Dash's Unboxing ] ASUS Z87 Gryphon & Armor Kit
  208. Project Log: TUF Amethyst
  209. Project Log: TUF Amethyst
  210. PA9797's virtual hardware and software corner
  211. [Build Log] X4G (Xeon + Rampage IV Gene)
  212. MSI Z87-GD65 GAMING + i7-4770i OCing
  213. Asus B85M-G Motherboard [Review]
  214. First time building custom gaming rig
  215. choosing between Mobo and GPU
  216. Fan mounting using 3M tape
  217. Review] Corsair H60 Mid-Tier cooler, Top-Tier Cooling
  218. [Mini-Review] MSI Z77A-G45
  219. [Review] MSI Z77A-GD65 (March of the DRAGON ARMY)
  220. [Review] Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 + AMD A10 5800K
  221. [MSI] R7970 Thunder (Power Edition Boost Edition)
  222. Need help on a 1.4-1.5k rig
  223. [Build-Log] Gaming + Video/Photo Editing Desktop
  224. [Review] Release the Kraken X40
  225. [Review] Getting to know MSI-Z77Z-GD65
  226. [Review] Monoprice 6814 - powerful graphics tablet at sub-100 price
  227. [Review] BFYB No-nonsense FSP300-50HMN
  228. [Review] MSI FM2-A85XA-G65 + AMD A10 5800K
  229. Project "Overkill?"
  230. [Review] Phanteks PH-TC14PE: Aerospace technology comes to your cooler
  231. [Review]8 GB Kit Patriot Viper 3 IEM 1600Mhz CL9 on MSI Z77 MPower
  232. [Review] Agent MSI-Z77-Mpower License to Overclock
  233. New PC Projects and Review Forum!
  234. Thermaltake Water2.0
  235. High end goodies - Asrock Z77 OC Formula plus FSP 1200W Aurum Pro Gold
  236. Project Log: Project Rampage (Corsair 800D)
  237. SHOOt Ah! 1sT Shot! Gigabyte G1.Sniper3 Z77 with Exclusive secret weapons!
  238. Casemodding starts here..
  239. Revised HWC Guidelines (Read before you post. Warnings/infractions may be issued for not following)
  240. Million Dollar PC Case Custom-Mod by oldnewby
  241. Xbox 360 custom casing project
  242. Project HELIOS - Invocation Begins 10.01.10
  243. Deep Cool 120mm 1300RPM Fan Review
  244. Project : Classified 980x, Modded, colored & watercooled
  245. [Mini-Review] Watercooling Setup!
  246. Operation Corsair Obsidian Series 800D
  247. Operation Thermaltake Level 10
  248. Internal USB + Fan Sleeving Guide
  249. Project: Helios | concept and design
  250. VOoDOo antec skeleton mod