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  1. [HELP] Android Root / Recovery
  2. Remove all these Chinese android app immediately - They have backdoors!
  3. Best shop to sell phone?
  4. USB Type C and micro USB port
  5. Samsung J7 Pro or RedMi 5 plus
  6. Circle life or M1 legency
  7. Any local shop selling One Plus 5 screen protector.
  8. Which brand is good? Huawei, oppo or vivo
  9. What type of plan? need help..tks
  10. MyRepublic MVNO
  11. Singtel the worst telco i encountered
  12. Mobile Processor Raw Power
  13. Huawei P20 Pro vs Sony XperiaXZ2
  14. Yuzu broswer
  15. Chinese error notification on Android error 10210
  16. Best pre paid card for my mum
  17. Anyone still on Singtel 3G 12Gb mobile plan?
  18. Bulging battery on iPhone 5c
  19. Nexus 6p for 199
  20. Snapdragon 730 and 710 details leaked
  21. Gumtree Scam Simon Jonathan Simon
  22. Anyone know where to remove blackberry classic camera?
  23. How to find out which languages are supported by a particular version of a phone OS?
  24. My Whatsapp is really laggy
  25. For granny: Which Samsung Smartphone to Buy
  26. What is a MUST app that u will install on your mobile?
  27. Does FB Messenger use Telco SMS or data?
  28. Free Incoming Call expiring for Prepaid card
  29. Phone connectivity
  30. what's a good phone for video?
  31. Dumb question regarding the Pixel 2 XL
  32. Anyone using M1 big data plan
  33. Data Roaming - Best Advise?
  34. HP tips & tricks | Do you guys switch off your phone in the night?
  35. note9: I'm waiting for it
  36. Experience the epic, every day with Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ & WIN yourself a Galaxy S9+!
  37. Android Phone Users - need your expertise
  38. Communication in china
  39. Sharing | HP buying tips Samsung S9 or Sony XZ2 but end up with Sony XZ1
  40. Need help on export set phones
  41. Help in rooting oppo
  42. Where to buy smartphone 'ring' for big phone?
  43. Battery cannot charge beyond 30+%
  44. Samsung Galaxy S10: A Look At Samsung’s Next Flagship Device
  45. Need help : data recovery for Mobiles
  46. Battery replacement shops?
  47. Buying a wall charger/battery bank with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 output - An Important Tip
  48. Android Phone with Best Wi-Fi Speed
  49. Advice needed: how to fully utilise free 500mb data sim card bundled with singtel fibre plan?
  50. Short USB cable to use with powerbank
  51. Charged for phone number and 4g but not in used
  52. Number of prepaid SIM cards registered per person
  53. Charged for oversea data roaming when my SIM card is not even inside?
  54. Hidden charges for Starhub FREE Missed Call Alert
  55. Oppo phone - how to install google play store?
  56. Cheapest free incoming post-paid plan with no data for old people
  57. Samsung S8 - Has the price plunged?
  58. Can use phone buy directly from China?
  59. The sublime and scary future of cameras with AI brains
  60. How to maximise SingTel Combo 12?
  61. Singtel $50 off online purchase was removed
  62. any phone with long battery life outdoors to recommend?
  63. If you use circles.life please DO NOT LOGIN via web
  64. [News] Huawei’s first 5G chip will let its devices access the next generation of cellular networks
  65. [Article] Should you upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+?
  66. honor (by HUAWEI) will be coming to Singapore officially soon!
  67. [News] The ASUS ZenFone 5 Lite is a phone for selfie fiends
  68. [Article] Hands-on: The ASUS ZenFone 5 is an Android phone with a notch
  69. [Article] In pictures: The very familiar-looking ASUS ZenFone 5
  70. [News] Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 700 series platform brings premium features to more affordable devi
  71. [News] Sony teases a dual-camera system for its future phones that can shoot in ultra low light
  72. [Article] In pictures: Sony's Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact now sport gentler, curvier designs
  73. [Article] First looks: The Nokia 8 Sirocco is an all-glass beauty
  74. [News] Qualcomm's 5G simulations showcase a really, really fast future
  75. [News] Vivo's new Apex concept phone has a half-screen in-display fingerprint scanner and a pop-up s
  76. [HWZ-TV] Hands-on: Samsung Galaxy S9 Bixby Vision Food in action
  77. [HWZ-TV] Taking Super Slow-mo 960fps videos on the Samsung Galaxy S9
  78. [News] Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ local pricing, availability and pre-order details announced!
  79. Singtel DataX sms promo - anyone received?
  80. [News] Energizer made a phone with a huge 16,000mAh battery
  81. [News] Zagg’s InvisibleShield Glass Curve Elite is how curved screen protectors should be done
  82. [Article] Hands-on: All the new Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+ camera features
  83. [Article] Exclusive First Looks: Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+
  84. [News] LG’s V30S ThinQ now comes with AI camera smarts and more RAM and storage
  85. [Article] Can the Samsung DeX replace your PC? We put it to the test
  86. Recommended phones with dual sims and nfc
  87. [News] Qualcomm has a new Wi-Fi chip for the next generation of 802.11ax Wi-Fi
  88. Possible to track a person’s location base on mobile phone alone?
  89. [News] PSA: Update iOS now to protect yourself from the Telegu Bug
  90. [Article] Buyer's guide: Getting the right microSD card
  91. [Mobile Comm Tech] Happy Lunar New Year! 🍊
  92. Unlimited data
  93. [Review] Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+ (2018) review: Infinity Display comes to the A-series (sort of)
  94. [Article] Samsung Galaxy S9: Everything we know so far
  95. How to Get A Virtual Number in SG With Call Fowarding?
  96. Additional SIM card for same number
  97. [News] Raspberry Rose LG V30+ launching in Singapore this Saturday!
  98. Multi-line & Multi-service : Which Telco
  99. Can the lg v30+,mate 10 pro and note 8 store apps on external sd?
  100. Let your child explore the Internet the safe and smart way
  101. List Of 4G+3G Dual SIM + Dedicated Micro SD Slot Phones (And Hybrid Slot Too)
  102. Samsung EB-PG935 10200 mAh Fast in Fast out, fast, charging not working
  103. Now that 1G/2G has ceased service, which pre-paid card is good?
  104. Singtel anyhow charge me
  105. Nokia 3310 4G announced in China
  106. How to check water indicator in second hand iPhone ?
  107. [Article] Pretty in Pink: the prettiest smartphones for Valentine's Day
  108. Water resistant phone around $400-500 range?
  109. Any tips to prevent kanna cheated- mobile phone?
  110. usually when u re-contract and want to change SIM card, will telcos waive the sim card fee?
  111. Helped Friend to sign line for StarHub but he ran away.
  112. [Article] 10 cases you can buy for the Apple iPhone X
  113. [Article] HWZ Deal Alert: 26th January 2018
  114. CIS Sim-only plan
  115. Singtel mobileshare promotion
  116. Nokia 2 - the True Xiaomi competitor (with Android One)
  117. [Review] BlackBerry KEYone review: One for the fans
  118. cheap and good nfc phone
  119. singtel mobile subscribers: if u ask for a new sim card at the physical singtel shop
  120. [News] Apple CEO says users will be able to disable battery slowdown in future iOS update
  121. China's Vivo to enter Singapore smartphone market for first time
  122. [News] Apple is the only foreign brand in China's list of top 10 selling smartphones
  123. 16:10 Perfect screen ratio for hand phone
  124. VoLTE in SG
  125. [Review] ASUS ZenFone 4 Max review: Is a big battery enough?
  126. Note 8 succks siah, fellow note note 8 user come in pls
  127. [Article] In pictures: Lenovo's new Moto Mods include a slider keyboard and vital signs monitor
  128. [News] Xiaomi and Oculus reveals VR headsets powered by Snapdragon 821 processor
  129. What is the biggest Hp screen available in market now
  130. [Article] This is what you’ll get when a Psion PDA is reincarnated running Android OS
  131. [News] 80% of smartphones to have onboard AI capabilities by 2022 - Gartner
  132. [News] It’s all about wireless charging for Belkin’s new products
  133. Starhub happy prepaid iphone Mobile Hotspot issue
  134. mobile phone receive money notification
  135. M1 Multi-SIM for MiFi Usage
  136. [News] LG's flagship V30 will see a new color option at CES 2018
  137. [Mobile Communication Tech] Happy New Year 2018!
  138. Upgrading of Mobile Plan
  139. Custom firmware for mobile bought from Telcos
  140. 4G+4G or 4G+$g/3G phones
  141. [Article] Which is the right smartphone for you?
  142. [HWZ-TV] Unboxing the S$2,298 Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10
  143. Anyone interested in buying DBrand skins together to get free shipping?
  144. Anyone , whose elderly parents or old folks using Nokia 3310 3G
  145. [Article] This is the best smartphone camera of 2017
  146. Do you think this phones will discontinued productions next year
  147. [News] Google poaching engineers from Apple as it seeks to develop its own chip
  148. 4gb of ram and latest andreno 540 good enugh for gaming?
  149. [Mobile Comm Tech] Merry Christmas!
  150. [News] Facebook clamps down on Pages that beg for Likes and Shares
  151. [News] Apple now require games with loot box mechanics to disclose odds
  152. [News] Apple sued by users for slowing down older iPhone models
  153. Who wanna order DBRAND skin together??
  154. Clear ID In-Display Fingerprint Sensor
  155. Singtel readyroam for Malaysia trip
  156. can an expert pls teach me about international calls and sms pls?
  157. Back up and restore android phone
  158. mobile hotspot device
  159. singtel prepaid card can receive sms when overseas?
  160. Cheapest SIP for incoming and outgoing calls?
  161. Best budget phone with 4G+3G and good camera
  162. Huawei 10 Pro or Samsung Note 8
  163. Recommendation on phone
  164. port from Singtel to M1?
  165. [News] The top 5 phone brands in China account for 91% of the market, guess who they are
  166. [Review] LG V30+ review: More feature-packed than ever and with a stunning new makeover
  167. M1: Being charged roaming data AGAIN!
  168. Do you enable VoLTE ?
  169. [News] Qualcomm announces next-gen Snapdragon 845 mobile platform
  170. [News] Samsung says graphene balls can boost battery charging speed by up to five times
  171. Which phone to get?
  172. Replacement battery or power bank
  173. List Of 4G+3G Dual SIM + Dedicated Micro SD Slot Phones (And Hybrid Slot Too)
  174. [Article] HWZ Deal Alert: 1st December 2017
  175. [Article] Motorola wants you to take a look at two new phones that won’t break the bank
  176. [News] Samsung acquires Korean AI startup Fluenty
  177. Mobile Line Suspension Request
  178. [News] Apple ramps up production of the iPhone X ahead of the holiday season
  179. Samsung C9 Pro
  180. Singtel mobile line suddenly got new add ons without applying?
  181. Should I recontract and retain my number?
  182. Advice needed: Alternative to Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra
  183. [Article] In pictures: The Razer Phone is an angular beast with flagship specifications
  184. [WIN!] What are people saying about the Huawei Mate 10? Click to find out & stand to win!
  185. Singtel mobile subscribers
  186. Singtel termination penalty
  187. Dual sim + dedicated mSD phones
  188. What's a cost effective way to maintain a phone number.
  189. Dilemma: SingTel or M1 SIM-Only Plan?
  190. Is it advisable to charge handphone thru tv usb port?
  191. [News] Intel announces its first commercial 5G NR XMM 8060 modem
  192. How to setup scheduled email in a hand-phone/computer for Gmail?
  193. [News] Qualcomm says no to Broadcom's US$105 billion bid
  194. [Review] Apple iPhone X review: The future of iPhone
  195. Which one is better performance and battery life?
  196. Dual Sim card phone for 3G
  197. [News] Guess how much the iPhone X costs to make
  198. Still Worth to Signup to M1's Postpaid Plan?
  199. [News] Watch iFixit take an iPhone X apart
  200. Messaging app without constant Internet connectivity
  201. [News] iPhone X launch in Singapore sees insatiable demand
  202. Most valued prepaid card and plan for students?
  203. [Article] Hands-on with the Razer Phone: Big bezels, big sound, big ambitions
  204. Recommend me a budget phone.
  205. [News] The Razer Phone runs stock Android and comes with a speedy 120Hz display and 8GB of RAM
  206. Vacuum Chamber
  207. [Review] Apple iPhone X Performance Review
  208. [Article] LG launches the LG V30+ in Singapore, will be available in December
  209. M1 Data Passport problems
  210. Where can I buy a phone number just for call forwarding?
  211. M1 iPhone X interest late registration, got a SMS like this
  212. [News] Apple acquires wireless charging firm PowerbyProxi
  213. [News] 5 things you need to know about the Google Pixel 2 XL coming to Singapore
  214. Changes to M1 MCard?
  215. email app
  216. experts please advise postpaid VS prepaid
  217. [News] Google is looking into reports about Pixel 2 XL’s screen burn-in
  218. Any hp shop do less than $90 screen replace?
  219. Best budget phone/phablet of 2017 for gaming
  220. [News] ZTE introduces the Axon M – dual screen smartphone with a hinge
  221. [Article] Hands-on: Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  222. [News] Qualcomm’s X50 5G phone modem makes its first 5G network connection
  223. [News] Here’s where the sounds inside the Samsung Galaxy phones come from
  224. [News] ‘Weak’ demand for iPhone 8 & 8 Plus saw 2.8% drop in Apple share prices
  225. How much is the screen protector cost for average phones like Xiaomi redmi note 3?
  226. [Mobile Communication Technology] HAPPY DEEPAVALI!
  227. [Article] Hands-on: Huawei Mate 10
  228. Circles. Life Free Trial Discussion Thread
  229. [Review] Google Pixel 2 XL review: Only for the pure of Android
  230. [News] Why is the Samsung Note8’s camera ‘only’ 12MP when the Note 4’s was 16MP?
  231. [Article] In pictures: the Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10
  232. [News] Huawei launches A.I.-powered smartphones - Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro
  233. [Article] Why doesn’t the Note8 come in white? Samsung’s designers explain this and more
  234. please recommend charger head with 2A output
  235. [Article] HWZ Deal alert: 13th October 2017
  236. [News] Nokia 8 officially launches in Singapore at S$769
  237. [Article] Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact review: A safe bet for flagship chasers
  238. Oppo R11 vs Note 8
  239. Chinese phone maker, Meizu, is coming to Singapore!
  240. IR Blaster for remote control
  241. [Review] Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 review: A starter set to bezel-less flagship smartphones
  242. [News] Moto X4 deliveries delayed due to production issue
  243. Starhub data connection
  244. Third party battery durability
  245. [News] Qoo10 launches Qpay, a QR code-reading e-payment system
  246. [News] Nokia 3310 3G: available at S$99 from 14th October
  247. [Article] HWZ Deal Alert: 9th October 2017 with 10.10 announcements
  248. Any good pre-paid data plan to recommend?
  249. [News] Third-party retailers now accept pre-orders for Google Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL in Singapore
  250. Which phone yields the best profit to buy for recontract and sell?