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Read trial users’ [AUDIO Experience] from SONY XPERIA XZ Premium, VOTE & win Sony wireless speaker!

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Old 13-06-2017, 05:00 PM   #1
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Read trial users’ [AUDIO Experience] from SONY XPERIA XZ Premium, VOTE & win Sony wireless speaker!

In collaboration with Sony Mobile SG, 21 lucky forum members had a chance to take home the Xperia XZ Premium for 2 weeks on a user trial program.

About the Xperia XZ Premium

Sony’s flagship smartphone Xperia XZ Premium has been recognised around the world since it was announced as the most innovative Xperia smartphone to date. It comes with a camera able to create sensational videos from your everyday moments by recording in Super slow motion, a beautiful 4K HDR display, super-fast download speeds and a host of intelligent features which offer useful, tailored suggestions about how to use different features to make life that little bit easier.

Audio Quality
We’ve always been famous for sound innovations, and the Xperia XZ Premium gives you Sony’s best mobile music experience to date. Its audio-enhancing technology lets you enjoy unprecedented sound quality, wherever you go. With High Resolution Audio, it’s almost like being there with the artist
With High Resolution audio, you’ll hear every tiny detail of your recordings, with such presence it’s like being at your own private gig. Even compressed files in your playlist sound better, as DSEE HX™ lifts them up so they’re closer to studio quality.

S-Force Front Surround gives you the experience of a natural three-dimensional sound field – so you can enjoy virtual surround sound with your two front speakers.

How can you participate?

So read up on what the trial users have to say based on their experience with the AUDIO QUALITY from the Xperia XZ Premium and vote for the best testimonial you believe deserves to win!


By voting, you stand a chance to win a Sony wireless and splash-proof speaker (SRS-XB10) worth S$79 too. Bonus:And if you participate in this thread to ask more questions to the trial users, or adding on your own experience and observations from the store/your personal unit, you stand a higher chance to win

*Check out www.sonymobile.com/xperiaxzpremium for more product info or follow Sony Mobile for the latest news at: www.facebook.com/SonyMobileSG

*This poll will close on 07-07-2017 at 03:13 PM

Updates: 7th July 2017

Congratulations to the following winners!

Top Prize Winner : Audiology93

1st Consolation Prize Winner: carlover76

2nd Consolation Prize Winner: Shadey

Consolation Prize Winners will walk away with a new Sony Mobile wireless headset. We will send out the prize confirmation email to the above mentioned winners, latest by 10 July.

Thanks and Congrats once again!
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Old 16-06-2017, 05:06 PM   #2
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Your next android phone - Sony Xperia XZ Premium (XZP) Audio

Say hello to Sony’s latest flagship phone Sony Xperia XZ Premium (XZP)

Good news to advocates of Sony Xperia’s classic design. The Xperia XZ Premium inherits Sony Xperia Z5 Premium (Z5P)’s traditional design. There have been criticisms about the large area of bezel around the display of the phone, but I have had issues with accidentally touching the screens of phones with thin bezel and personally feel that the “safe zone” is adequate for my use. For those who are worried that the bezel will affect the look of the phone, don’t worry. It is not particularly conspicuous in the Deepsea Black model.

Due to its latest chipset, the Xperia XZ Premium outstrips Z5P, in terms of installing/updating of applications/games. A test with Xperia XZ Premium and Z5P running on the same network revealed that Xperia XZ Premium is significantly faster.
Gaming and watching video is an immensely smooth experience when you have a 4K HDR display on top and a Snapdragon 835 chipset, 4GB RAM and a 64GB UFS 2.1 internal memory under the hood to power it.

Heat Dissipation
Mobile phones generally heat up when used over an extended period of time or intensive apps are run. Sony handled the heat quite well this time with the Xperia XZ Premium. Xperia XZ Premium only feels lukewarm after an hour of usage. The chart below shows the temperature of the phone after 2 hours of mobile gaming and net surfing. Temperature did not exceed 40 degrees.

High Resolution Audio
Playing my playlist on the phone was a wonderful acoustic, which is no surprise, considering Sony’s prolific history of audio innovation (Walkman, Discman, MP3 player). No distortion to the bass was observed, even at high volume. Paired with my Digital Noise Cancelling (DNC) headphones (MDR-NC31E), I could not discern any exterior noise. The files in my playlist were sharper and clearer when the DSEE HX function was enabled. The volume of the audio was slightly lower though, compared to the same function on my Xperia Z5 Premium. The issue where the volume becomes softer when both music and games are running at the same time persists in the Xperia XZ Premium, but this was easily resolved by pausing and restarting the playlist.

Should I buy?
The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a powerful device. The ultramodern processor, 4K display and high resolution audio come together to make it a multimedia heavyweight. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys multimedia or intensive games on their mobile.
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Old 16-06-2017, 05:24 PM   #3
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Thumbs up Xperia XZ Premium - The True Masterpiece from Sony!

The size of the Xperia XZ Premium is definitely bigger than its predecessor, Xperia XZ in terms of length and width by the photos below. The physical weight of 191g on the Xperia XZ shows that it is much heavier than the 161g on the Xperia XZ but when you hold the two phones, you can feel that the Xperia XZ Premium is much lighter than the Xperia XZ.

The change of the volume button from below power button on the Xperia XZ to the top of the power button on the Xperia XZ Premium do welcome by many users including myself which makes the change of volume much more easier than before.


Both the audio settings in the Xperia XZ Premium and Xperia XZ featured the same type of settings with no additional options. As audio quality is quite subjective to individual’s preference but with the same headset and song playback on both phones, it is very obvious that the sound quality on the Xperia XZ Premium sounds better than the Xperia XZ with no question asked and that explains why Sony crowned the Xperia XZ Premium as the True Master Piece which includes all the Best from Sony ranging from the Processor, Display, Audio, Camera and Speed in terms of downloading and uploading.
Sony has also improved the loudspeaker playback through the Stereo Speakers on the Xperia XZ Premium and a simply speaker volume test will show you the difference even though such a minor increase of the sound quality playback. When you listen via the headset or speaker, you can hear the vocal more clearly and sharp on the Xperia XZ Premium versus Xperia XZ which is definitely the best improvement on audio quality.

Below are the speaker volume results which you might be amazed on the improvement :

The App used for this test is Sound Meter which you can download from the PlayStore and the result below is not the official results published by Sony Mobile.

Same track of the song are used on both Xperia XZ and XZ Premium, result are being measured on the same portion of the track at 1:30.

Xperia XZ Premium Speaker Test : 105dB

Xperia XZ Speaker Test : 95dB

Overall, Xperia XZ Premium has given me a great experience during the Two (2) weeks trial with no lagging issue despite many apps installed, thanks to the 4GB Ram on board and every single task performed are seamlessly fast with Zero Delay. Switching between apps are also faster within the blink of an eye. Taking photo has never been so fun with the Super Slow Motion Video capability with up to 960fps, thanks to the dedicated memory chip built onto the camera module and there is no such moment that the camera app need to turn off due to the overheat issue from the prolong usage of photo or video taking. Sony has done a good job in the overall heat dissipation design on the rear of the Xperia XZ Premium versus the Xperia XZ and XZs. This phone is a MUST Buy for everyone who are looking a True Master Piece in a Smartphone.
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My humble review on Sony Xperia XZ Premium (Audio)


I have been a user of Sony Xperia Z5 Premium since its launch in Year 2015. I was impressed by its performance, especially its 4K display, that I even sold off my chrome set and got the limited edition pink Z5 premium. This year, when I heard about the news of Sony Xperia XZ premium, it got me really excited due to its some new key features and benefits.

I have been a Z5 Premium user until XZ Premium comes along


The front facing stereo speaker is definitely a plus point for this phone, firing towards you, rather than into one of your palms in most smartphones. Those speakers come in very useful when you want to listen to music, with it’s kicking out room-filling audio.

When a set of headphones is plugged in, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium excels. Thanks to its audio-enhancing technology and Automatic Headphone Optimization, it adjusts the sound output to suit the type of headphones you have plugged in.

For wireless headphones and speakers’ users, Sony has enhanced the audio output over Bluetooth. It’s not the same high-resolution quality you will get over the wired connection when you plug a set of headphones into the 3.5mm jack, but it is an improvement over the general standard. Sony Xperia XZ Premium gives a great audio experience over headphones, both wired and wireless, so if you are a big music fan, you will definitely not go wrong in getting this phone.

Using a headphone with Sony Xperia XZ Premium is perfect for music fans

Overall, I am truly impressed with this phone after using it for trial. Thanks to Sony and HWZ for arranging this fantastic event for us to test out the phones before the official launch to the market. I am indeed impressed with this phone and have decided to grab the phone during its launch.

XZ Premium in 2 colours during launch
(Luminous Chrome and Deepsea Black)

My trial set (left) and my actual XZ Premium (Deepsea Black)
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Exclamation Sony Xperia XZ Premium - Review (Audio)

The Xperia XZ Premium supports a few of High-Resolution Audio codecs including LPCM, FLAC, ALAC and DSD. It also has automatic headset compensation, S-Force front surround stereo speakers and ClearAudio+.

Plug in a set of headphones though and the XZ Premium 3.5mm jack, thanks to its audio-enhancing technology and Automatic Headphone Optimization, which adjusts the sound output to suit the type of headphones you’ve plugged in.

Audio: 24-bit DAC, High-Res built-in for headset support.
  • Qualcomm Aqstic Audio Codec

The Qualcomm Aqstic audio codec has an integrated DAC (Digital-to-Analog) converter that supports up to 192-kHz/24-bit playback. The audio codec also supports dual oscillators; the dual-clock design supports sampling frequencies 44.1kHz and 48kHz independently so your music files can be processed at native sampling rates without any conversion.

Once the analog signal is converted by the DAC, it still needs to be amplified for the headphone experience. The Aqstc audio codec is designed to deliver the amplification performance that is usually captured by impressive SNR and THD+N numbers. For audio geeks, SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) and THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + N) are specs that determine the dynamic range and signal purity.
  • Qualcomm Amplifier

The Qualcomm Aqstic smart PA (Power Amplifier) is another piece engineered to deliver even more oomph to your external speakers. Your music can be loud and crystal-clear thanks to the wide dynamic range and low noise floor on the smart PA. It also features Speaker Protection that protects your speakers from damage when pushing volumes levels beyond normal range.

The dual speakers and smart amplifier that provides clear and defined sound. Users can enjoy Hi-Res Audio that provides up four-times-better sound quality than CDs.

If you have a high definition Bluetooth “aptX” headset and you will be able to enjoy on the Sony Xperia XZ Premium. Qualcomm aptX make use of the Bluetooth connection data pipeline to transmit bits of data between devices and the pipeline has a maximum width, it can flow large audio files to the device. AptX also solves the problem of sending pure audio wirelessly over Bluetooth by reducing the size of the audio files so they can be squeezed through the wireless pipeline without affecting the sound quality.
AptX supports music resolutions of up to 24-bit/96kHz which is actually better than the quality of audio stored on CDs which is 16-bit/44.1kHz.

Audio Settings:

You can enable Sony DSEE HX or ClearAudio+ feature.
  • Enable DSEE HX will disable all functions of sound effects and dynamic Normalizer
  • Enable ClearAudio+ will disable all functions of sound effects

Sony had already developed DSEE technology (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) – a signal processing technology which converted compressed sound such as MP3s to CD-quality sound by recreating the high frequency signal lost when compressing files. The technology converts both compressed sound and CD-quality sound (uncompressed or lossless 44.1kHz/16bit) to near Hi-Resquality sound by recreating higher frequency signals and finer signals (Sampling frequency up to 96kHz and bit depth up to 24bit if you’re a details person).

ClearAudio+ is a special sound field that detects a music tract that the user is currently playing, then selects the best sound field to deliver the best possible sound listening experience. Hence, you may hear a different sound effect whenever a tract with a different audio format is played.

If you plan to use two SIM cards will not be able to utilize a MicroSD card. A memory card is supported, but to do so, you will have to give up one of your SIM card slots.

With Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 on-board, the battery benefits from Quick Charge 3.0, which means it can quickly charge the battery with a compatible charger. However, the 3,230mAh battery inside is not removable, but the USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type C port allows you transfer file quicker than the previous model.
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Sony Xperia XZ Premium - The True Sony Flagship! (Audio)

I was given the chance to try out the XZ Premium for two weeks, and two weeks on, all I can say is that I have been utterly impressed. This is the complete phone from Sony that I've been waiting so long for which excels and easily outpaces any other smartphone in almost every aspect.

With the Snapdragon 835 and an ample 4GB of RAM, the phone literally flew through everything that I threw at it without a hitch. From intensive games like F1 2016 and Asphalt 8 to more mundane tasks like browsing the Internet, there was no lags, no stutters and just almost instant response. Oh, and best of all? No more overheating issues. Hooray for Sony! With the Snapdragon 835 sporting a 10nm architecture, battery life was fantastic as it comfortably lasted me a day and a half with over 5 and a half hours of screen on time, which are numbers I haven't seen in awhile. Attached are some photos of that as well. The Achilles' heels of many recent flagship phones is their disappointing battery life, and I am impressed that the XZ Premium has excelled here. With UFS memory storage, the XZ Premium has much faster read and transfer speeds and this was noticeably evident when I compared it to my older XZ that I had, so kudos to Sony for that!

Audio was impressive as well. I play games a lot on my phone, and with other phones that I've used, the single speaker is always bottom facing or on the back and I routinely cover the speakers with my fingers or palm when I play games in landscape. With the XZ Premium having stereo front facing speakers, it definitely made my gaming experience all the more enjoyable as not only were the speakers much louder than the XZ, I finally wasn't covering the speakers with my really big hands too! Automatic Headphone Optimisation to me was very important as what it did was analyse my headphones and enhanced the sound profile, making everything that came out of my headphones sound much better than it usually is, giving me a much more improved audio experience. I like how Sony went into great detail even into something as small as this, and I definitely appreciate that.

Lastly, the display just screams: "Wow." And it was evident the first time I looked at it. With a 4K HDR display which is literally the sharpest I've ever seen on a phone, colours really popped. Brightness and clarity was so much better than my older XZ as well as the Z5 Premium that was on show at the HWZ event. When we first put the XZ Premium next to the Z5 Premium in display, many of us couldn't believe that both were on full brightness as the XZ Premium comfortably trounced the Z5 Premium. In terms of brightness, clarity, legibility and colour saturation, the XZ Premium won in every aspect. The best display in a smartphone? Probably.

For me, the past two weeks has been a real blast with the XZ Premium, and I really didn't want to part with it when the time came for me to return it. This will definitely be my next smartphone on my shopping list as it easily outrivals the many other flagship smartphones on the shelves today. This is the true Sony flagship I and many other people have been waiting for, and I'm pretty sure that as well, you'll definitely be enamoured with the XZ Premium as soon as you have your hands on it. Lastly, thank you to HWZ and Sony for this once in a lifetime chance for me to be able to test the phone way before anyone else did, it was a really great experience and I'll never forget it.
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Congratulations to the following winners!

Top Prize Winner : Audiology93

1st Consolation Prize Winner: carlover76

2nd Consolation Prize Winner: Shadey

Consolation Prize Winners will walk away with a new Sony Mobile wireless headset. We will send out the prize confirmation email to the above mentioned winners, latest by 10 July.

Thanks and Congrats once again!
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