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Anyone knows Taipei well?

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Old 14-07-2009, 09:21 AM   #13351
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TS so near XMD, cant be nothin' to do at nite eh....
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Old 14-07-2009, 09:59 AM   #13352
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Hi guys,

need your recommendations here.

Me n wifey plan to go to 太魯格 from taipei.

Is it possible to make it a day trip?

In any case, is there any link or agency there that we can get to do this trip?
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Old 14-07-2009, 01:26 PM   #13353
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Go direct to HUALIEN from Taipei AIRPORT

Dear all, I will be arriving in Taipei on 630pm jetstar flight on Friday night. Intend to either take a cab or freego to Taipei Main train station. Then the train direct to Hualien at nite, so I can start off with activities first thing in the morning. Anyone have any idea if the tickets might be fully booked, since I dunno how to do advanced booking
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Old 14-07-2009, 06:41 PM   #13354
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Dear all, I will be arriving in Taipei on 630pm jetstar flight on Friday night. Intend to either take a cab or freego to Taipei Main train station. Then the train direct to Hualien at nite, so I can start off with activities first thing in the morning. Anyone have any idea if the tickets might be fully booked, since I dunno how to do advanced booking
You can buy the train ticket online using credit card. You better check out the train schedule as i am not sure what is the last train to Hualien. I think you should be able to catch it
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Old 14-07-2009, 08:17 PM   #13355
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hi everyone.. i just came back yesterday and i still have a taiwan sim card with a value of around $750NT to $850 NT.. did not use finish during my trip.. would like to sell it away to anyone going to taiwan.. it cost cheaper than when u call using auto roam.. do pm me or call me at 98426943.. thanks

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Old 15-07-2009, 12:30 AM   #13356
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Dear all, I will be arriving in Taipei on 630pm jetstar flight on Friday night. Intend to either take a cab or freego to Taipei Main train station. Then the train direct to Hualien at nite, so I can start off with activities first thing in the morning. Anyone have any idea if the tickets might be fully booked, since I dunno how to do advanced booking
Check your train schedule there:

Except for Taroko express if not mistaken, there have "no seats" tickets available for sale. That means to say that you have no designated seat during the journey. Thus you can find any empty seat you see and sit down until someone inform you that you are occupying his or her seat. Otherwise you can find an empty floor space which does not obstruct other people path and settle down. I have done the latter last week. Both methods are common so far during my time in taiwan so no need to feel paiseh...

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Old 15-07-2009, 12:49 AM   #13357
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Thanks for the guide.. I'm planning to spend 2 days there..
Do you have any recommendation for good minsu over there??
I'm on a backpack trip and stay at cheap places so cannot recommend any minsu. Use the link below for your research. The extreme left is facing the seaview. Other seaview minsu is beyond the map and is not convenient unless you have your own transport. Click on the chinese characters for the prices of the accommodation.

The kenting main street starts from MacDonald to about Newport.

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Old 15-07-2009, 11:19 AM   #13358
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Hi all,

Just came back from Taiwan Sunday night.. Just to share some of my experiences.. =)

4th July Saturday
Arrival @ 730pm (Jetstar was delayed)
Took shuttle to Taoyuan HSR to Taichung

5th July Sunday
In the night, we went to Feng Jia Night Market.. Super big with alot of shops! We were pretty tired so we only walked around to packet food back to the hotel to eat.. Must Try! Baked potatoes with cheese (Shop name is Xiao Q).. We ordered the combi one which had bacon, ham and corn.. Papaya Milk drink very good too!

6th July Monday
In the night we just walked around the area where our bridal studio is. They brought us to a sushi place for dinner (like Sakae sushi) Much cheaper than singapore but variety not that much.. One plate is NT30 (even for sashimi)..

7th July Tuesday
Select photos (took us 4.5 hours)
Took HSR to Taipei and checked in to CityInn Hotel - Highly recommended
We were given a normal room (w/o design) for the first night but from the second night onwards, they moved us to a room with design.. Very cool.. Even the normal room without design was already very cosy.. Looks very new and clean.. Only problem is they did not have a mini fridge.. Their staff are very friendly, if u dunno how to go to any place u can ask them and if they dunno they will help u search and let u know later.. It's located right in front of Taipei main station so it's easy to go anywhere since it's the main exchange station for all the lines..

Headed to Miramar to take the ferris wheel and saw a new train station there.. Think it's part of the Neihu line.. After which we took the shuttle bus to Shilin Night Market - At first we tot only the small food court like building was Shilin but after we crossed the road, we were lost in their sea of food and shops.. Lolx.. Tried their oyster omelette and din really like it.. Gravy wasn't to my liking.. Shaved ice was my favourite.. Ate super alot of food there.. There is a pet street in Shilin, all the puppies were so cute!! The clothes there aren't really to my style, so din buy anything there first time.. Birks/Papilio there are cheaper than Singapore - NT 1380 (SGD 60+) for madrid designs.. Bought one pair.. Hehe..

8th July Wednesday
Meeky Tour - Yeliu, Jiufen, Keelung Night Market, Gold Ecological Park, Bitou
Highly raved about driver and we can understand why.. He is super friendly and along the way explains certain Taiwan characteristics to us.. Also shared with us his experiences.. He drove us to Yong He to buy breakfast and even bought bing lang (betel nut) for us to try.. Lots of food @ Jiufen and Keelung.. Scenery at the places are superb as well (we had pretty good weather when we went) We had plans to go on the trip with a friend and his brother but his bro fell sick last min so only two of us went on the trip.. It will be more worth it if 4 person shares the fare but then we feel even tho it might be a little steep for 2 persons but we'd highly recommend it if you have the budget.. Meeky heard that we wanted to go to Shida Night Market and offered to drive us there.. Din eat anything there cos was too full from Jiufen and Keelung.. =P

If anyone of you like muah chee, u have to try the handmade ones from this shop called 一之軒. Found this shop from a taiwanese blog and their own locals recommened this shop.. Very nice and they have 12 different flavours.. There is also this other product they have which is snow skin muah chee.. The blueberry and strawberry ones are very good! There is an outlet @ shida night market and another one @ L2 Taipei Rail station.. Bought quite alot back to SG (snow skin one cannot tho cos need to refrigerate)

9th July Thursday
Headed to Xinbeitou for hot spring in the late morning.. Went to Chyuan Du Spring Resort and paid NT1080 for their big room (3 hours).. They have jaccuzi which uses white sulphur water and also a sauna box..

Afterwhich, it was to Danshui.. Lots of nice food.. They have this smelly beancurd which is grilled kind.. Not as smelly as the others I smell @ the night markets.. =P There is this tea shop which is green and sells ice-cream with red tea that is very good.. Must try! Lots of pretty and cheap accessories shops as well.. There is this shop that sells custom made gifts.. U can select different dolls and items (e.g a wedding couple in a car) and then they will glue it up for u as a display item etc.. We have a shop in Suntec doing the exact same thing but it's way cheaper over there.. Bought a few items as gifts over there.. Also bought Ah Po Iron Eggs, more expensive than other shops selling but I bought those cos my mum likes..

Over to fisherman's wharf, chose the evening time to take the boat to see the sunset.. NT 100 for 2 person (they say now half price but I later heard if u use ur easy pay it's only NT25 per person) Quite a romantic place during sunset and when the lights light up in the night..

Headed to Ximen and had Ah Zong Mian Xian.. Not as nice as I tot it would be.. Personal preference ba.. =P Walked around abit and took a neo print there as well.. Lolx..

10th July Friday
Headed to Zhongxiao Fuxing to walk around to buy cookies.. Tried when friends bought back the last time.. Very nice! It's @ Exit 3, once u reach the exit u will be able to smell the aroma of the cookies.. It's called Kobayashi and each bag is NT99 with 7 different types of flavoured cookies in there..

Next to Hu Xu Zhang Lu Rou Fan.. Quite nice, a little oily tho.. We prefered the one I tried @ Fisherman's Wharf.. The tofu and vege was so-so only.. Could have saved the space for other food.. =P Went to Wufenpu and bought alot of clothes.. Can pay attention to their sale racks which has NT100 - NT290 clothes which is cheap! And they have new pieces for them as well..

Taipei 101 was next.. Timed just in time for sunset as well.. So can take the scenery then and also when it turns dark.. A point to note is that the lights on the building changes colour everyday according to the rainbow.. So monday it's red.. we were there on friday so it's blue.. Doesn't really matter but if u have a favouite colour u might want to plan the day u head there.. Lolx..

Dinner @ Modern Toilet.. Quite an interesting place to have a meal.. Hehe.. Not too expensive also.. Minimum spending of NT80 per person though..

Went to cosmed and bought my beauty diary masks.. Now they got offer till end July.. Any 2 boxes (10 pcs) is NT378.. I bought 6 boxes.. Lolx..

11th July Saturday
Went to Chiang Kai Shek and then walked to Ding Tai Feng.. Super long walk.. Will not recommend especially during summer period with the crazy temperature.. Pretty much the same taste as Singapore's DTF, dun think it's anything special.. Had ice monster after that, a little expensive compared to night market's so I think u can give it a miss if that area is not along your planned route..

Headed back to Danshui again to get more accessories and gifts.. Walked ard the alleys we missed out during the first visit..

Then we went to PS Bubu.. Instead of walking there, we asked the train station's customer service and took a bus up as it would have been a pretty long walk.. The restaurant was very special, but the food was kinda expensive.. If u wanted to sit in their pink car for ur meal, u've got to book in advance but we were lucky we managed to sit @ a table which had half the car on one side cos some tables dun even have any accompanying car for design..

After which went to the Taipei Railway's 一之軒 to get muah chee back for family then to Lee Yi for pineapple tarts and tai yang bing.. Regret not buying more cos everyone at home says that they taste super good and it's almost finished already.. Can try the 咖哩酥 which is very, very tasty as well..

Left our stuff in the hotel and back to Shilin for the last night.. Realised we din cover alot of alleys.. Lolx.. Bought some clothes as well..

12th July Sunday
Checked out, left our luggage at the hotel and headed to Ximen.. Had lunch @ KFC (would recommend u try their chicken here.. Very nice and much nicer than Singapore's) then went to Stay Real (Ah Xin's shop).. HTB bought a T-shirt there.. I liked the Hello Kitty series t-shirts alot but they were too expensive.. NT 1680.. =P Bought a hello kitty series lanyard instead.. Then we headed to Stage (by Luo Zhi Xiang) and HTB also bought a T-shirt there.. Had shaved ice for the last time (really love their mango shaved ice in Taiwan) and then back to Taipei underground mall for my shoes.. Bought 2 for NT300 (they are really comfortable, no blisters! Wore them for 2 days liaoz).. I realise the further u walk away from the station, the cheaper they get.. I got mine near exit Z8.. It's then back to the hotel to collect our luggage.. We booked transport from the hotel to the airport.. 6 of us shared and it was only NT1000, less than $10 per person, much more comfortable than sitting the bus..

And here I am back in Singapore..

Hope this really long post was of help to some of you.. I've got pictures of the hotel if you all wana see.. =)
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$398 includ tax to taiwan (return) is it exp?
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$398 includ tax to taiwan (return) is it exp?
I believe you are talking abt MAS's promotion rite? Do bear in mind that you virtuall spend another 8 more hours on both ways as you need to do transit in KLIA. At first i also wanted to buy this but after that i feel that instead of saving $50, i rather spend the time in taiwan
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Old 16-07-2009, 10:12 AM   #13361
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Dear all, I will be arriving in Taipei on 630pm jetstar flight on Friday night. Intend to either take a cab or freego to Taipei Main train station. Then the train direct to Hualien at nite, so I can start off with activities first thing in the morning. Anyone have any idea if the tickets might be fully booked, since I dunno how to do advanced booking
Might be crowded coz its friday nite. workers & students returning for wkend
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Old 16-07-2009, 02:37 PM   #13362
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Thanks for the help..

Manage to get a minsu in kenting =)
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may i know which are the must go places in taipei?
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I'm planning for only a day in Kending..
Oh ya..I m going to the Acquarium. Admission fee is at NT$450。
aye..as for the"roller coaster"...I didnt plan for amusement park though..
This is my admended schedule..

8th July 2009 TAIPEI
9th July 2009 TAIPEI
via uBus
10th July 2009 TAICHUNG
11th July 2009 TAICHUNG (KenDing)
12th July 2009 TAICHUNG (Sun Moon Lake)
via THSR
13th July 2009 KAOHSIUNG
14th July 2009 KAOHSIUNG
15th July 2009 KAOHSIUNG
via Taiwan Eastern Railway Lines
16th July 2009 HUALIEN
17th July 2009 HUALIEN
via Taroko Express
18th July 2009 TAIPEI
19th July 2009 TAIPEI
20th July 2009 TAIPEI (Guess x3) anyone keen to join us? its at 7pm 中视
21st July 2009 TAIPEI

btw, anyone can tell me which is better?
I'm contemplating on Sun Moon Lake & Alishan.
anyone to share Hualien trip on 16 Jul 09? pm me.. thanks!

Hi Icemelon, I'm travelling from 20th July till 1 Aug and my itinerary is the same as yours except I'm going Alishan instead of Kaohsiung.
If u can, can u email me ur detailed itinerary? Also can you advise on how to book for Guessx3 TV recordings? Thanks!
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some pics i took..

Free MRT card from taiwan tourism board

T3 butterfly garden..i took jetstar and checkin thru t1 and took the internal skytrain to t3..wat a diff in the transit area.

shida NM sheng jian bao..nice

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