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sweetevil 22-10-2018 01:20 PM


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sweetevil 23-10-2018 11:31 AM

1. Accounting SOLD
by Michael Jones
3rd Edition
Condition: 10/10
(Selling at $35)

2. Business Research Methods
by Alan Bryman & Emma Bell
International 4th Edition
Condition: 10/10
(SIM S.P: $44.50 Selling at $20)

3. Exploring Strategic Change SOLD
by Julia Balogun, Veronica Hope Hailey & Stefanie Gustafsson
4th Edition
Condition: 10/10
(Selling at $35)

4. Corporate Financial Management SOLD
by Glen Arnold
5th Edition
Condition: 10/10
(SIM S.P: $70.50 Selling at $45)

5. International Business
by Alan M. Rugman & Simon Collinson
6th Edition
Condition: 9/10
(SIM S.P: $70 Selling at $45)

6. Principles of Marketing SOLD
by Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong
16th Edition
Condition: 9/10
(SIM S.P: $54.90 Selling at $35)

7. Developing Change Leaders
The principles and practices of change leadership development
by Paul Aitken and Malcolm Higgs
1st Edition
Condition: 10/10
(SIM S.P: $47 Selling at $20)

8. Managing and Leading People through Organizational Change SOLD
The theory and practice of sustaining change through people
by Julie Hodges
1st Edition
Condition: 9/10

9. Project Management SOLD
The Managerial Process
By Erik W. Larson & Clifford F. Gray
7th Edition
Condition: 10/10
(Selling at $35)

10. Operations and Process Management SOLD
Principles and Practice for Strategic Impact
by Nigel Slack, Alistair Brandon-Joanes, Robert Johnston & Alan Betts
4th Edition
Condition: 10/10
(SIM S.P: $68.50 Selling at $40)

11. Exploring Strategy SOLD
Text and Cases
by Gerry Johnson, Richard Whittington, Kevan Scholes, Duncan Angwin & Patrick Regner
10th Edition
Condition: 9/10
(SIM S.P: $67.40 Selling at $35)

12. Human Resource Management
A Contemporary Approach
by Julie Beardwell & Amanda Thompson
7th Edition
Condition: 10/10
(SIM Preorder S.P: $80 Selling at $60)

13. MBA Marketing SOLD
By Malcolm McDonald & Alilsa Kolsaker
1st Edition ISBN 978-1-137-30029-4
Condition: 10/10
(Selling at $40)

14. Contemporary Strategy Analysis SOLD
by Robert M. Grant
9th Edition
Condition: 10/10
(Selling at $40)

Note: All textbooks are original and first hand in very good condition with no writings and highlights!

Interested parties, feel free to contact me at 90732118.


lifeisperfect 28-10-2018 06:34 PM

Books for sale
Happy Saturday guys

I am selling these few books (WTS):
1. Macroeconomics
Seventh Edition
Oliver Blanchard

2. Introduction to Econometrics
Fifth Edition
Christopher Dougherty

3. Macroeconomics
Twelfth Edition
Rudiger Dornbusch/ Stanley Fischer/ Richard Startz

All of the books are as perfect as they were when I bought it.
There is not any single scratch or handwriting on it.

Also, I am selling them below the market price.

So, do contact me if you're interested.
Have a nice weekend!

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