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ultradiving 12-08-2010 08:36 PM


Originally Posted by Condor (Post 47935633)
My original request to Pinky was for something like this where the underside of the placket (reverse where the button and button holes are) is also lined with the contrasting fabric. Unfortunate they only did the inner collar and not the underside of the placket.


Nice Coverage on the wide choices /Kudos to Condor :s12:

Mr_Hideo 16-08-2010 10:28 PM

Hi guys,

Is the price quoted for the 100% Egyptian Cotton, a 2-ply shirt?

Also, for a 80/20 blend, how does it feels like and what's the shrinkage like?


whitebiox 25-08-2010 10:42 PM

Any idea if in pratunam area is there any good tailor to recommend?

grantt 10-09-2010 05:34 AM

I don't think there has been any recommended on this forum. The two that stands out on this forum seems to be Pinky & Crown.

Curiousvarious 18-09-2010 03:15 AM

Just to share. I don't think the "Egyptian Cotton" adverts by most tailors in BKK hold true. But they are 100% cotton and are still very good value. Why I say this is that when they have newer stuff and quote you a higher price, they tell you its Italian cotton. Man, name it what you want, it's all a marketing ploy in BKK.

It's best you bring a shirt for them to copy. If you have only a short time in BKK, this is probably the best option. Margin of error is a lot lower than having them take measurements.

In any case, if you do not have a copy, all these tailors do the measurements then send the material and order to a factory to get it done for you. It's amazing how fast all these shirts can be churned out. But hey, it's sub $50 for a french cuffed shirt. So there's little to complain.

If you're looking for Hubeross and real Sea Island quality, you're probably better off doing it in Singapore as it's more expensive in BKK.

charsiewmee 22-09-2010 10:48 AM

HI Guys,

Pinky and Crown is at Nana right.

Hows the prices for the suit jackets.

Just to source around, anyone has good catalogue of the suits and shirts design.

mikepang 12-10-2010 08:15 PM

good bangkok tailor
I'm very happy with my bangkok tailor. They first gave me a fitting on the shirt & pant and then made them ready the next day. Good selection of modern latest up- to-date fabrics. I liked the fact the they were very friendly and followed precisely how I told them to make. Highly recommended. Very close to Skytrain Nana station its called Jhasper Fashion.

rerear 18-10-2010 08:59 PM

arrive Saturday early afternoon.... fly off Tue morning.... enough time to make shirts at the tailors taking into account they are closed Sunday?

otherwise do all of them provide Thailand->Singapore delivery and what are the charges like.

mikepang 20-10-2010 08:09 PM

I think they should be able to...did mine in a period of 2-3 days too with fittings and all...though I kept in mind to immedtly visit the tailor first thing as soon as I land!

tadaoshimbori 26-10-2010 02:09 AM

Good experience with Pinky Tailor !
Another countless trip to BKK ! I went to Pinky Tailor since 1995 after reading many reviews about Pinky Tailor on websites & Lonely planet BKK/Thailand guide.

Tailored some shirts, suits.. I would say that what makes them different from other Tailors in BKK or South East Asia is the following:
1. They know what they are doing !
2. Varities that they have
3. No saleman standing outside to pull you in !
4. Don't cheat on Materials
5. Small But Huge in quality & material

I am always satisfied with the things that I made with Pinky Tailor, but this time I am extra happy is because of 2 things:
1. The person who took care of me during my visit is Mr. Pinky's son (His name is Win). Anyway I met this boy since he was young and has always been helping his dad since school .. enter university and joinned Toyota (if I am not mistaken) .. and now resigned from Toyota to help his dad full time .. coz I think they have very good business..

Anyway if you go to Pinky Tailor .. just ask for his Son coz he is real expert in helping you choose material, talkative (not pushing you to order).. talk & take very good care of customer and always smiling anyway easy word he is a nice boy ! Both Mr. Pinky & his son help out really well <-- I think with them working together.. more people will be coming to Pinky Tailor.

2. Actually the day I went was Mr. Pinky's birthday and I was there to try fitting for my suit just before their shop close .. so they took me to Mr. Pinky's BD party .. very much fun .. ! ..

So if anyone ask for suggestions on Bangkok Tailor .. I would say go to Pinky Tailor

LT_SIN 16-11-2010 03:10 AM

Hi need your advice guys.

I had narrowed down two tailor shops which is pinkys and moon river

I was thinking of getting 2 suits (pants inclusive) how much does a suit cost?

Im not looking for high quality material, just for daily use

Hulk55 21-11-2010 03:42 PM

I went to have a look at these shops you mentioned they sell their suits for around $500 plus per set (jacket and pants) which i think is too ex! better go to jhasper fashion in sukhumvit road 11 their suits run around $200+ can get slim fit cut for suit and they also r very good shirt tailor in bangkok. I made my clothes there...their service n quality is good and reasonably priced

LT_SIN 27-11-2010 12:57 PM


Originally Posted by Hulk55 (Post 50552762)
I went to have a look at these shops you mentioned they sell their suits for around $500 plus per set (jacket and pants) which i think is too ex! better go to jhasper fashion in sukhumvit road 11 their suits run around $200+ can get slim fit cut for suit and they also r very good shirt tailor in bangkok. I made my clothes there...their service n quality is good and reasonably priced

Thanks hulk55. So I'm guessin 500 is the minimum for a suit for moon river n pinkys. Is it cos of the quality of materials that cause the price difference?
Thanks for the recommendation, I'll prob try both jhasper n moon river, was planning try tailoring one suit in each shop.

darknezz 29-11-2010 03:13 PM

I came back last week from my 2nd bkk trip this year. In Jan I was there to try out Pinky and Crown, I already wrote my feedback here on this forum. Well in between I have been asking around and a few of my friends actually tailored shirts at cheaper prices than the 2 highly recommended ones here. So this trip, I decided to try out different tailors

M1 Tailor at MBK shopping mall, 1st floor
The shelf price for shirts starts at 680THB (if I dont remember wrongly), most of the fabrics are priced at 1,100THB which are cheaper than the shirts that I made at Pinky/ Crown earlier this year (about 1,000 to 1,200).

The best part is you can bargain which I manage to get the most of the shirts to below 1,000 THB. The second thing the price is inclusive of all customisation e.g. double cuff/ inner lining etc. If I am not wrong, Crown does not charge from customisation and Pinky charge additional 100THB.

Althogether I made 4 shirts (3 x 950 + 1 x1300), all of them with different colour inner linings at the cuff and collar. The most expensive fabric (1300) was a white shirt which I really like the design and thickness of the fabric. I also made 2 pants at 1200 each, 1 was finest cashere and the other is 150's wool. (for pants, the fabric used is sewn into the insides of the back pocket).

New Asia Boutique, 2nd floor, Asia Hotel
I went there as my friend told me there is a tailor there that charges only 600THB (after bargain) per shirt and the price is supposely inclusive of customisation. But I could not find the tailor shop and ended up at this shop instead. The price here is 800THB per shirt and customisation is 100THB additional. However fabric is quite limited and I made only 2 shirts.

I think this being my 2nd time tailoring shirts I am more careful about what to look out for and I am able to tell them more precisely on what I want. I had 2 fittings at both tailors and collected only on the fourth day. At New Asia, the first fitting was way too loose and he had to take about 1.5 inches off each on my left and right side. You might want to emphasis that you want SLIM FIT to the guy at New Asia.

Overall the fabric looks comparable to the ones I made at Pinky and Crown (i did not check ??? cotton). They are soft and does not seem to crumble easily. Anyways, my plans for now is to wait till New Year before I start to wear them. I have too many shirts for now. Until then, if there is any issue, I will post here again

Personally I like the M1 tailor as it is at MBK; usually when I am in BKK, I tend to visit MBK and the shopping area around a few times for food/ shopping etc. The location for Crown and Pinky on the other hand is abit out of place for me and if I do visit, it would be specifically for tailoring only (wasting time in my holiday traveling to and from tailor).

This trip 0 shirts/ pants from Pinky/ Crown. But overally I really feel that I spent alot less time commuting between the tailors and my intended destination.

Happy shopping bro and sis

magnifisun 05-12-2010 09:28 PM

Is there a need to make a reservation before going down to pinky/crown? or just walk in will do.?

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