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CeSaRiO 12-02-2019 11:28 PM


Originally Posted by ktyandkyc (Post 119085780)
I think I must have chosen cotton because mine from j&s crumpled v easily and it's v annoying until I don't wear it anymore. Isn't blended more exp?

By any chance will you be able to reach out to Manop on this? Maybe you can pm me your email and I can get Manop to reach out to you. :o

CeSaRiO 12-02-2019 11:28 PM


Originally Posted by DEE_doul (Post 119147525)
There's actually wrinkle-free fabrics for shirts which you can try looking out for.

Got mine from Assemble at Orchard Central, pretty not bad. Doesn't crumple that easily, especially after a whole day in office.

How much did you pay for it anyway?

ktyandkyc 13-02-2019 01:19 AM


Originally Posted by CeSaRiO (Post 119153971)
By any chance will you be able to reach out to Manop on this? Maybe you can pm me your email and I can get Manop to reach out to you. :o

I'm just more annoyed with wrinkled shirts than anything though. It's fine

CeSaRiO 13-02-2019 07:48 PM


Originally Posted by ktyandkyc (Post 119155204)
I'm just more annoyed with wrinkled shirts than anything though. It's fine

I guessed for wrinkled shirts, it's pretty inevitable because of the materials chosen. Even for me, i hate wrinkled stuffs and because of this, I will iron my shirt every morning before I wear it out.

blurpandasg2014 17-02-2019 01:28 AM


Originally Posted by ktyandkyc (Post 119085780)
I think I must have chosen cotton because mine from j&s crumpled v easily and it's v annoying until I don't wear it anymore. Isn't blended more exp?

My cotton also crumples up badly especially the sleeves. Blend is cheaper if not wrong 1500b as compared to cotton 1750b

mikepang 19-02-2019 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by Kopi_Lui (Post 118610858)
So far i have been doing my shirt and pants at lai en and i am wondering if i should explore these tailors at BKK, like J&S, Jhasper, charlie design.

I have never made suit, vest before and i am intending to make 2 sets this time.

- Should i stick to local like sze sze or lai en?
- how long do they need for suits and vests and how many fittings. I need to know how long to be in BKK

Bangkok tailors offers good quality, service and price and if you can spare around 4-5 days with them i think it is worthwhile to do it there. My experience with Jhasper has been quite positive for a number of years now. Their measurements are mostly accurate so not much adjustments to make plus they always have new arrival fabrics and custom options for me to explore every time i visit them.

Aaaa07 20-02-2019 10:21 AM

Jesse & Son vs Newman Exclusive.. Any comment?

fyeebiyd 20-02-2019 10:56 AM


Originally Posted by Kopi_Lui (Post 118610858)
So far i have been doing my shirt and pants at lai en and i am wondering if i should explore these tailors at BKK, like J&S, Jhasper, charlie design.

I have never made suit, vest before and i am intending to make 2 sets this time.

- Should i stick to local like sze sze or lai en?
- how long do they need for suits and vests and how many fittings. I need to know how long to be in BKK

how much do you roughly spend on each shirt with lai en or sze sze?

keiichiro 25-02-2019 05:43 PM

Recently did some clothes at Charlie's Design.

Maybe was expecting something better than BA but ...
When i entered the shop, no one was available to attend to me so i just browsed around myself.
Eventually someone did attend to me but he was expecting me to know what i want even though its my first time there..
Told him i want to tailor some shirts and start enquiring about the price material etc.
Again the interaction was very brief while he try to show me some materials. Again feels like i should know what i want...

The price seems reasonable and since i am already there plus the good review here decided to go ahead .After choosing material and measurement, total amount which was surprisingly cheaper so deposit paid. First fitting fixed 2 days later.

First fitting , most of the finer detail were captured with some minor adjustment highlight from me. Again, they do not recommend anything but expect me to feedback anything that is wrong. And well i did missed out some faults during the fitting, shouldn't the tailor highlight or recommend what is wrong or need to change?They seems more interested to take photo of me in their tailored clothes then checking it.

The collection was set for another 2 days although they agreed previously that order will be ready by next day once fitting is done. Informed them that i will be leaving on that day then they informed the order will be ready by next day..

On collection, noticed that the fault that i missed on the first fitting. They gave me a shocked response that they also missed it and it affects all the order. Seems they not familiar with the detail causing the issue. They promised to fix it by the next day (my departure day).

Rush by to collect the order on the next day.. again some minor fix need to be done on the spot.. And they were trying to justify the minor fix to be done as normal folds cause by the design. No choice since its my last day and i am leaving in few hours to accept their explanation.
Final payment, i saw the balance increased from what i remembered. Their explanation is they miscalculated hence the balance price is amended on their end. Although it is the correct price after i recalculated , it does leave a bad feel since it was their mistake in the first place.

Will i go back to them? Maybe not.. Back to the search again....

HCS_HCS 01-03-2019 03:58 PM

Latest Price List from J&S
They have complimentary delivery to hotel only if you come for 2 fittings and don't offer any discounts.


We also have started custom handmade shoes available in 20 designs and 7 different types of leather each with a different feel and look.

Priced at 6,000 baht and upwards/pair, with customizable options such as:

Calf upper leather color;
Outsole material and color (rubber, flex soles or leather);
Thread stitch color;
Medallion option;
Blake Stitch/Good year welt stitch and more ++
*All shoes are lined with soft memory foam to provide maximum comfort and feel for daily use.


*All our shirting fabrics are color fast, yarn dyed, and preshrunk. We do our best to ensure our shirts will have minimum shrinkage after washing and take this into consideration when making your shirts.

Superfine cotton blend – our superfine cotton blend shirt fabrics are the result of polyester and cotton blending in certain proportions. These fabrics provide better strength and durability than those of 100% cotton fabrics and are guaranteed to have the least amount of shrinkage (if any). All our fabrics have high color fastness, are wrinkle resistant, and are ideal for daily work wear and uniforms. Available in light and medium weight, in full ranges of plain and patterned fabrics. Prices are 1,500 baht

Superior cotton – our collection of superior cotton shirts are 100% cotton and are available in 40/1 and compact 60/1 yarn counts. They have a smooth, light hand feel and come in multiple weave types from oxfords to dobby and twills. We have a huge range of plain and patterned fabrics with some available in special liquid ammonia finishing or silky finishing to enhance the soft hand feel and add wrinkle resistant properties to the fabrics. The superior cotton collection offer great breathability and are excellent value for money daily dress shirts. Prices are 1,700 baht

Premium cotton – shirting fabrics in this collection are 100% cotton and include selections that have been treated with liquid ammonia or silky finish to ensure a long lasting bright luster, softness, wrinkle resistant properties, and durability. We have an excellent collection of plain and patterned fabrics in multiple weaves. Our yarns are composed of compact 70/1, 80/2-ply and 100/2-ply all of which lend to a smoother, more crisp hand feel and excellent breathability. We stock plains and patterned fabrics in our premium cotton collection and are great for those looking for extra comfort in their daily wear. Prices are 1,900 baht

Luxury cotton – this is our finest collection of shirting fabrics available in extra-long staple Egyptian cotton 120/2 ply. Shirting in this category have a silky feel and a luxurious luster like no other when worn. Our Egyptian cotton shirting fabrics are durable, extremely comfortable to wear, lightweight and have been treated with special silky finish or liquid ammonia as well. Multiple weaves are available from herringbone, to twills and poplins in plains and patterned fabrics. The luxury cotton are a great choice for those looking for extra distinction in their dress shirts.

All our luxury cotton fabrics come with the label of the mill it is produced from, showcasing its authenticity. Our clients have the option to have this label sewn into their shirts. Prices are 2,500 baht

Linen - our linen shirting are a great option for those looking for a more casual shirting option. The linens we stock are lightweight, cool, and have moisture absorption capacity that is far superior to that of cotton. Repeated washes make the fabric softer and the durability of its fabric structure ensures it lasts over the years. Our linens are available in a wide range of colors in plain and patterned fabrics. Prices are 2,500 baht


Superfine blend – this is our economical suiting fabric selections that includes wool blends ranging from 30% up to 60%. Our wool blends have a soft hand feel and are comfortable, durable and functional fabrics that pair with microfibers ease of use. Light weight to medium weight fabrics are available depending on client’s preference thus making this an excellent choice for suits, uniforms or professional clothing. Suit - 9,700 baht (Breakdown Jacket 7,500, pants 1,750 - 2,200; Vest is an additional 2,200)

Superfine blend wool rich – our suiting in this category includes blends of 70% – 80% wool. This represents extremely good value for money as all fabrics have a luxurious hand feel, excellent drape, with the added benefit of durability and reduced wrinkling from the microfiber fabric content. Medium weight fabrics are available in ranges of colors and patterns suitable for all occasions all year round. Suit - 13,500 baht (Breakdown Jacket 10,500, pants 3,000; Vest is an additional 3,500)

Linen - Our 100% linen suiting fabrics are available in light and medium weights and are an excellent option as summer jackets and pants due its fabric structure. They have a high natural luster, are soft to touch, durable and relatively easy to care for. We stock a complete range of high grade linen fabrics in an assortment of colors from light hues to dark tones. Suit - 10,000 baht (Breakdown Jacket 7,500, pants 2,500; Vest is an additional 3,000)

Cotton - these fabrics are usually more associated with a casual suit but it has many benefits that wool fabrics do not such as enhanced breathability and water absorption, as well as the benefit of being better suited when worn as separate pieces. Our cotton selections range from light to medium weights and are very suitable for chino trousers to be worn all year round. We stock a full range of colors from khaki to olive to shades of blues and blacks. All our fabrics are colorfast, have prewashed to ensure minimum shrinkage, and have a special soft finishing to ensure maximum comfort and smooth hand feel. Suit - 8,000 baht (Breakdown Jacket 6,000, Chino pants 2,000; Vest is an additional 2,500)

Pure wool – our collection of 100 % merino worsted wools are available from 100s up to 120s. They are extremely fine weaves and have a beautiful sheen resulting in fabrics that have a luxurious feel and look. Our pure wools have great breathability during hot months and keep you warm during winter months. The tight weave helps hold the drape of a suit and with wools, they have the ability to return to its original shape when folded or stretched. Medium weight fabrics are available, suitable for all year wearing. Suit - 16,500 baht (Breakdown Jacket 12.000, pants 4,500; Vest is an additional 5,000)

Italian and English wool and linen– this is our world class suiting section which is used in the tailor houses of big brand names such as Hugo Boss, Prada, Armani, Zegna, and Canali. We source fabrics from many famous mills such as Zegna, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Giovanni Tonella, Drago, Dormueil and Reda amongst many others. The fineness of these wools available are 110s, 120s, 130s, 140s and 150s in light, medium and heavy weights, as well as specialty Mohair wool fabrics, wool and silk mixture, and linens.
The mills that we stock use only the strictest methods and best wools available in order to create alluring fabrics that look beautiful to the eye and feel even better against the skin. If you would like the ultimate in luxury and functionality then this is your category. Suit prices start from 18,500 baht

fyeebiyd 04-03-2019 11:55 AM

Update for the folks here.


TL;DR summary:
Went to J&S to get 2 replacement pants. Overall experience is still good and recommended for those who started out on going for tailored clothes although the price is higher.

If you know what you want and you like to have more custom selections like a series of buttons available etc, go for Jhasper Fashion
After a few messages exchanged with Manop from J&S about the shrinking pants i did some months back, I was offered to get 2 pants done at no cost.

I was expecting to be limited to choose back the casual material range but he offered to let me choose whatever I desired. So I went for I believe it was a wool blend and another should be normal material selected from their books instead of the materials available on displayed.

2 days later, went for the fitting. The surprising part is that this time, they really did what I preferred which actually is an overkill where there is 1 more button on the inside of the pants. Checked the measurements and after review, changes were made to the waist and length.

I used the coin pockets in the pants to hold my phone in place, so this was checked and some changes were to be made. An advice for those who do coin pockets. Do flip it out and check. I realised that sometimes the seamstress might take an easy way out and never do a "fold" on the entry level, sew an additional line so that it will last.

1 day later, did the last round of fittings and then collect the pants and go. As usual, throughout the whole process, Manop gave me advice and thoughts on the fitting and sizing. We also redo the sit down test even though the measurements were taken from my latest visit.

Now is just waiting to wear them and see how it goes.

All these were done at no charge and for those who just started out on tailoring, this might be a good place to start although the prices are steeper.

I also decided to try another tailor while I hunt for someone to do a black suit for me in the near future. This time, I tried Jhasper Fashion. This is the 3rd tailor I tried in BKK and their shop may be the smallest IMO as it is a long rectangle layout. I spent most of my time standing in the shop even when I am waiting as the sofa is right at the entrance of the shop.

So I was introduced to the materials. There is a small selection of cotton blends then the entry level cotton, followed by the premium cotton. Prices sound reasonable and I decided to take the plunge to try their entry level cotton because nothing from the cotton blend really caught my eye.

The feeling of the entry level cotton felt good as well. So we shall see if I am going to regret this when I need to iron them. So proceed to select the materials and here comes the surprise to me. When i asked about doing the inner collar, cuffs and back of the shirt button area to have a highlight material, there is an additional $200 baht charge per shirt.

Then I was showed a series of buttons as well. If you are those type who likes to choose nicer looking buttons, this is available at another $150 baht.

so here's the thing, this is very similar to my experience with a local tailor who was just starting up. So prices quote are just shirts only and any customization needs to top up. End up each shirt was at $1,600 baht. Whether is it worth it or not, it will be reviewed after wearing the shirts more.

The other thing that is less comfortable is their "fitting room". As the shop is smaller, the fitting room is literally a plastic folding door that went around you. BBFA like me, it is a bit uncomfortable. I cannot imagine how it will be like for me when I need to wear pants in there because there is no seat to take out your shoes and limited hooks.

During the fitting, we had some issues with the cuff as I want same size for both side so that it is easier to iron. Made convertible ones so that the watch side can have it covering the watch. Told them some of my preferences on minor details and those were done on the other 2 shirts that were still work in progress while the testing piece just stayed as it is.

One thing I noticed is Dave and Pinky won't give you comments unless you asked and are more reserved in their comments. After everything is done, I spoke to Dave about my preferences and learnt some stuff from him. So in the end, I will say this is a good place to go if you know what you want. Not suitable for those who needs advice and also shy to ask type.

Now, will need to see if it is true that their 100% cotton will not crease as bad and hopefully can do well without the need to use starch to iron it.

lingalong 12-03-2019 01:06 PM

Any recommendation for budget tailor in BKK.

Been making suits for around $350 SGD in SG (Not the most atas material and tailor of course)

Looking to do something maybe in the $100-200 or even cheaper, does not have to be fantastic quality.

swirl360 12-03-2019 02:47 PM

Just saw an ad for Sam Cerruti at Gateway Ekkamai. I have no idea how good they are. Pricing seems within your range.

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Beta_Tester 13-03-2019 02:32 PM

Is 3 days enough to get Pants and Shirt ready?

For example. i arrive on Thursday nite. Leave Sunday afternoon. I can go any time for fittings on the 3 days ~

Mng85 15-03-2019 07:40 PM

Depends on who u go to.. First time tried the suit co.. Basement of platinum plaza.. Want to make shirt n pants... But was turn off tt every details eg cuffs, collar, lining all need additional charges... So i made pants because i like tt material.. Ordered on Sat.. Fitting on Sun.. Need to amend abit but i highlighted tt there are some pulls on the fabric.. Monday not in time to collect b4 2pm so they arrange to ship to sg.. 1.5weeks to reach sg... Collect from one of their kind customer who tong pang from bbk to sg... The pulls which i mention are still there... Text them they say can fix... End of month they have someone coming sg collect... Maybe after 2-3weeks then will send back to me... All in all expect me to wait 2 months... Lol... Sounds like a joke to me..

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