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Civician 02-04-2010 06:44 PM

Just back to apartment from Crown Tailor, they basically have 3 prices for cotton, 1500b - 100% 1200b - 80% 1000b - 60%
going for fitting service and advice was rather good - report from BKK

Wryer 03-04-2010 01:28 AM

Going to BKK in May. Intend to tailor some business shirt and pants...

Problem is. I only have 3D2N there. What's the turnaround time over there? Alternatively, does the tailor do air mails?

Civician 03-04-2010 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by Wryer (Post 44812218)
Going to BKK in May. Intend to tailor some business shirt and pants...

Problem is. I only have 3D2N there. What's the turnaround time over there? Alternatively, does the tailor do air mails?

first day choose fabric, second day fitting, third day deliver to hotel

Wryer 03-04-2010 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by Civician (Post 44815407)
first day choose fabric, second day fitting, third day deliver to hotel

Kind of tight. Is that the norm? Thanks! :)

Kraitz 03-04-2010 10:40 PM

Juz came back from BKK. tailor made 4 shirts and 2 pants from pinky tailor. Damage is ard 8000 baht. I would say workmanship & quality is good. Tried to take a cab down from pratunam. My advice is take the BTS. The cab driver doesn't know where pinky tailor is. He tried to convince me to go some place else to get tailored shirts. In the end I told him to drop me at the BTS. will go there again for shirts on my next trip..

Civician 03-04-2010 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by Wryer (Post 44824946)
Kind of tight. Is that the norm? Thanks! :)

Everyone does it this way :)

Went to fitting today at Crown, shirt will be delivered to me on Monday. Personally, i prefer this fitting more to pinky. I did my shirt at Pinky during my trip last aug

darknezz 07-04-2010 02:49 PM

its been a few months since i started wearing the shirts from Pinky and Crown, i would say personally i prefer the shirts from Pinky. I found the sleeves of the shirts made by Crown too short, I can feel a tugging feeling when I use my keyboard in office. Also for some reason Crown shirts seems to make it looks like a got HUGE love handles around my waist. Lastly one of the shirts (1,200THB), the fabric is very hard and it wrinkles easily, it is uncomfortable when I wear.

So far, nothing to pick on the shirts from Pinky.

Next is to see how long can the shirts last me. ;)

FYI - I made 3 shirts (2 x 1200, 1 x 1000) from Pinky and Crown each (total 6 shirts).

lilprince 15-04-2010 04:36 PM

dun u find the fabric in crown limited?

Anyway, is there any tailor that can do very customise designing like linning, double collar and etc?

KongLanJiaoWei 17-04-2010 01:51 AM

anyone tried this ? http://www.tomsfashion.com/location.htm

guess i will be visiting narin and crown and make some shirts for comparison

grantt 29-06-2010 01:55 AM

Guys - I just got back on the forum and interestingly enough had a message on my inbox regardin tailors in Bangkok so I thought i'd refresh this post again. Overall, I'm still very happy with my shirts from Crown and I was reading the posts above mentioning the fit & stuff. I think we need to decide these things ourselve and just so everyone knows, make sure you are there for the fitting for that first shirt!! Wherever you go for tailoring, you need to try that 1st shirt! After that, replicas are dead easy!

Anyways, if anyone is still looking for tailoring in Bangkok - my opinion has not changed. Quality - Crown is the best you can find. You're gonna for sure get shirts that last a long time! I've tried the cheaper tailors around 700 Baht a shirt and I want to go back to them for a refund cuz I only use them 2 times and already it became s**t.

Gluck boys ;)

RoLanTo 06-07-2010 09:50 AM

crown tailor operating hours? anybody noes?

cos i'll be reaching BKK in the morning

Condor 05-08-2010 10:35 PM

Been a while. Returned to this thread to refresh my memory as I'm going to BKK this Sat!

Update on my spoils of war.

The pants... Wore only three times as I found it too tight. My mistake. It was so fitting that it can't hold anything. The moment I put my wallet or mobile into the front pocket, the bulge becomes so obvious. Then the pull on the fabric will focus eye line to my crotch... :s I'll bring it back to Pinky's to alter it. Good thing is they have like an inch of slack cloth along the seams for expansion.

Oh, must say that what I really like about the Pinky pants is they have a rubber like strip on each side of the waist to grip the shirt. It's really a good idea. It helps to keep the shirt in and keep you looking smart! You must know that your shirt will be tucked out more and more as you sit, walk, move, etc. right? Not sure if other tailors do this for the pants.

My blended cotton shirt (800b) is still going strong. Retained the shape. Looks good. Collar not flabby yet. Probably worn 10 odd times since. The only thing is after my first wear, I loosened the taper at the back by cutting off the threads as taught by the tailor at Pinky as I found it a little too tight. After my second wear, I removed the 2 tapers totally. Other than that, the cutting and fit is great!

My Egyptian cotton shirt (1500b) worn less than 5 times I guess so it's just like new condition. Conserving it a little. Not many good and presentable shirts in my wardrobe at the moment.

I'll visit the few tailors that I mentioned previously and see how it goes. Will surely go to Narin and check out the price for a jacket. If it's not too expensive and can be done within the limited time, I will tailor one.

Update again when I return! Will put up photos of the "features" of each tailor then.

Raffles88 05-08-2010 11:52 PM


Originally Posted by RoLanTo (Post 47019202)
crown tailor operating hours? anybody noes?

cos i'll be reaching BKK in the morning

10.30am bkk time

Condor 07-08-2010 08:49 PM

Despite that I'm now more familiar with my way to the tailors and such, the whole of today was dedicated to tailoring. This time round I'm staying even closer @ Sukhumvit near compared to the last time @ Pratunam.

Headed to Narin after my lunch to check out my mission for a suit. Peter as usual is immaculately dressed. very smart. He's also very fluent in English. This time round, he's friendlier than the previous.

Went in and asked about how the pricing is like for a suit. 10000b and up. While thinking aloud how much that translate to, Peter replied with "in Singapore dollars?". It's really dead easy to pick out a Singaporean once the mouth is open. :D Anyway, it's is excess of S$400. Not cheap.

Ask next about the time needed. 1.5 weeks. Peter insists on 3 fittings, no less. 3-4 days in between each fitting. So unless you're in BKK for that long or make frequent business trips here, it's tough.

His shirts go from 1100b and there's a minimum order of 3 pieces. Quite upfront, Peter told me I can't make it as I'll be leaving Tues wee morning. Without me asking. He's not attempting my business at all. Really must respect the kind of respect he have for his trade.

To cut the story short, I made 6 shirts from Pinky (hate their collection!), 2 from Crown, 1 from Boss Avenue (probably will get just 1 more). Totally burst my budget. So not getting any from Empire or Nickerman this trip.

This time round, I did not use standard template. I had a lot of specific requests. In fact, I made 2nd trip to each of the tailor to refine my orders. :p

I've shared my experience @ Pinky previously. This time I'll share on Crown and Boss Avenue.

Crown is very patient, walking through every aspect of the design with me. They are the most "structured". There's a little booklet that offers a choice of collars, cuffs, back, insignia, etc. In fact this is exactly what prompted me to made a trip back to Pinky to refine my design!

All in all a good experience. Except that I didn't get any discount. :( Probably that went into my customisation already. But was told they do not charge for special requests anyway. But he still sort of used that as an excuse to not give me any discount. It's not as busy like Pinky who virtually have customers in the shop all the time (good chance that there'll be another group of Singaporeans as well) so you'll have all the attention that you want. Then again, my impression of Crown like the last time is they are very passive and traditional. They do not offer updates on the latest trends and likely have not much idea. Pinky is really great in this BTW. The 2IC (after Pinky himself) will provide inputs on what is the current trend, what is popular, etc. when taking down requirements just in case.

Boss Avenue is also very patient. The salesmanship is very good. Range is also quite good. Has some unique designs. Boss Avenue is the only out of the 3 that totally do not charge for any customisation. No additional material cost no nothing. They are also the cheapest. 2 range. 850b and 1400b. (Damn! I saw the fabric design that I paid 1500b for in Pinky last round - only different colour - at 850b. I sort of couldn't resist so I made a shirt with this. Can compare quality and share later). They are also very receptive to all kind of questions and ideas. In fact they have sources from perhaps a partner that send emails with photos of new shirt designs and such. Some of them are quite nice. Fashionable and not the typical plain or simple designs that you see. He showed them to me as I asked about how else to design, etc.

Anyway, all the tailors do not work on Sunday so my fitting is on Monday. Hope all turns out well. I'll probably take some photos and update on the quality and workmanship when I return to SG and have some time.

whitebiox 09-08-2010 03:16 PM

Hi All, any website where i could view the latest Blazer design? as planning to make 1 for wedding.

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