about how hwz get paid for review


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Jul 26, 2011
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been curious, how does hwz get paid for reviews, and how hwz get the electronics they are reviewing? the respective brand send in their product and pays hwz to review/promote it?
if the product are garbage, and hwz reviews it as so, would hwz still get the commission?


Jan 1, 2000
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I think your question is flawed, to begin with :)

We're not a group of bloggers nor influencers - that's how they operate as you have suggested.

We're a bonafide tech media publication and the best there is in Singapore with a group of very experienced writers that are working their heart out for a cause. And that cause is to educate and enlighten all interested readers who have a deep interest in tech gadgets with a thorough reviewing process to assess and grade products. We genuinely want to tell our readers what to get and where is your time/money best spent. No review is paid for. Yes, some new brands or new managers are unaware and broach this same subject and are surprised. We turn down paid review requests.

When we say something is good, we mean it. Likewise, if it's bad, then it's bad. There's no hidden agenda. Otherwise, where is the trust and what reason is there for anyone to believe what we say? We will never compromise on this. We simply won't accept paid reviews.

What we do is out of passion and keen genuine interest, and the greater good of having a reliable and focused tech publication that Singapore (and many other countries) can count on. This is why I joined SOG twenty-four years ago, which was renamed to SHZ, and finally, HWZ.

To that same extent, that's why we started the forums - a space for like-mined people to discuss topics they love (which has of course grown over time to encompass a much wider space than just tech).

Just like the forum is offered as a free service, so is our content. Everything you see and read is by people with passion - be it our editorial content, or inputs shared by forum users.

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