Believe in self-healing

Canis Lupus

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May 16, 2018
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Moi gotch piles and bleeding stools before, but moi change moit diet now no hab riao.. :(


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Jun 16, 2002
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There are people who have healed themselves from major illnesses and people who have not.

I have seen my ex neighbour heal herself from end stage breast cancer, when the doctors told her she got max 3 months. She recovered and is became perfectly normal.

I have also seen my own relative, from a simple flu to ICU in 3 days then pass away in a week.

Everybody experience is different, cos the mind and body is so different.

Dude it's all about the probability (chance) to recovery and longevity.

Are you confident to say that the chance of a cancer patient recovering is higher without treatment that someone who seeks EARLY treatment.

Also take HIV for example. There are proven medications to treat these patients. These patients are living longer than the past HIV casualties.

If you have the money and insurance coverage, it's wiser to seek treatment early.


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Sep 20, 2000
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Before the pandemic, I already do not depend on pain killers when I feel pain and since last year I had a mild symptoms in my upper respiratory tract which did not go away for over a month then suddenly went away by itself. With these reasons, I want to avoid taking experimental vaccines as I want to prove the ability to self-healing.

Do you have children, wife, girlfriend, father or mother? If you believed you are invincible, do you believed your family are invincible? So, if the virus doesn't kill you, will you bring home the virus and put your family in harms way?

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Oct 10, 2005
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This topic is @kaypohchee favorite.

My advice is to seek treatment from doctors.

NB : IMPORTANT - DO NOT Follow me or DO as I Do etc ....
Must include this warning in my After-8 June 2021 posts to prevent getting further infractions from the over-zealous narrow-minded biased Mods
= my forced Defensive Posting !

Nope ... Not true there ....

My favourite covid topics also include :

- THUMOS Sharing of very relevant issues like the very latest info/goings-on there (but I will really try to CONTROL myself here in order not to attract further unreasonable infractions]

- HOW we could help prevent getting infected in the 1st Place ie not necessarily with only 'self-medication as such with prescriptive medical drugs'
bc from my pretty extensive reading etc mere non-prescriptive supplements or nutrients such as Vits D3 with K2(MK7) n C + Zinc Mg NAC etc DO play a very CRITICAL role in covid prevention (as well as early treatment too) as this particular supplement combi has great Anti-Viral & Anti-Inflammatory properties esp in the battle against covid19 n variants ....[IMHO much much more effective n safer than the still-experimental EUA=Emergency Use Authorisation (NOT FDA-Approved yet) 'vaccines' with their many Russian Roulette Side Effects there]

- the 'awakening' of learned true honest no-agendas or COI scientists researchers doctors ordinary citizens etc to the Lies & Suppressed Truths on Effective Cheap Re-purposed Therapeutics that could virtually end the pandemic fast - critical info that the Evil Dishonest Parties such as the WHO CDC FDA GAVI WEF Lying Fraudci Bill Gates Tony Blair Elite Politicians etc using their Monopolistic Mainstream Goliath Medias to wilfully & systematically suppress MANY Truths amounting to DISINFORMATION from the Davids in order to keep/spread THEIR agenda-filled narratives instead ....
eg the Indian Bar Association served a 55-page legal notice recently on the WHO's Chief Scientist for her deliberate vilification of Ivermectin instead of using it to Save Lives !

- etc ....

As for your point "My advice is to seek treatment from doctors"

I will add a caveat there - for ME personally ONLY hor [NOT advising others to follow at all !]

I HOPE the doctors treating me for covid (if ever) will have the same Truly
Life-Saving & Adventurous Spirits etc of the frontline FLCCC doctors who will try ALL known effective therapeutics/methodologies & aggressive dosages etc
rather than just sticking to 'safer conventional not-much-use/effect-type therapies etc' ....

ie that they WOULD apply the FLCCC (BIRD etc) Protocols on me without any fear n hesitation - I must say my confidence n faith in our 'doctors doing the Right Thing' not at all high after reading the tragic accounts of those other covid-side-effects patients as well as from some of our 'parroting mainstream-narrative experts' etc ..... sighzzzzz
(MODS - You CAN'T Infract Me for Voicing MY Honest OPINIONS)


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Jan 1, 2000
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Beware of survivorship bias... one can always claim the power of self healing coz it works for them by statistical chance. Those who failed and died, well, they can't exactly appear and tell you it doesn't work.
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