Buy a chair with good support before you regret.


Apr 1, 2009
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*This is my personal experience and results may vary from individual.

I have been using Sx O for close 2 years. I spent approximately 12 hours on the chair to game, work and watch drama. I am 1.65M tall and weighs around 45-48kg.

Like what the Sx CEOs mentioned, it is indeed an intimate toll spending that those long hours spent sitting down on a chair. Sx is not only a world wide brand but also a brand that partner with a lot of big names, and sponsored tons and tons of players around the world.

The chair build quality is good, sturdy and have yet broken after 2 years of usage. However the chair didn't break but it broke my back.

Directly quoted by my doctor letter " On March 2020, I have been seeing a specialist for my lower back pain recurred almost daily even after massages and physiotherapist exercises and stretches. My tenderness over bilateral paravertebral muscle recurred and become chronic. My tenderness over my paravertebral spine was severe and needed u/s guided paravertebral myofascial injection to provide pain relief. My pain improved after injection procedure but noticed that her Sx chair is not providing good support for my back. Please kindly assist with above matter and help to customize her chair if possible, to continue to provide good support and pain relief for her condition". My total medical fee to cure my back had set me to close $14,000 cash.

With the above letter, I wrote to Sx with hope that they can do something about it. Afterall, Sx chair is one of my frequent used equipment. After a big round of discussion with their management, I was told that if I have wrote to them 1-2 months after I had purchased the chair, they may have done something, however the chair was purchased on 21/04/2019 and there is nothing much they can do. Warranty does not covers such event and no one else had such problem. All the staff in Sx office uses the chair and no one ever had back ache. With that, the final decision from the highest management was to offered me a chance to purchase a brand Sx T Chair at their discounted MAY DAY Special price of $519. Take note of my height and weight, vs their recommendation.

I was blown away on their resolution.

Due to this incident, I have learned that getting a ergonomic chair will be a wiser choice especially when it comes to your spine and back support. Those ergonomic chairs are indeed more expensive than gaming chairs, however for that slight amount you paid, vs getting possible condition. A good ergonomic chair will set you around $900 or even a thousand maybe? But if I am given a choice, I would have rather paid for a chair that have good lumbar support than a chair that can pull their back rest upright straight and does no support.

Again, note that I do not endorse or recommend or bash any brand. I am just speaking what I had experienced and I hope that this can create better awareness when choosing the right chair for you or your love ones.
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