Cheap 3rd party batteries from China


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Oct 11, 2001
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Does anyone have experience with 3rd party batteries for DSLR? I am looking at those from China.

seen a few brands...

  • Palo
  • PowerTrust
  • DuraPro
  • BatMax
  • Aspern
  • Brave Heart
  • Tectra
  • Seivi
  • Dinto
  • RingTeam
  • PowTree
All are basically around $30+ for 3 batteries plus a charger.

My camera is 3 years old, and I am planning to upgrade maybe in late 2023 when travelling resumes again, so I don't really wanna invest in original batteries that most likely will not be used if I upgrade.

From what I read, some say it is decent when it is new, but after a while, it cannot hold the charge. others got 1 out of 3 faulty. I think the risk is quite ok, since 3 + charger is 50% the price of the orginal. but got a lot of brands to choose from.
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Feb 28, 2004
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Wasabi Power is quite ok. Seems to be able to hold its charge better than most 3rd party brands, as heard within the photography circle.

Suggested battery 'strategy':
- Always have at least 2 ORIGINAL batteries. That will give you the best redundancy plan should 1 of the original fail during your shoot or worst, on a vacation.
- have 1 or 2 third party batteries to rotate with your original batteries and preserve it's life. Example, use 1 original batt during day shoot. Then switch to 1 third party battery starting from sunset timing to evening. Usually we shoot more during daytime. Reverse the plan if you tend to shoot more at night.
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