Chit Chat with Mommy 👍🏻 🗓 ⛪️🎼 ✝️


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Oct 21, 2016
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No expletives, sensitive stuffs.
No hurling insults at others.
No targetting other users.

PG13 topics before 10.30pm. After 10.30pm max ish NC16 topics.

can chat anything under the sun :o
can confide in relationship problems
can confide in money matter
can confide in work problems

this is not AMA thread hor :crazy:

Will appreciate if everyone is nice to make this place a nice and fun place to hang out in. Thank you all for cooperating 🤗

(Credits to grizzly76 for creating this)

Nice eligible bachelors :cool:
⭐️ Ayumix6

Good Papa Award 🥇
⭐️ Daryl76

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1st post on Thread’s 1st Anniversary - grizzly76
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310k - Ayumix (again?!?!?)
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350k - zheng
360k - GarnetDragon


Definition of rolling:

1) @HomeMommy / @HeroJY is go excercise.

2) @EXIDBeast Didi is roll in bed to sleep and nap.

3) @Yaoxis. Bui Bui's body is round, so rolling around is easier to move about / go places.
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Nov 2, 2017
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Do you expect your child/children to fully provide you for your retirement?
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