[Consolidated] Russian Invasion of Ukraine Has Begun!


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Nov 8, 2013
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Some in the alternate reality already cheering Russia to attack Lithuania :s42:
Maybe cause Lithuania already put China in its place and bo hiew them

So the Ruskies (which are same as ccpibs) now sore and wanna claw back some of their lost face


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Feb 26, 2002
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In their alternate reality, rouble, which is controlled and largely cannot be sold, appreciating is a win big big ok! Russia gdp only shrinking an estimated 15% and not 40% is also a super win to them :s13:

Russia is now essentially a "potemkin" economy. The potemkin rate you see is mainly due to account surpluses in foreign exchange due to high oil prices. Also makes exports less competitive which becomes another problem. What's the point of building up reserves you can't use to buy stuff that your economy needs and nobody wants your currency? It can only trade with itself. It is almost impossible to (legitimately) buy new networking equipment, servers or even PCs and iOS devices for example. They are now at a point where if a switch breaks CISCO will not service it. :s13:
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