Escape from Tarkov


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May 28, 2004
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Just died from a 5m hatchet runner swing...he's at least 5 m away and next thing i know i died..the lag is real...haha..
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Apr 9, 2013
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Just died from a 5m hatchet runner swing...he's at least 5 m away and next thing i know i died..the lag is real...haha..

Until there are Singapore servers I think the game won't be fully enjoyable :(


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Jan 1, 2000
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New trader coming......Recluse, Gun lover, high-tech maniac and simply genius.

Hello, Escapers!
Added reputation-mending quest after fix of the Stirrup. Unlocked by the Therapist on the following conditions:

1) Skier’s Stirrup is complete
2) Therapist’s Autofix is complete
3) Rep with Therapist is < 0.6
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Feb 27, 2014
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Escape from tarkov looks and feels much more realistic than Pubg, hopefully the full release will be a good one and SG servers will be up soon


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Apr 9, 2013
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Escape from tarkov looks and feels much more realistic than Pubg, hopefully the full release will be a good one and SG servers will be up soon

Are Singapore servers coming?


Sep 27, 2007
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Hello, all.
Just bought the game a few days ago. Looking to join up a group or team coz some of the missions / quests are just damn impossible to go alone.
BTW, there are SG servers. See your connection log after each sessions. It connects to an SG server, looking like a AWS or Rackspace server. But I still see 200+ ping in game. Bad netcode, I guess.


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Jan 1, 2000
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Patch notes:
This update comes with a profile reset/wipe. All bonus gears can be obtained again from your profile.


Basic tutorial
Loading and unloading ammo rounds now require time
Now, the character doesn’t initially know the number of cartridges in the magazine. Check the magazine to see the ammo remaining. Check precision depends on the Mag Drills skill. A full description of the expected behavior can be found here

Time-consuming loading/unloading of ammo

Loading/unloading of ammo into the magazine does not happen instantly. The time required to load/unload one cartridge may vary depending on the magazine and the level of the new skill, Mag drills.
Time is spent on loading and unloading ammo in the raid only, in the menu the procedures stay the same as before.
Loading and unloading can only be done with inventory open. If you close it or switch tabs, loading or unloading is interrupted. The cartridges that were already loaded into the mag, stay in it (and vice versa in case of unloading).
Only one magazine can be loaded or unloaded simultaneously.
The Info window displays the loading/unloading and mag check speed bonus if it is not 0.
If you’ve started loading an empty mag, or unloading a full one, the precise number of rounds is displayed.
Checking mags, hidden precise number of cartridges in the magazine

By default, it is unknown how many cartridges are in the mag, if it is not examined (hereinafter referred to as "Unknown/Checked"). Mag counter displays an unknown number of cartridges. For example: (?/30)
Check accuracy is determined by new "Mag Drills" skill.
The magazine can be checked either by animation - Alt+T or through the interface by Right-clicking and selecting Check magazine.
If you checked the number on the 0 skill level, then it returns "~empty" - "<1/2" - "~1/2" - ">1/2" - "~full". As skill level 1 an approximate number will be shown. On level 2 - the precise amount of ammo will be provided.
Full and empty mags are considered to be checked.
All the magazines you take into the raid are checked automatically.
Loading/unloading a checked mag doesn’t change the state, it remains checked.
After firing, the number of cartridges in the magazine become unknown.
Ammo check precision now depends on the Mag Drills skill, not on Weapon Mastering.
Outside of the raid, the number of cartridges is always displayed precisely.
If you have dropped a checked mag and picked it back up, it remains checked. If someone picked it up and dropped it again, it becomes unknown to you.
Checking the chamber

The chamber also requires checking. Bnly by animation using the key binding Shift + T.
If you load the cartridge into an unknown chamber, it automatically becomes checked.
If the shot was fired from a checked mag (first shot), the chamber remains checked. Otherwise, it becomes unknown as well.

New skill Mag Drills
Speeds up ammo loading
Speeds up ammo unloading
Speeds up magazine checks in inventory
Elite levels allow you to automatically check the mag when you move it in inventory, and make loading even faster.
Black version of the Ops-Core Fast helmet
Visor toggle mechanics with all audio and visual effects and protection
A new type of reward for quests completion - unlocking items for purchase
A new type of trade barter - for dog tags.
A new type of tactical vest, with armor plates
Antialiasing options (2x, 4x) in graphics settings. Attention! Recommended only for high-performance PC rigs.
Mechanic trader quests
New trader, Ragman
**New location**


Ski hat with eye slits
Cold Fear Infrared Balaklava
Ghost Balaklava
Fleece tactical hat
Cowboy hat
RayBench Hipster Reserve Glasses
Dundukk Sport sunglasses
Round glasses
Police cap
Sordin MSA Supreme PRO-X/L Active headphones

Tactical shoulder bag 3x2
VKBO army duffel bag 4x2
SSO Attack 2 Raid Backpack 5x7
**Tactical Vests**

ANA Tactical M2 Armor plated vest
Wartech Chest Rig MK3 TV-104 Tactical chest rig
**Body armor**

BNTI Gzhel-K Body Armor
MF-UNTAR Body Armor

ZSH-1-2M helmet in plain and black cover
Armored visor for ZSH-1-2M helmet
Altyn helmet
Armored visor for Altyn helmet
SSSh-94 SPHERA-S helmet
Tarkov UN Force helmet
6B47 Helmet in a camouflage cover
**Weapon modifications**

M1A Socom 16 Mount
Nightforce 34mm Mount for installation of sights with Multimount
Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 Scope
Nightforce 34mm Mount for sights installation
B-3 twin mount
Rotor 43 5.56x45 Muzzle brake
Rotor 43 .366TKM Muzzle brake
Rotor 43 7.62x39 Muzzle brake
Rotor 43 9x19 Muzzle brake
Fab Defense GL Shock Stock
Spike tactical dynacomp 7.62x39 AK Muzzle brake
Strike industries TRAX 2 Foregrip
Strike industries Bride Rail
Strike industries keymod 6 inch Rail
Strike industries keymod 4 inch Rail
Strike industries TRAX 1 Foregrip
Glock 9x19 Moto Cut Slide
B&T rail for MP5
XRSU47SU Tactical Foregrip for AKS-74U
Aluminum foregrip for MP5 (TL-99)
10-round PMAG GEN M3 10 5.56x45 NATO STANAG magazine
30-round PMAG GEN M3 30 5.56x45 NATO STANAG magazine
30-round Pmag 30 AK74 GEN M3 5.45x39 magazine for AK and compatibles
30-round SR3M.130 9x39 magazine for SR3M
10-shell SAI-02 12x76 magazine for SOK-12 and compatibles

Ammo case
Medicine case

Springfield Armory M1A 7.62x51
Remington 870
AK 100 Series
AI Improvements:

Fixed bug when bots were trying to attack the player who exited location

Optimization of Shoreline location
Client and server optimizations for handling physics
Reduced network latency

The bug that allowed to quickly press sprint button thus moving faster without draining the character's stamina
Bug with getting damage when falling on a destroyed legs
Various fixes to the current skills
Generated set of scav exits at Factory that was always closed/required a key. Now there is at least one exit that doesn’t require a key.
Correct display of the current armor state over the network
Twisted hands of killed characters
Various bugs related to sound audibility over great distances
The lower left corner of the weapon icon now shows its caliber
If you examine an item at trader or on the body, the equivalent item in the inventory will now get known automatically
Examining now goes in parallel on client and server (formerly required a response from the server)
The bug that locked weapon interaction after moving the cartridge from the chamber to the mag
The bug that locked weapon interaction after moving the cartridge from the chamber to the pile of the same ammo in your inventory
Kill List works offline now
Armor customization window now displays the resulting armor characteristics according to the installed armor mods.

All mod slots in Weapons inspector are now displayed on one screen without scrolling
Additional exceptions to the installation of mods on weapons and equipment
Rebalance of trader unlock conditions
Ammo rebalance (specifications, prices, levels of loyalty)
Rebalance of the items’ value, their characteristics, the occupied cells (weapons, armor, mods, gear)
Adjusted chances of items’ spawn on locations
Partially redesigned rewards for quests
Removed skill rollback
Added missing numeric values to weapons characteristics
Improved rendering of weapons in modification mode
Bitcoins can now be stored in money cases
The flashlight light ray (cookie) was replaced with a more convenient one
Fixed PMCs spawn points at Factory
Changed first Skier quest “Supplier”
The movement of weapons and hands when turning became more lifelike and more tied to weight and weapons’ ergonomics
Helmet damage mechanics - modular hit zones (including face area)
Redesigned the sounds of movement on thin metal
Basic recoil increased by 20%
Different sound settings for active headphones (item)
Interface adjustments to improve the readability of texts
A chance to get a fracture when hit increased 10%
A chance to get fractured after fall increased 20%
Aimpunch is strongly reduced
Mods now have various micro-icons
Global time rate increased to x7 compared to real-time
Available traders’ window redesign
Known issues:

If the magazine of a pump-action shotgun is not examined, it can’t be reloaded
Firing rate is dependent on FPS, this issue will be rectified soon, in one of the next upcoming patches
If there is no space in the backpack and you unwrap the ammo pack, it will lead to the blocking of inventory
Visual bugs of the new location caused by new optimization system will be getting fixed over extensive live testing
Game physics was redesigned, hence possible related bugs (obstructed movement in tight passages, other movement bugs)
"Back" button in the settings can block the interface, to correct this problem it is necessary go to settings, change the language to any other and click "Save".


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Jun 1, 2014
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We are looking for English Speaking players in the Asia-Pacific Region.
Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Philipines, Hong Kong, Brunei etc.


Working Microphone and Headset.
No Hacking.
No Elitism or Edgy Attitude.
Speak English.
Respectful and Tolerant


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Aug 28, 2006
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how are game population for this currently? watched youtube videos of it and seems really interesting.


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Jan 1, 2000
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how are game population for this currently? watched youtube videos of it and seems really interesting.

we have active players in our community discord. see sig for details.


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Jan 1, 2000
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Wipe and patch.
Tomorrow, at 11.00 Moscow time, we plan to start installing update 0.12.9. It will take about 4 hours, but can be extended if necessary.

Added and changed:

“Woods” expansion.
Reworked PMC initial gear sets.
Added customization of head and voice when creating character: for now it’s only two new heads for each faction added. You can’t change head and voice after the character is created. You will be able to do it only after profile reset or wipe.
Added skill “Immunity”.
Reworked “Metabolism”.
Reduced the volume of steps and interaction with vegetation.
Added chance to cause bleedings to the ammunition. Now some ammo can cause heavy or light bleeding more often than other rounds.
Now some face shields and glasses will reduce the time of blindness effect from flashbang rounds and grenades.
Players will be receiving letters with a supply package for the first 7 days of playing.
Added “All” button in the purchasing menu when buying from dealers via Flea market. Now you can select all available items with a single click.
Filters in the W-List tab are now modified separately and do not affect other Flea market tabs.
“Enter” button now confirms the action in most dialogue windows.
Slot highlighting when dragging items in your inventory can now be turned off.
Equipped armbands are now unlootable and can’t be lost upon death.
The letter with the reward for the exit in cooperation with the scav will now come with a slight delay.
Containers will apply restriction filters to mods installed on the transported object. I.e., putting a mount with a thermal sight installed on it into a secured container is no longer allowed.
New equipment and clothing is added: PMC tops and bottoms, body armor, rigs, Smoke balaclava, and tops for the Scavs.
Changed the characteristics of a large number of weapon mods.
Simplified the Jaeger quests.
Updated some quests: changed execution conditions, starting conditions, rewards.
Reduced bonus of recoil reduction from the recoil control skill and weapon relates practical skills.
Now character overweight starts at 35 kg. Used to be 40.
Increased purchase limits for some ammo from dealers.

New weapons and ammunition:

KRISS Vector SMG in both 9х19 and .45.
SIG MCX Assault rifle in .300 Blackout.
UMP SMG in .45.
Mk-18 mod 1 Mjölnir DMR in .338 LM.
.300 blk, .338 Lapua Magnum ammunition.
Various new weapon mods.


Fixed bots hanging behind stationary weapons.
Fixed a bug where Killa could not hear the enemies approaching from behind.
Other various bot fixes and optimizations.


Animation optimizations for interfaces.
Optimizations of sounds in RAM.
Server optimizations.


Aiming a GL40 with Reflex sights.
The position of the character's body when blind firing was not reset after opening the inventory.
Blinding was imposed even if the player used a thermal imager.
The stationary machine gun was removed from its mount if the player used it while in the blindfiring position.
It was possible to use the tops and bottoms of the opposite faction.
The nickname could not be changed if the new nickname was 15 characters long.
The range value of the sight did not change immediately after alignment if the weapon had two sights on it.
A duplicate weapon could hang behind the player's back for a few seconds after changing weapons.
Some pants had the equipped gun hanging outside the holster during the fitting on the Ragman service screen.
The observer did not see the player checking the fire mode on his weapon.

Weapon presets:

It was impossible to delete the overwritten preset.
Wrong mods were installed on the weapon if the build was initiated during a save process.

Failed to redeem all available items in the lot if the player attempted to purchase items over the limit.
Failed to interact with the inventory in a raid if the player had previously disassembled the weapon via the context menu.
When reactivating the exit with the hermetic door at the location Reserve, the siren stopped working earlier than it should have.
The sensitivity while aiming down sights changed when putting and removing sights from the weapon.
A character was performing a light grenade throw only by double-pressing the RMB.
Uninformative message about the lack of space in the stash when transferring items from the letter on "Receive all".
The “Found in raid” status for the weapon would not update if you would put non-found in raid weapon mod on the gun.
Incorrect information about the level of mastering in the weapon inspector.
The price of 1 item decreased by 1 ruble if a player bought several of the same items from a dealer.
The azimuth was missing if the player opened the pause menu with a compass in his hands.
The camera could go through the body of another player.
Missing messages in group chat.
Various server errors.
Various minor fixes.
Various localization fixes.
Various location fixes.
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