Grab & Go-Jek driver lip lai - Part 8

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Nov 16, 2015
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Think buy those excess insurance better

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Nov 28, 2011
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Actually if one notices, Gwab or GJ is just playing us around and round. when no incentives, fare improve a bit.. when got incentives, fare sucks. no matter how it goes, end of the day, similar earnings. maybe sometimes a bit more (or less). These two cannot afford to give extras one, if not will closed shop bery fast. no matter how it is, they have calculated in a way to minimize losses.

As for me... I not gonna be played around. From Since Day 1 i started driving, i never follow incentives. I just go by hourly nett 25$ earning to make the income or hit my personal daily target. of course when there is incentives, it only means sometimes i can work lesser hours or make a bit extras bonus, actually also not by a lot also. So with or without incentives, i am still a phv driver with a hourly nett of 25$ earnings. Because end of the day average out it is always the same (or similar). Only true bonus occurred during festive reasons.

of course there are times where it goes lower a bit (no choice just have to clock extra hours to compensate). But most of time got around 25 - 30 nett hourly.

So for now follow big boss first, ridership more established. GJ really gotto work extra hard not only on the APP, drivers earnings and Riders feature

so end of the day, why stress? just AASNG
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Apr 7, 2015
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Ncd protection only for ownership.
My lobang auto include for my policy.
Ez Ncd capped at 50% max
Let me know if interested.
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