How do you cope with programming works when you are over 50?


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Jul 10, 2010
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Programmer in Western is different from Asian. In Asian most mindset is once you reach say age 40-50 you are supposed to go into top mgmt or at least project mgmt as programming is deem as bangla work let young graduates do. You do more atas high level work. In Western, their programmer in their 40-50s are highly valued for their experience and dedication and they are rewarded for their effort.

Unfortunately I am Asian and hence I suffer the fate of not going into top mgmt or project mgmt (try before don't like u-turn back). Now is basically to tahan until retire becuz need to feed children. Lastly, to sustain your programming work into age 40-50 indicate you really like software development a lot else you would have move on to more atas work in IT.

Programming in this year 2022 is still viewed as bangla worker in air-con environment. From year 1998 I come out work until now same perception.


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Jul 22, 2019
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common issues like; keep forgetting the syntax and commands, easily lost train of thoughts, mental crunching rate is more than 1/2 of what i used to have a decade ago, finding it less and less motivated to work with mental taxing tasks. How do you manage to cope with failing programming competency?
Should already be at a stage to let go and let the younger ones to run these tasks, you should just do supervision & project management. Give the younger ones some freedom to develop.


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Jun 20, 2004
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Those syntax and function issues, your IDE should have taken care of all these nonsense for you. As for loss of train of though - try planning ahead before you code. Dont just jump in and straight away code. Write down on paper or whiteboard om what to do and they can serve as visual reminders.
was using jupyter-lab. will change to pycharm
maybe should just hang up the programming cloak and go into teaching. but that line, once go in, cannot come out.


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Dec 15, 2013
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I am doing very well for myself. Nowhere near 50s, and far higher up in the value chain where I can give instructions instead of having to do programming, which is basically bangala's work in the IT context. I guess I am "hopeless" since I don't need to "hope" for anything in my life right now.

A person doing programming in his or her 50s for fun is fine. But to have to depend on doing this to earn a living... This person needs to look back on his time in the workforce and ask himself what went wrong.

Seeing how triggered you are, you're probably in the same boat as the almost-60 PM who have to report to us and get shouted at by people half his age.

Enjoy your life. We're enjoying ours.

by need to shout?
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