How you control your anxiety and worry?


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Nov 10, 2010
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sexercise, exercise, chamomile tea and cigs works for me :s13: not encouraging you to pick up smoking though :s13:


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Sep 27, 2015
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Read philosophy books or YouTube channels .

Mind over body . Logic over anxiety .


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Mar 29, 2008
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1. Chamomile tea if have trouble sleeping.
2. Listen to music if stressed or moody.
3. Mindfulness of breathing for the above and other issues.


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Jul 29, 2018
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As per thread title.
How you do it by calming yourself down?

This is what i realized over the decades from someone like me whom have great anxiety and worry since i was a kid.

Anxiety and worry was never an "illness" or something "sick" or "bad" to begin with. Anxiety and worry is actually a way our subconscious trying to tell us that something is wrong, or is insecure about certain aspect of our lives.

It's like a wild animal in the wild... their subconscious is constantly telling them to be alert and aware incase of being food for another predatory animal.

Anxiety and worry is our subconscious, trying to protect us from the known or unknown things we know can happen to us and affect our life.

Like if you come from a broken family... it's easy to feel anxiety and worry because your subcon is telling you something is not right...

Like if you have an upcoming interview...

Or lack of money
Loss of job...

Etc etc you get me...

The only way to "control" our anxiety and worry is to face up find our deep within ourselves what is wrong andd making us feel this way and then take subsenquent steps to either accept it, change it, on the way to change it or close it out of our lives.

It's like if you know your uncomfort is due to certain friends whom always make you feel bad... its time to close them out for good.

For me this is what i've done to greatly reduced my anxiety and worry that i've suffered for 80% of my life from young until now

- I quit my corporate job of a decade to take on part time freelance job with great freedom and flexibility. I no longer have to deal with office politics that affected my soul. Or being forced to join social events at work that gives me great discomfort

- I threw out friends who constantly gave me problem like not keep up to schedule.. belittle me due to their own problems etc

- I focus on areas i know i am not excelling in and put all my effort on them to improve myself

- Do things that make myself feel good. Like hobbies etc. Things that i like.
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