IAmNobodyxxx Collab video with rice media finally out!


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Dec 8, 2021
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I think people who keep bash @localITguy as simps or white knight maybe didnt watch the video? In the video, he got clearly stated that he trust @IAmNobodyxxx and is friends with her. So you can stop your nonsensical bashing now.

For people who watched the video but dont understand what it is about. I think you should watch it again. IF you still got get it. Let me run this through for you again and help you understand the video.

Point 1. EDMW is all BBFA. Obese and single and this is simply not true. There are plenty of normy and married members of both gender in this forum la.
Point 2. EDMW is toxic. If EDMW is toxic, then how come @localITguy can find a friend on the forum that he come to trust.
Point 3. EDMW is depressing. @localITguy pointed out the forum is depressing. Then @IAmNobodyxxx quickly point out there is an alternative view that the forum is actually hilarious. Much of the views are just that, views. Not fact.
Point 4. Overall, the video is portraying that there are many negative and stereotypical views of EDMW forum from external source and even from internal members. But this does not take away the fact that there are many members whom view it otherwise and is quite happy with this forum.
Point 5. If good things like finding trustworthy friends can happen in this forum, then is it really toxic and a cesspool as many has claimed to stereotype the forum?


He is white knight captain of the 2nd last order of the round oak table.

U pls fact check @IAmNobodyxxx @localITguy



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Jun 18, 2019
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In real life, ppl can be nasty too. Just the recent toxic office culture as a reminder. Then everyday there's drivers vs cyclists, fights at malls and kpts. It's no different from edmw
Less in real life. Most of us who are nasty here won't be so nasty in real life. Also the culture here is crude, which some people might find it hard to accept. How often do you see people calling others ugly, buibui, airport, siaolang, behkan, go bedok reservoir... in real life vs on edmw?


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Nov 13, 2021
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lowest denominator X lowest denominator
= lowest lifeform.
some really like the attention of nothing.
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