[Live 5:30PM] Over 90% may need to be vaccinated to protect against new Covid-19 strain: Expert


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Mar 10, 2011
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But must have some safety nets how much is the payout if you are killed by complication from the vaccine?

u want compensation from complication? good luck. go sue them.

no $ no talk. poor man just suck it up kay.


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Sep 27, 2007
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what morons are these gov experts again? This spreading lies via the mass media?

Even the vaccine makers are not sure if their current vaccines can work well on the new strains, all still in testing.

Not expert, but think if not wrong, base on the way its said, the action is on the basis that its still the same virus, but the new version the person infected carry more of it, thus makes it easier to infect other given the high amount. So the vaccine should be still effective in that sense. If so, perhaps what needs to be tested further then could be how much more of the dosage is required to tackle the new version effectively.

Of course if testing shows that its not the same anymore, thus the vaccine may not be effective in that sense. Then all assumptions are out the window and its back to the drawing board again. But think how long that new confirmation comes out is a question in itself. If its too long, then meanwhile, perhaps some don't want to be held hostage by the predicament as society at large still have the old version, thus go ahead as plan and tackle the existing one first maybe. :s22:
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