LOTO rejects PSP's motion to suspend (still) Minister Iswaran!


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Oct 4, 2007
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That's a very weak excuse and a rather unbelievable one.

Unless he is being 24/7 interrogated by cpib, he should now have even more free time than he had before the start of the whole fiasco since he no longer has to work. Even other people who are facing investigations or court cases still manage to find time to work and attend to personal affairs. As such, there's definitely plenty of time for him to carry out his MP duties.

Regardless, that's not a valid excuse for him to still retain his MP allowance. Whatever excuse there is for not carrying out his MP duty AT ALL, he should not be getting his allowance, at least not in full. It flies in the face of reason especially considering that pinky has docked Iswaran's minister pay specifically because he is not able to do his job in the interim, yet no one is accusing pinky of "pre-judging" him by doing so? Then by the same logic, he should still be getting his full 1 million salary as well.

Somewhat contradictory too. On the one hand, PAP claimed it's voters who had chosen the MP (Iswaran) so PAP/govt has no power to dock his MP allowance. On the other hand, PAP can choose whether he stops performing his MP duties - regardless of whether voters agree or not.. :rolleyes:


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May 2, 2000
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1) MPs/Ministers should only get paid if they are doing their job
2) If due to the law/constitution, they are allowed to continue to be paid or that there ish no articles to govern, then the law/constitution ish wrong/incomplete and thus should be changed/amended

1) Gov to task AGC to rook through all the laws and constitutions of jurisdictions around the world that implements British Westminster and derivative systems, and try to rook for anything that hab been created to cover this issue, if there ish some, compile them together, fuse the parts that applies to SG context and remove those that don't, recommend the final draft to the garment for debates/discussions
2) If 1) does not yield anything, then the gov/AGC should implement their own
3) All MPs should gosh back and do 1) or at least find some proposals/questions to this issue when 1) or 2) ish brought to the parliament
4) Meanwhile, Iswaran's minister pay should be suspended, all preceding amount paid to him since he stopped work after accounting for leaves/offs/in-lieus be fully clawed back
5) Iswaran's MP pay will continue to be paid out regardless, however he should be recommended to either return to duty or to donate them to charity in full or in parts
6) The new laws/constitution to be implemented from 1) or 2) shall come into effect one day after the very next time Iswaran received his MP pay

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