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Jan 10, 2001
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Herman Miller Mass Order

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Hi Forumers,

We are now operating our own websites and will not be handling the Mass Order thread at Hardwarezone.
As such, we have decided that the thread should be locked since we do not log in to answer any queries. It will be better to contact us via the website:
There was a change of ownership in 2019 but things generally remain the same.

Like before, we are currently located in the UK and normally travel between different countries if not for the pandemic that happened in 2020. Our the years, we had diversified our offerings to more countries and products.
In case many are not aware, the initial purpose of the mass order was to reduce the hefty corporate tax in our companies located in Europe and USA, by purchasing expensive products and selling in Asia. Later for liquidating our cryptocurrencies.
That explains why it has its purpose to remain functional and we have no plain to rewind our operations even with this thread closed. The purpose is why we survive when the others failed.

If we include the chairs that we sold in the "spree" and "marketplace" threads, we had been operating since 2005, before Herman Miller was even popular in Singapore. We received a lot of emails asking if we operate on other platforms like Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, etc. There are some shady companies who is trying to replicate and passing off as us. Opening and closing new accounts, refer their users to us for support. We like to clarify once and for all that we do not and will not operate on other platforms other than our website.
We also do not have other suppliers or shops in Singapore.

The website for Singapore is run under and has been automated for a number of years. We work with logistic companies and outsourced servicing technicians to keep the operation ongoing. We also work with payment and retailing services to digitize our intakes. We

It may lose the personal touch but the system is in better control.
We thank you for your time with us.

For any reasons to enquire/order, you can find us on:

Hardwarezone Herman Miller Chairs Mass Order

The first mass order was organized in 2005 from the market zone and on other sales platforms that defunct. For many years we had sold thousands of made in USA chairs to our forumers here. From the period when they were unknown, till today it's an iconic brand.

What you are looking at is not an imitation you can get at less than a hundred dollars from your nearest furniture shop.
They are not one of those trying to look "Ergonomic" but are a representation of the definition itself.
This is a Mass order for the most recognized best desk chair in the world from Herman Miller

Herman Miller chairs are heavily researched and made by qualified and real doctors, industrial designers, etc.
The Aeron chair is the first mesh chair in the world and had been widely recognized as ergonomic task chairs.

Most of the chairs in the open market had been trying to replicate the original master.
But imitations are not made by doctors or researchers . Most of the mesh chairs in the open market are made in China trying to replicate the look and copying the design, and that's the furthest they can get.
Imitations will never have the same patented fabric, dexterity, angle accuracy, measurement to bring the true essence of a true ergonomic chair.

About Us?

We have been conducting Herman Miller Singapore Mass Orders to help forumers purchase high-value bulky items for the longest time. Initially done out of goodwill to help forumers who wanted to purchase the chairs for their broken back but couldn't afford the local price tag. Or users who prefer to get a chair that is made in USA than those sold locally that are made in China. Or simply users who prefer our dedicated service because we are also users.

We first imported Herman Millers for ourselves in 2001, so we have long experience dealing with them. The humble beginning started when we imported the chairs for our own office, with excess container space, fellow forumers requested to tag along with their Herman Miller orders. If you do a reverse calculation, the shipping charges you are paying here is only US$100-US$250, very cheap for a pallet. If you are shipping yourself via a forwarder, they are charging at least US$500 a chair for air freight and you have no support for yourself. We order the chairs directly from USA websites, from established sellers, including Amazon. Depending on which is cheaper, never fixed to one vendor to enjoy competitive pricings. The reason why the project is always sustainable is because we use these purchases to expend our cash in many of our certain affiliated overseas companies based in Europe, lower their revenue and we pay lower corporate taxes overseas. So this is a win-win solution that benefit us indirectly.

We never had problem with warranty, we get what we get from USA. We have strong relationships with repair specialists who are dedicated to repairing Herman Miller chairs. Some of us organizers worked for MMCs and we strive to carry the same level of service to you.

Let the reviews do the talking
Post 12 - Feedbacks & Reviews

Why Only Us?
We only obtain new chairs, not refurbished passed off as new. There're plenty of such sellers in the market now.

We not only have a registered company in both Europe and SG, but also a huge MMC company representing us for the purchase in the US, to handle and approve importing permits.
We have long records and experience with ordering HM in the USA, receiving warranty support, etc.

We conducted the Herman Miller Singapore Mass Orders that lasted over a decade and is expected to last for a much longer time.

About Herman Miller


Those Herman Millers used by the Singapore Ministries are mostly the lower end Mirra range and not fully loaded with all the features.
The chairs in this MO are mostly the higher end ones, with all the functions loaded like forward tilt, posture fit lumbar support, recline limiter, hard floor castors, compatible headrest, etc.

Based on the philosophy, "Design driven by research", Herman Miller remains the forefather for all modern furniture in the world.

Before any development for any chairs, Herman Miller does extensive research on what the body needs. Every inch of the furniture were carefully engineered for what it should be, designed.
The chairs are made to work for your body, and not your body works for it.

They are designed and manufactured by:
  • Award winning Industrial Designers
  • Orthopaedic Doctors
  • Engineers
  • Ergonomic Researchers

Who's Using
  • Queen Elizabeth and most royalties have a collection in their palace
  • Banks
  • Hotels and VIP Lounges
  • Premium Hospitals
  • Financial institutes
  • Ministries
  • In most prestigious offices

To give you a rough idea on how effective is Herman Millers
They are used in many hospitals, used by real patients and doctors.
In fact they are so popular and recognized by hospitals, Herman miller has a production line specially for making furniture for hospitals. Healthcare Furniture - Herman Miller

What's the result?

From who's making these chairs, and many global leading hospitals are using them, you should know this is definitely a safe choice to get.

Once you sit for a long period, your bad posture will slowly adjust back, which maintains even if you are standing.
For someone who slouch often, a correct posture will make him look taller, chest and shoulder looks wider. Getting a confident posture.

A bad posture is often the result of chronic neck/shoulder aches, as your head tilts too forward and your muscles will be strained.

This is why going to chiropractors, physiotherapists and accupunists can only solve the problem temporary.
The root to the problem is normally due to your unnatural posture.

Studies have show that the risks of poor postures includes and not limited to:
  • Impede the ability of the lungs to expand and lower up to 14 years of life expectancy
  • Musculoskeletal disorders on the neck and shoulders.
  • Deforms the thoracic and cervical spine

If you find it's uncomfortable initially, it's simply means that your back had been in bad posture for a long time and the more you need an ergonomic chair.

As slouching will increase over time, leading to eventual hunchback and collapse of lung's capacity.
It should be corrected as soon as possible under doctor's consultation with proper posture control and an effective chair is the primary tool you need to start with.

DISCLAIMER: Herman Miller, Aeron, Embody and related logos, text or related content are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Herman Miller.
We are not official resellers for Herman Miller.

Feedbacks and reviews:
Check Post 12 - Feedbacks & Reviews
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Jan 10, 2001
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Dear All,

To avoid delay, please submit your order from the website
Orders are counted only when payment are received, followed by a simple condition of first paid first serve.
We do not hold reservations verbally until payment received.

Take note again, we don't order unlimited stock, there is a waiting time as the chairs are coming by ship. We only order once a month and if you miss the boat, I'm afraid you have to wait for the next available slot.
Due to space constraint and to keep people continue buying from the A.D, we only ship about 10 chairs per shipment.

Post 9 also includes details on the T&C, disclaimers and various information crucial to this MO for forumers/buyers to understand better on this MO.
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Aeron Chairs

This is the first Mesh chair ever created to spike the clones of all the similar looking chairs around the world. However, cloning the look is as far as it can go.

All Aeron chairs are made in USA.

A good mesh chair has the following advantages:
  • It's breathable to reduce any chance of trapping heat
  • It distributes pressure evenly so no points of the body will be pressured and hinder blood circulation.
  • With the pressure distributed, it reduces the chance of body fidgeting and fitting to a worse position due to discomfort.
  • Easy to clean
  • Material curves to body shape for better fitting.

The Aeron chair is able to provide maximum support with comfort, and is made with high quality standards, with great durability. The special mesh material is meant to keep its shape over a long time, so you won't be derailed unknowingly to a bad posture from an eventual slanting broken chair.

The Aeron chair is currently Herman Miller's signature chair that stands as their best selling furniture since 1994.
They are heavily protected by patents, that includes the special fabric that explains why there's no other chairs able to replicate.
The Aeron chair is one of the few modern furniture that managed to earn itself a position in the museum, as one of the best innovation and creation of great designs.


  • FIRA (the Furniture Industry Research Association) awards Herman Miller's Aeron chair the
  • Certificate for Ergonomic Excellence, the highest ergonomic award in Europe
  • Fast Company magazine hails Herman Miller's Aeron chair and Eames Lounge among the 15 best-designed consumer products of the past 100 years.
  • Aeron work stool wins Attendees' Choice Award from the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition
  • Aeron Chair was named one of "Designs Greatest Hits" in Your Company magazine.
  • "Designs of the Decade" Gold Winner in "Office Furniture" from the Industrial Designers Society of America & BusinessWeek for Aeron chair.
  • International Plastics Consumer Product Design Award from the Society of Plastics Engineers for Aeron chair.
  • The Aeron work stool won the 2006 Attendees' Choice Award from the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition.

Widely recognized as the best and most comfortable office chair.

I've been using them for almost a decade.
I have dozens of these in the office and none had ever broke down.

This is the highest end office chair from the highest end furniture company.

Herman Miller Remastered Aeron Chair in Graphic colour

Fully Loaded Model:

Graphite Base, chassis and Frame
Fully Adjustable arms
Vinyl Armpads
Standard Casters or Hard floor casters
Height and tilt tension adjustment
Recline Limiter and Forward Tilt

To order: Visit

Basic model: (Discontinued from the mass order as it's just a normal chair)
Fixed arm
Graphite Base and Frame
Classic Carbon Mesh
Standard Casters
Height and tilt tension adjustment
Size B

Size Chart:


This is the size chart, we normally order size B since size B fits most Asians.

To order: Visit
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Aeron Chair's Customization

To find out more about the available options, please check the following page.

Compatible Headrest (For Aerons chairs only)

Many guys are asking for something to rest the head to enable lean back for taking naps. There's only two main makers in the market.

Engineered Now Mesh Fully Adjustable Headrest (Highly recommended)

Links to purchase


Atlas Headrest

Links to purchase

  • With the mesh it's breathable to regulate temperature
  • Fully adjustable with better manoeuvrability. Height, Depth & Tilt Control
  • Better flexibility on the mesh to facilitate contouring.
  • Not as scratch visible on the mesh

We have tried many options and conclude that the Engineered Now headrest is definitely the best option which certainly guarantees Aeron as the best chair in the world. It empties every gap from your entire spine up to your neck developing the perfect support.

To support the head, the right place to support is the neck. Else if the cushion pushes the head, it will form the forward head posture


As it's adjustable, you can tune the right angle to fit the position of your neck, as well how much support is necessary.
It fits so snugly until you can't move much out of your correct posture.
We highly recommend this upgrade above all the other upgrades.

It's a patented product from a 3th party maker, Engineered Now and Atlas are both American companies

Engineered Now Headrest adjustment

The tension can be adjusted by tightening the screw. (Not too hard to not damage the frame)


Hard Casters 2.5 Inch (Made in Germany, exclusive premium version)


Suitable for hard floor or carpet.
Hard casters have a soft coating to make them quieter, and less likely to scratch your floor. It also has better traction, so the chair won’t get out of position and result in a bad posture.

This is a much-improved version, German made. A BIG upgrade from the original ones which are China made, we searched for the best possible provider in the world to get them.

Come in set of five.

Read more here:

To order: Visit
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Embody Chairs

This is a fabric version, without mesh but still breahable.
With equal level of dexterity and agile suspension to support your spine even while slouching.

In fact, the entire backrest acts as an exoskeleton and user can adjust its tension and fitting till you feel comfortable and appropriate.

All Embody chairs are made in USA.


  • Embody chair named People's Choice at National Ergonomics Conference and Exhibition.
  • Buildings magazine lists Embody chair among Top 100 Products and Services.
  • Embody chair honored by the Alliance for Plastics Processors (APP), a division of the Society of the Plastics Industry, with the organization's first International Plastics Design Competition award.
  • Embody chair receives Best of NeoCon Silver in the Ergonomic Desk/Task Seating category.
  • Embody chair named "Best of 2008" by WIRED magazine.
  • Embody chair named "Best of Tech" for 2008 by Yahoo Tech.

Rhythm Black With Graphite Base

Rhythm Black With Polished Aluminium Base

Can your chair perform such suspension?



Fully Adjustable Arms
Graphite Base and Frame
Height and tilt tension adjustment
Tilt Limiter
Rhythm Black Upholstery
Carpet Casters

To order: Visit
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Envelop Desk

To perfect the most ergonomic posture, Herman Miller introduces an adjustable desk which complements any height, and position of slouching or sitting.
The Envelop desk is height adjustable and depth adjustable, bringing ultimate comfort in sitting.

  • Made in USA
  • Height 25.5" to 31.5" , Width 45" , Depth 30.75" to 37"
  • All-day Comfort design - Provides ergonomic support through a wide range of seated and standing postures, including a comfortable recline.
  • Monitor viewing friendly - Envelop's unique design features a surface that slides toward you and away from you, with a seventy-degree tilt that keeps technology in the correct ergonomic positions and maintains the visual display at the optimal distance.
  • Good Fit design - The pocket fit that envelops your body accommodates from the 5th to 98th percentil of both women and men.



Laminate top with Metallic Silver Base

Vaneer top with Black Umber Base


Laminate top with Black Umber Base $1659
Veneer Top (Optional) +$309
Metallic Silver Base (Optional) +$25
Assembly (Optional) +$20
Delivery (Optional) + $50

Delivery time 6 weeks(HM USA to USA port) + 6-8 weeks(USA port to Singapore)

Warranty is 5 years.
Assembly instructions

Care and Maintaince (Click show to view)

To order: Visit
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Eames Lounge Chair

This is perhaps the most prestigious lounge chair you can find in the world, used by the Queen.
A royal standard of quality.


One thing brilliant about such classic chairs, is you can polish them once a decade, restore the lavish look, replace the damaged parts and keep it going on and on and on.

In Standard Black Leather with Walnut frame

No longer available

Please be aware we are not sure about the warranty for this furniture but the warranty period is officially 5 years not 12.
If the local A.D is unable to support for this model, we should have a chance to still receive support from USA straight, but it will be for parts only. If it's from USA support, please be patient as support will take longer

To order: Visit
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About this Mass Order

All warranty had been received promptly directly from USA in the past years.

Warranty's coverage:

  • Warranty covers a 12 years parts warranty
  • The warranty only covers the function of the chair, not on wear and tear. Mesh is generally not covered as they are known to endure 200000 rub tests, this exceeds industrial standard.
  • We are unable to warrant against light scratches done during transit, we can only guarantee the couriers try their best to keep such things from happening.
  • Leather material is not warranted from improper treatment, usage or without proper leather care. Like any real leather products, there’s no way to guarantee perfect grain pattern.

The main difference between purchasing from the mass order and from the official local distributor is:
  • We do not offer any labor warranty throughout the 12 years, the local distributor covers ONE year.
  • We will only receive claim parts from the main factory plant in USA.

Claim of warranty:
Please refer to: Visit
All chairs must be authenticated with the labels and warranty seals intact.

What happen after the 12 years warranty?

Lastly if your chair is finally beyond warranty and some devastation wrecked the chair, you still may not have to dump your chair.

You can buy the spares and recondition it back.
  • When you buy the spare parts, it will come with the necessary installation or repair guide.
  • If you need more information on how to repair, check out youtube/google. You can find alot of necessary information on how to repair yourself.

Or you can trade back in
  • There's always value for your Aeron chair whether it's working or faulty
  • We can arrange for you the trade in process with a local company dealing with old Aeron, but you will have to send the chair yourself.
  • Faulty over warranty chairs can still fetch $50 to $150 depending on model


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Ordering Procedure

You can order directly from

Or follow the instructions below.

Please make sure that all warranty labels are on the chair and do not erase any of the warranty seals.
All chairs must be authenticated before any repairs will be done.
Chairs without the required seals will be rejected for all services.

If you lose that or deliberately erase the seals, there's nothing we can do to trace it back and obtain warranty support.

Adjustment guide

Few FAQ users always ask:

Q: Why i can't i tilt forward much.
A: The forward tilt is meant to tilt just a little angle, not that it can tilt as forward as it can tilt back.
It's not natural for your chair to tilt too much forward and keeping your body in a stressful posture.

Q: Why can't i lock my chair in position in a back tilt position
A: I understand that some office chairs in the mass market produced in China has this function.
As far as Aeron Chair or most ergonomic chairs we know of, they don't have this feature and they probably have a good reason for it.

Q: I just got the chair, i can't tilt back.
A: Turn and release the tension, it's probably set to the stiffest tension.
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Reviews and feedbacks
These are the reviews from HWZ's Mass Order forum only, not including those ordered via email and those orders made in 2006/2007 via "group buys".

Take note only 1 out of 20 orders provide feedbacks.
There are more much more positive feedbacks from those who purchased via email.

We are conducting at least three MO, one is for Nespresso Machines, one is for high end semi professional espresso machines, one is for Herman Miller Chairs.
Yes we only conduct MO on quality products.

The amount of Nespresso machines sold in this MO had probably reached around 500+ to date since 2006. I'm proud to say there's no negative feedbacks to date and i've provided many solutions to many users here.

There's lesser reviews for the chairs as most ordered via email.

The following feedbacks are real by real forumers and HWZ houses the most notorious critics in Singapore over hardware.

You can see on the right of each following comment there's a green cross.
Click on it and it will bring you to the day/date and post, and you can be sure everything you see here are real.
If my memory serves me right, at least 2 Moderators of this Hitwise #1 forum had purchased from me.
Hi unwanted

Thanks for your help
I just receive my Le cube Titanium n the acessories this afternooon :)
later going back can to enjoy my coffee lao..

Cheer for your good MO offer..

got mine heh..

I got my le cube from tis MO.
Enjoying the machine at home now.. :D
if u still not sure go takashimaya to their counter to see n try. before buying..
I gone down 2 times to see before buying here..

Excellent MO - have received the machine and freebies. Thks!

I received my Le Cube on Friday with lots of capsules for a while & and milk frother :)

no problem with order and delivery! perfect!
so don't wait to order yours :)

Same here.
I got my le cube, with the milk and tons of capsule and the extra freebies :)
The machine is convenient to use and clean, not forgetting the the amount of crema you can get. Thanks for this great MO.

Hi bro,

Just wanted to let you know that I've been enjoying the nespresso machine I've got from you the last time. I went to Taka a few weeks ago to buy some capsules and this nice indian chap gave me 6 free ones as samples. Ended up buying 20 more without 2nd thoughts, haha!

Just wanted to thank Unwanted for everything. Placed the order last night and receive everything tonight. Wow..

yeah... another happy buyer here... although i only buy the cups... received within 2 3 days after order at my doorstep... thumbs up for you, Unwanted :)

Another happy buyer & user here...Thumbs up for Unwanted!!!

got my stuff today...

wanna say tks to unwanted and his fren...


unwanted .. thanks got my machine last nite .. I need more capsules .....

Got my Le Cube today, simply adore it thanks unwanted :D

Got my machine yesterday. Thanks!! :)

Yo got my machine tonight, Thanks! :D

You were saying no more orders "while stocks last"...does this apply to capsules too?

received it tonight! thanks unwanted for the service! :D
btw, do we need to register for our warranty?

Ordered capsules from TS and got them next day :D Had a minor issue with the dispenser and was resolved very quickly too. In summary... great service and seller!!

Items received with thanks. Reliable & pleasant dealing experience ...twice over !

Just rec'd my items, Thanks. Fast n Reliable Seller.

Received order yesterday, Thanks for the fast and prompt replies throughout!

thumbs up for bro unwanted

Just placed my order. Thanks Bro unwanted for your patience in answering my queries and for the uber prompt email replies!

Looking forward to joining the Nespresso family!


Hi, received my order overnight less than 24hours! Thanks for the fast shipping. Everything seems to be fine finally got my comeplete Nespresso setup.

I will get more capsules once I'm running low and when my girl and I establish what flavours we like best.

Once again, thanks for a easy transaction, fast communication and shipping. At first I was skeptical about parting with such a huge sum of money but you have certainly proved me wrong. An asset to HWZ coffee fanatics.


Just want to say Thank you to unwanted. I placed my order last Tuesday for a Le Cube Titanium and an Aerocinno, paid up and got the machines 3days later on Friday evening. Fast and fuss free. Everything's working well and each morning everyone looks forward to waking up because there is excellent coffee waiting for us! You have no idea how much difference these Nespressos have made in our lives! Now we're trying to work out which flavours we like.

Great seller and great thread. Do keep it up!


got everything from the courier yesterday!

upz for a fantastic seller!

Many thanks unwanted and all the guys behind the scene for putting the hard work to make this MO possible. Kudos!

Just got my machine. Thanks for the quick delivery!

Everyone in the family has had a cup already! Guess its gonna be a sleepless night..

Thanks Unwanted and company!

Received my order of Citiz, Aerocinno & double glass cups 3 days ago. :D
Its really a good buy - other than brewing coffee, i used the machine on my cup noodles and made steam milk drink :s13:

hi unwanted i have received the machine and caps, thanks for the hassle free order process and quick courier arrangement!

- aka giraff

got my stuffs! Upz for you.

Got my citiz and milk yesterday night and had my first cuppa that very night! Caused me to stay awake till very late! I have a little problem with the milk thing. Cannot seem to keep tight properly. Milk came oozing out of it during frothing... Quite a mess lah! The coffee tastes great though!

Bro upz for you.

Anyway, to add to this comment, I got a Citiz. If any bros here can afford I advise to go for the Citiz, you will have greater ease for both tall and short coffees :)

Ordered a Citiz on Saturday and got it on Sunday!

Thumbs up for great service from TS! :)

Recieved it this evening and made my first cuppa, super easy and the coffee is superb! Thx to TS for the good lobang! :)


thanks for the coffee machine bro...
great stuff manz...

all my frens luv the coffee .... most of the capsules are all gone liao...

received the discovery box! thanks bro.. perfect :)

received my order today. first time ordering, was very impressed by the efficiency, surpasses that of nespresso-sg, will definitely order again

if there are any xmas capsules left let me know! i'll be interested to sweep some.

Recieved all the capsules today. Super fast service, faster than a Lambo.
Thanks bro.

Thanx bro... Gotten my stuff today...

Will be ordering more....

Thumbs Up for yr efficiency

Hi unwanted,

Just want to thank you for the easy ordering process and quick delivery! I absolutely love the machines and the capsules! Been just 2 days?.. but I have made more than 12 cups already. :p Think will have to order more capsules soon, after we find out what we like!

Thank you once again!

got my citiz & milk today! thanks Unwanted!

i'm on my third espresso for the day!
too bad I didn't get a cup for cappuccino together with
this order...

thanks again! :D

Another happy customer. I ordered a citiz black with milk, within two days after payment, I receive the delivery, on a nice Sunday afternoon.

The machine is really good and easy to use. I've tried making a cappuccino, latte and latte machiato and the foam is really impressive.


Bro, received the cups this morning. Thanks and they are great.

My mom received her machine in Indonesia.
I just got my machine as well in 18 hours.

Thumbs up for such a fast and credible seller

Received my order bro. Upz for you!

I am impressed with TS service and promptness. Will definitely order again. thanks!

Have received my set + capsules and glasses.

Thanks for the prompt service. It arrived before lunch, so we had a great time drinking the coffee.

Will be ordering more capsules and glasses from you in the near future.

Ordered, paid and received 2 sets and assorted capsules. super fast next day delivery and fast response. Thank you for helping me save money, will definitely order more capsules in the future

received mine and am sipping my cuppa as am replying :)
thanks for the fast service mate!!

Hi ! Ordered on Thurs afternoon, delivered yesterday evening, and have nice coffee this morning. Thank you for the quick delivery. :)

Received the machine and capsules. thx.

Received my box and pods.

That was really quick. Thanks a million.


Made an order last night, got my machine this afternoon!

Thanks for the super fast service, bro!!!

Got my order yesterday morning! Thumbs up! :)

Received my Pixie machine today. Tested it out. Extremely happy.
Fast delivery too.

Up for you, very knowledgeable, helpful and quick.

Answered all my questions faster than Nespresso themselves and more responsive than other sellers despite not buying from you

Solved my problem unlike other irresponsible sellers who do not know their products well


BEST SERVICE I have ever encountered online! And the cups look way way better than in picture! Thanks agaiN!

Fast efficient and knowledgeable seller , happy to receive my machine on time. Thanks.

Thanks! Gotten my machine n the cups!

Thanks. Got my machine today.

Thanks man, received machine + accessories.
Gonna enjoy my kopi during this long weekend.

Hey :) got my milk frother today and I am so happy! Thanks for the effort in making sure that my purchases are intact and on time.

Just want to pen my appreciation to 'unwanted' for the fantastic service.
Ordered and ib money for Citiz n Milk n collection of double walled cups on night of 8th Nov, and the whole package got delivered to my door step on 9th less than 24 hours.
Too busy to set-up machine but will do so this evening..kudos to 'unwanted'

hi unwanted. i have just received the delivery of the citiz & milk and I had only just ordered it yesterday.

Very happy with the purchase and the ordering process.

Fast and quick respond with next day delivery. Very satisfied with the service seller provided. Up for u man.

Cheers! :)

Thanks Unwanted

I have received the machine.

I did the bank transfer yesterday evening at 7pm.

I received the machine at 2.10 pm today.

This is my 2nd machine.

Good work.


I would like to say thank you to TS 1st. I receive the machine according to the time I prefer and it is GREAT. I just "hoot" 3 cup of different pod after setting up "The Machine". It was POWDERFUL all I need to do is just wake note which ones I like and avoid those I hate...

Just want to say thank you to unwanted for the excellent service. Much appreciated.

Thanks Unwanted.

Received my machine within the next hour after notifying Unwanted of the late delivery. Upz for you!


Just got my machines (Pixie+Aeroccino) over the weekend. Was wondering which settings (espresso/lungo) are recommended for latte and cappuccino? Also, how much milk is recommended for latte and cappuccino? I know the milk part is probably personal but I just need something to start off.

Thanks in advance.

Got your item via post today. Thank you. BTW do you take in order for capsules??

Just like to thank unwanted for his prompt reply n good service. Finally made my order on Wed night n got e set on Thur afternoon.

I've received my citiz promptly.thanks!

thank you unwanted. great service!!

got my machines and parts.
this is changing my daily coffee dosage. drinking more great coffee daily.

I have received my items. thanks.. excellent service !!!

thanks unwanted.
received my "fire engine" this afternoon and have enjoyed 2 cuppa so far.

fast and excellent service.
will recommend to my friends if they wanted to get the machine.

got it... thanks!

Just want to say thank you to bro unwanted for the swift response on all my enquiries. I have received my pixie+aeroccino this morning and had my first cuppa, love it so much. Thank you for the swift delivery too. Ordered mine on Thursday Noon, and received this morning (as per my instruction).

received my 2 x Citiz + aeroccino3 today. loving it. thumbs up for a good seller with prompt response. :D

Excellent transaction...

from payment to delivery <24hrs...


Got the Citiz & Milk today and made my first cuppa. Fantastic coffee! Thanks again!

Thanks bro, got the GOODS!!

item received. very fast delivery
up for you bro

Hi Bro
Thanks for the swift reply and delivery.
received in good condition.

got my m/c tdy,
thanks for the fast delivery =)

Ordered yesterday and received my goods today!!! I'm really appreciative for the fast and prompt services! Will definitely recommend u to my buddies! Thks again!

Got it today! Thanks for the quick delivery!

Fast and prompt reply by TS on all queries before ordering.

Ordered yesterday afternoon, received today before 12 noon even on Public Holiday today. Already had 2 cups today :D

Received my Citiz & Milk this morning... Machine up and running well so far.. :D

TS has been very helpful with my email queries for past few days.

Transferred amounts yesterday, received my EU citiz milk red, cups, n Djana capsules this afternoon.... Fast :D ... yet to try cuz forgot to get the power adapter for the plug.

Btw, the 230ml water cups come with the squarish kind of handle similar to the 60ml classic espresso cups, which r really nice.

Just got my Pixie this morning and had my first nespresso. :lick:


Upz for this seller.

Bought a Pixie and some capsules from this seller.
Fast communications and great prices. Delivery time was accurate as well.

Just finished a coffee session with my colleagues using this machine.
Will deal with this seller if I were to get another machine again. :D

So happy to have the machine delivered on time! Ordered on Sunday received it today. Thanks.

Received my Citiz and Milk this afternoon. Only got to "play" with it after night class. So far only tried the 2 decaf capsules. Dun dare to try the others in case I can't sleep later haha.
Will try the more intense capsule in the morning.
Thanks for the fast service!

Received my Citiz yesterday but haven't got it out of the box yet

Thanks for the prompt service :D

order my 2nd set late last night and received 1 hour ago.
fast and reliable seller

Wow! I am amazed! Placed my order and got the machine promptly. Thank you so much! Can't wait to try it.

2:30PM, reached my shop front...

Thumbs Up for Bro Unwanted ~


Drinking my first cup of Espresso from the machine now

Excellent service from Unwanted.

Got my BLue Pixie and Aeroccino3 in perfect condition !

Thanks Unwanted for your 5 Star service.

Up for TS, this is my 2nd machine.
Ordered at midnight, and received today in the afternoon.
Provided excellent support to all my issues.

Both times of services are the best online buying experience i've ever made in my life.

Faster and better than ordering from Nespresso directly

Received my machine today in the afternoon
working great now =D

btw which milk(brand) u guys use for the froth?

First of all, tks TS for sending the machine and accessories in record time last week, although I was damn suay to get a faulty aeroccino. The chances are probably 1-5%.

Nonetheless, TS settled it with nespresso for me and I manage to get a 1-1 exchange within a few days. Kudos!

Enjoying my coffee everyday nw

Received my Aeroccino-Red today. Fantastic piece of kit! Thanks.

Thanks for your prompt service. Received my Citiz and Milk today in KL exactly 1 week after I TT the money to your account. Had my first cup of ristretto cappuccino and it tasted great. No need for my daily Starbucks from now onwards...


Only one word to describe the buying experience for
Unwanted: Incredible!

I dropped Unwanted a PM about 2200 hrs about an enquiry and less than 20 hours later, I'm drinking espresso out of the double wall cups I bought together with the Citiz and milk frother. Amazing! Keep up the fantastic work!

Received the caffeine fix today. Awesome service as usual from unwanted. Upz!

Short thank you note to Unwanted. I paid for my Citiz with Milk at 9.00pm or so on 4 April and requested for next-day delivery. Machine came as promised the next day. Brilliant co-ordination services. Tested machine with 6 cups of coffee so far. Plain great!

Will recommend this seller. Prices are at least 20% cheaper, even after taking into consideration Nespresso Boutique's store promotions.


Bought 3 machines and an aerocinno from seller on 3 occasions. Every time was a pleasant experience.
Recently ordered another 2 aerocinno3 from him, transferred money in the money and machines arrived at 6pm. Very very satisfied and impressed with the efficiency.

1) PM Sent with order for Pixie + Cups + Caps hope to be making my cuppas tomorrow :)

2) Payment Sent. YAY!

3) 4 hours from time money got banked in to getting delivery notification! Sweet! Very nice!

4) It arrived!! Under 24 hours!!! Sent my PM with my order yesterday at 10:48am :) arrived just past 10am and I just pull my first shot :)

Ordered my Citiz & Milk + accessories yesterday and bank in at 1130pm.
got my parcel today at 450pm. Really super fast delivery. Thumbs up.

Ordered an Essenza Automatic with accessories and capsules on Thursday night. Package arrived on Friday evening! Now a proud Nespresso owner, waking up in the mornings just got a lot easier :s13:

A big thank you to unwanted - prompt communication and kind guidance throughout the entire process!

Citiz and Milk arrived 3 hours ago

Received my citiz & milk! thx fast delivery!


thanks bro

Finally got my Nespresso today.
It was detained by Malaysia Kastam and have to go claim it back after paying some taxes.
Going to unbox it now.

Got my 2nd machine from this MO. Machine was delivered 22 hours after making the bank transfer. Another thumbs up.

Thanks unwanted for the fast delivery for my citiz with milk + additional capsules! Thumbs up!!!

Another satisfied customer here.

Amazing turnaround time.

Ordered Fri 10pm and delivered Sat afternoon!

Hey unwanted. received the package yesterday and enjoying the coffee now. Will be back to order more capsules when this batch runs out. Thanks for running this mo!

Gotten my Citiz & Milk and the free glasses on Sunday morning! I'm very satisfied with the superb service, the speed of email response, the ability to track delivery, and the unmatched low price. I should have ordered more more more capsules instead or just 3 boxes. Will be back for more!

Btw, do I email you for queries or do I post my query in this thread, or PM?

Just want to say my thanks to unwanted for his quick response, patience and fast turnaround; confirmed my order on Sunday and received the Citiz, with free cups as stated on Monday evening.. great job and value I would say..

Ordered a Citiz, other accessories and 100 capsules yesterday at 1030pm. Received all items today at 430pm!!! Amazing efficiency. Two thumbs up for service and product.

Ordered a citiz, aeroccino and 60 capsules on Sunday night and received this evening. Fast response and good service!
Ordered 3 cups on 17 July @ 10.30pm.

Received them on 18 July 5pm.

Thank you for the fast delivery. Would love to deal with you again!:s12:

Ordered the dark chocolates, descalers and some capsules today at 1AM and received the stash at 3PM, same day! The chocolates taste lovely and without Unwanted, I'll never get a chance to try the sold out LEs Kazaar and Dhjana. Thanks a million!

Thumbs up for the after-sales care for our pixie too (complimentary adapter).

Ordered Citiz and Milk, descaler and some limited edition flavours. All came nicely packed and had the chance to taste the limited edition flavours. Dhjana is really really good! Thank you so much unwanted! Despite the slight hiccup with customs, it is really worth it!

Bought 3 Essenzas and 3 Aeroccinos over 2 deliveries...unwanted is efficient and responsible...

Great seller... the speed of process and delivery is indeed fast... reply on emails are really prompt... no other sellers come near.. will definitely order from u again if i need...

Thanks unwanted bro. Received 4 boxes of chocolate.

Thanks unwanted! Very fast delivery

Hi Unwanted..

Just to let you know the machine has been received safely.

Thanks for the tracking number yesterday, I knew that machine had arrived and able to collect it directly today :D

Top service and fast response

Hi Unwanted,

Many thanks for the speedy response & delivery.

Thumbs up

Will surely order again

Received the capsule that I ordered yesterday, supreme fast delivery services

Ordered and paid Tue night and received yesterday evening. (<24hrs) so fast!

Thanks once again!

Same here, ordered and paid yesterday night and received today afternoon in less than 24 hrs!!

Got his reply and tracking number at 3.30am this morning, work until so late siah!

my Lattissima was faulty.
picked up and repaired in a week or so.
u just hav to email unwanted and he settles the rest.

Just want to share experienced.

Place an order saturday for 2 set of Citiz+Milk & accessories , transferred the money but wrongly put as interbank transfer as it transferred from diff. bank account, while I only stay in Singapore till this Tuesday hence chances to get the products delivered ontime is very thin.

Unwanted is very responsive in email advising me on what to do, He/She advised me to pay by Paypall to make instant payment (but got 5% additional fee) so the stuff can be rushed for delivery. Unwanted told me that once the interbank transferred received in his/her bank account that She will refund my PayPall. So I made paypall payment Sunday Morning, now I have made double payment to unwanted. But trust She will refund me my paypal as soon as She got cash in the bank.

To my surprise, Sunday afternoon I received all the stuff that I ordered in the Hotel...., Superb delivery and very reliable. will order more stuff from Unwanted in he future.

I have not tried the machine yet as I will bring back to my home town. Will post more once I tried the nice coffee at home.

Thanks Unwanted....., Three thumb Up for you..

Very good and fast response by unwanted :) !!!!!

Thumbs UP !!!!

Coffee :)

Like to thank unwanted for the MO, prompt response and delivery. Thumbs up for service. Already had my 2nd cup since receiving machine yesterday night ;)

Btw like to check is it normal for the water to be abit yellowish (like super diluted coffee color) when flushing the water after making a cup of espresso?

Just wanted to contribute my buying experience from this thread.

I got a Citiz Standalone, aeroccino+, cups, bunch of capsules, descalling solution from here, Payment via dbs to dbs trx in adv.

Next day delivery, items arrived in good condition, complete, accurate & everything works great.

Fuss free, best price, superb service!!!

Now, let me get back to my espresso...
Just wanted to share my experience on my purchase.

I emailed Unwanted last Fri past 7 pm to place my order, his team member responded quickly with payment details, money transferred at around 9 pm and my Citiz with Milk was promptly delivered the next day around 3.30 pm.

Sent an email around midnight same day with some questions and got my answers within the hour.

This morning woke up earlier than usual to make myself a cup of cappucino before heading to work.

Thank you.

Fuss free and very responsive!

If you are looking to get your first nespresso machine and hesitant due to the prohibitive prices at the stores.... why not purchase here.

Well I did, got the Limo black Citiz & Milk.

Unwanted and team are very quick with replies to PM, and estimates on deliveries are spot-on.

Overall... very happy with my purchase


Citiz received in good working condition! You are truly living up to your reputation for quick and easy deals! No fuss, no problems. Cheers. Will recommend you to my friends! Now, if only there was some way to get capsules at an even better price!

Bought 3 machines, 1 aero and multiple caps fr unwanted and have been pleased with the response and delivery every single time.

Received Citiz Standalone with the Aeroccino before 3pm today despite submitting my order very near closing time last night! You are truly quick and efficient! Thanks much! Salute! Now, I need to start trying out all the capsules to see which flavors to order next! Btw, do I need to flush the system with water before I start loading my 1st capsule? Please advise. Thanks again.

Ordered on Monday and received yesterday. Quick and efficient indeed. Thanks for everything

Just to share my pleasant and surprised experience.

Ordered my Citiz yesterday late afternoon.
Voilà! The machines delivered to my door step today around 9am! Just in time for my breakfast!:) Truly fast and responsive.Impressed!

A much better shopping experience than the Nespresso boutique. Those sales person in the boutique dun even bother to attend to you or gave you the "You Can't Afford To Buy" look!

More importantly,I don't have to carry back the machines all the way back home!

Keep up the good and prompt service Unwanted!
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Sep 17, 2007
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I don't quite get the difference between Fully loaded vs Basic model perhaps you can share more on it?


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Jan 10, 2001
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Fully loaded can tilt forward and more flexible.
With posture fit for the back support
The arms are adjustable too.

Basic model's recline and arms are more fixed without the additional back support.
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