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Jan 23, 2010
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would that be cheaper / less troublesome if i buy directly?

let's say 1 - 2k, considered small amount right?

Hi yes i'm either looking to buy coins in binance sg > transfer to binance > sell for usdt? > buy alt coins

would buying directly from people for usdt via paynow etc be more worth it / less hassle?

how do they calculate fees in that case?

usdt rate is closely tied to usd right?

i see some people selling for 1.34, would there be any fees involved in this case?

appreciate all of your help, sorry very new to this :(

I have no experience buying from other ppl... I usually pump funds into Gemini and buy BTC transfer over to Binance and either buy alts directly or convert to BUSD but ever since Binance.com allows direct wire transfers, i stopped doing that.

If u have some funds on Binance.sg u wanna transfer over to Binance.com, buy BTC or LTC whichever u prefer and transfer over to Binance.com then sell it for BUSD or USDT. If price drops while it is in transit, u may get slightly less than u started with, so usually i wait till theres a bullish signal or a big dip then i buy BTC so when it completes the transfer, the price would have bounced back and then its possible u will have gained abit more during the transfer process.

If u are looking to transfer funds from ur bank to Binance.com, just use wire transfers like DBS remit directly to Binance.com... saves u alot of trouble.
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