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Aug 24, 2011
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Yeah...I guess that the challenge for developers of mmorpg games these days..how to find that "sweet spot" that balance for those who like to play solo and for those who love group play....how to not let either side feel too over shortchanged without breaking the game.

Ahaha yeap.. I am an old school rpg guy....=:p
That's why I immediately fell in love with grim dawn.....I LOVE d3 too...but it's far too much of a grindfest...and it's a drag to play solo....the rng in d3 is unforgiving.....I cube sooo many weapons and yet I can't find one with good stats to replace my current gear.....dragfest man.....:(

whats ur ign john?


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Jul 23, 2004
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How you all find the game after playing the open beta? Will you all buy?


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Jan 1, 2000
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if u die in dark zone what penalty u get?

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if u have any loot with u, it will drop, minus XP and minus money

but u still have the opportunity to get back the loot. the DZ XP & $ drop is insignificant to what will happen to the rogue agent when they get caught.

for the rogue agent - it is for them to collect whatever dropped loot is extracted (remember they also have to extract the contaminated items) - and whatever DZ $ reward is given to them if they survive the manhunt.

and alot of it is very dependent on the skills u bring to the fight. i've seen players use concealment very well. and there are more skills we have not seen yet which i think will definitely benefit the so called "solo" players.

right now there is little to no incentive to go rogue. i've seen DZ instances which are so carebear it's a joke.
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