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Jul 25, 2021
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Petition link above ^ click and sign on this petition to show your support!

This petition is calling for ALL RESIDENTS OF SINGAPORE who had countless nights ruined by LOUD NOISES released by ORIGINAL & MODIFIED EXHAUST of MOTORCYCLES when they race on the streets during midnight between 12AM and 5AM.

Although the National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore indicates that both new and in-use vehicles are required to comply with the exhaust noise emission standards prescribed in the regulations (link: there are MANY RESIDENTS who are still affected by loud noise from original & modified exhaust systems disturbs the peace, especially in the middle of the night. Motorcyclists know that there will be few or ZERO law enforcers and traffic police patrolling on the streets between 12AM and 5AM. So, they would just ramp their engine like nobody's business, releasing nerve-wrecking noises from exhaust.

Solution 1 for LTA & NEA: MUST regulate ALL motorcycles and vehicles based on resulting emission and sound level emissions when motorcycles ARE RAMPED (NOT AT IDLE OR NORMAL SPEED) AT TEST CENTRES. Set an even lower requirement for noise level, decibels.

Solution 2 for LTA & NEA: The authorities must ensure the competency of inspection centres so that equipment are properly maintained and calibrated to test noise level WHEN MOTORCYCLES ARE RAMPING ENGINE (again, this is important).

Solution 3 for LTA & NEA: Impose heavier fine and increase number of patrolling law enforcers and traffic police at affected area where noise pollution reports are usual and repeated, especially between 12AM and 5AM. Apparently, this step is what is lacking right now even though countless reports were filed against neighbourhood police station, headquarter police station, NEA, local MP office, etc. But, is anything happening? I leave it to affected residents.

If you are part of the affected community, please sign on it and share it on your Social Media page. We want to make this real for the sake of ensuring more peaceful nights without waking up by the loud noises released by motorcycles exhaust.

Thank you!
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