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Jul 26, 2019
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Dear mods,

Recently, there have been many users creating such threads like below on vaccines, not meant for civil discussion but more on mocking the views of others, as well as shutting down differing opinions.

One good example of people sowing discord is this user amognoix. It is ok to disagree, but definitely not fine to curse people to die. That is distasteful.

For people who doesn't want to take vaccines, please die at home, don't flood the healthcare system.

Your life, your choice.

If your choice is not to take vaccine and die as a result. That's your business.

There those who wants to live. Don't take up their beds.

So whole world how many have taken vaccine?

How many died because of vaccine?

How many died because of Covid?

JJWW, don't take just go one corner die la.

Not forcing u to take vaccine, you die your own business. :)

I have reported user in question, but would like to highlight to mod on his behaviour.

Thank you


Jan 1, 2000
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Thanks for the feedback, will alert the Moderators to be vigilant. :)

In the meantime please do not fuel the fire and use the Ignore function on posts or members you find offensive, while allowing the Moderators to do their jobs on the reports.
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