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Jan 16, 2004
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Dear Forumers,

The main purpose of the Campus Zone forum is as follow:

To allow students of all ages and educational levels, be it full-time, part-time, distance-learning, local or overseas students, to post questions relating to their student lifestyles or share their experiences as a student, e.g. living in hostel, sourcing for textbooks, CCA in school etc. which are inappropriate for other education-related forums.

In view of the above, threads involving inappropriate topics for the Students' Affair forum would be moved to an appropriate forum i.e. EDMW, CAL etc.

However, these following actions WILL NOT be tolerated in the Students' Affair forum:

1) Posting of profanities, including acronyms of profanities.

2) Objectional subjects, including racist remarks and any other issues of a discriminatory nature.

3) Spamming of threads and topics.

4) Flaming of other forumers.

5) Creation of threads and topics, intentional or otherwise, which are disturbing to other forumers.

6) Advertising and soliciting of business in educational programs, courses and any other products or services without the prior approval of the Management of HWZ.

7) Soliciting of votes in contests and/or work assignments.

8) Surveys, without the prior approval of HWZ Management

In addition, in keeping with the SMU Rules and Regulations, as well as its Honor Code, the following are not allowed:

10) Any act of dishonestly which will violate the SMU Honor Code, including but not limited to:
- Outsourcing project work, and vice versa
- "Purchasing" of project/lab reports, and vice versa

11) Any act that contravenes SMU Rules and Regulations.

Possible actions against offenders would include but are not limited to warnings in writing, editing of offensive remarks, locking of threads, moving of threads into the Trash Can and a recommendation to the Admin to ban a forumer.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Campus Zone
Not open for further replies.
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