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Mar 13, 2022
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Hi Guys, we are a bunch of students building on a personal finance application that targets to help everyone manage their finances better (focusing on saving, spending & investment).

WealthDone is designed to genuinely make a difference in people’s lives by transforming how financial advice is being formulated and delivered.

We combine behavioral finance and AI to:
1. help you gain awareness of your financial risk appetite, decision-making style, and potential behavioral biases so that you can better save, spend and invest for the future.

2. help you consolidate all your finances onto 1 single platform (including banks, e-wallets, and investment platforms) so that you can gain a complete view and easily track your finances and monitor your performance.

3. personalize insights and advice to you based on your behavior and actions, help you improve on your investing strategy and avoid potential pitfalls.

Do visit our website to find out more!
WealthDone Website

Would appreciate any feedback, as well as additional features you'd like to see on an app like this. Thanks!
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