Show your car keys/FOB/Smartkey here - no CSB/koping from web please.


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Jul 5, 2020
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Show your car keys/FOB/Smartkey here - no CSB/koping from web or from others please. (for updated contributors , pls scroll down to below, will do the best I can to update as this thread is moving fast)


1) You must write your forum ID on a piece of paper beside the key or screenshot your key/FOB with your screen ID/Car App also can else Tak Pakeh.

2) And let others guess what car you are driving. No obligation to state your exact car year/model.

3) This helps to sieve out many CSBs who talk until got dragons/phoenixes. To remove all doubt, do include your original spare key if you have one. With most working from home, this should be very easy.

4) You must be the rightful private owner (preferably current owner) of the vehicle as stated in the vehicle log card. So this excludes those who are car dealers, drive rich dad/mom/wife/sibling/friend's car, valet, chauffeur, etc.

5) It also helps to showcase the various types of car key design from old to new with different functions and how it has evolved through the ages.

As a reminder, do make your car key/FOB identifiable/or uniquely associated with your forum ID.
Remember to mask out any identifiable IDs for your privacy.

Note: No pressure, all types of Brands of all ages are welcome, from Conti to Japs, to Kimchi, Bolehland, or even Tiong models.

Here's my original trusty 7-speed CVT smart key with spare.

The moment you've been waiting for. Let the Hunger Games begin!

Updated 12/6/2020 1833hrs: post hit 1000 char limit, pls refer to latest updated list within pages, pai seh. :lick:

For those without brand or model, you can start to guess clicking those with link.

Legit with 2 car keys and forum ID (handwritten/EDMW screenshot):

1) edmwftw - Toyota (Corolla Altis Elegance, 11th Gen)
2) wlalala - Land Rover (Model TBC)
3) kakashi84 - Audi (Model TBC)
4) I_Eat_I_Fat_I_BBFA - Mercedes (Model TBC)
5) Ashton - Volkswagen (Model TBC)
6) FandiAhmad17 - Mazda (CX-8, rare model)
7) New Eden - SEAT (Model TBC)
8) Comage - Toyota (Model TBC)
9) seeseelooklook - BMW (Model TBC)
10) wongkc - BMW (5 series?, TBC)
11) garis1969 - Porsche (Model TBC)
12) elephantscannotfly - Skoda (Model TBC)
13) rubicon_82 - BMW (Model TBC)
14) fzhfzh - Telsa (Model TBC) <-- This one is rare.
15) fzhfzh - BMW 5 series
16) bartman76 - BMW 8-Series/Lexus (Mode TBC)
17) EatSnakeWarrior - Mercedes C-Class
18) nephilim - Honda (Model TBC)
19) samloi - Toyota (Model TBC)
20) Lolicious - Subaru (Model TBC)

Legit with 1 car key and forum ID (handwritten/EDMW screenshot):

1) Sillyporeboy (BMW Bike)
2) HustlerKing - Mercedes (Model TBC)
3) daryl76 - KIA (Model TBC)
4) walsly - Mazda CX-30
5) snowdrop05 - Lexus (LS, Model TBC)
6) civicguy - BMW (Model TBC)
7) Dilemma6 - Audi (Model TBC)
8) feelsleepynow - Brand not known. Anyone can guess ? (Model TBC - Alpha Romeo 159)
9) whatmeworry (Bike) - Honda
10) PatrickTheStarFish - Honda Vtec (Model TBC)
11) wisewise - Mercedes CLA (Model TBC)
12) Topgun - Volkswagen (Model TBC, suspect ish Passat?)
13) siandiao - Hyundai (Model TBC)
14) XcoVar (Car App) - Mercedes CLC 300 4Matic Coupe.
15) Darkraid - BMW (Model TBC)
16) CreaAce - Honda Accord
17) zzt231 - Honda Type R
18) RadEoNic - pending ID verification (Model TBC)
19) iamverysmart - Ferrari - pending ID verification (Model TBC)
20) Administrator88 - Citroen (Model TBC)
21) straweffigy - BMW F22 LCI 220i M-sport

The rest with real key(s) but no nickname, please update your pic. In case I put incorrect model or missed anyone with legit key (must come with hand written forum ID or verifiable evidence), do let me know. Thks for the support.
* - (Credit to initial compilation by SSLL)
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