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Sep 30, 2011
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After I watched your video with the 2 edmwers, I felt that EDMW and BBFAs are grossly misrepresented

I am at least a 13th year member with a Greater Supremacy rank.

After watching the video, I totally have no idea what was the purpose of the video. Was it trying to insinuate that EDMW is a toxic forum and everyone here is a BBFA?? Or was it trying to talk about localitguy with his disabilities and he can't find jobs due to that

First of all as a 13 years veteran in EDMW, I can tell you that EDMW is one of the source of my daily joy and news. There are alot of hidden dragons here but that's of course it will be down to our each individual's intelligence to decipher who is a hidden dragon or who is a troll. Anyone who has a perception that all edmwers are BBFAs is simply stupid and ignorant.

Secondly, yes it can be toxic but then again it will depend on each individual's interpretation on what's toxic and what's not.

Over here, you can find ppl who shares common topic with you and can have a good discussion with what you are interested in over a broad range of topics. Be it different kind of sports, political news, food, movies and so on and so forth.

Sometimes legitimate good comments/advice are also given by people here. Some people here have real trouble in life and when they are here, they do receive legit and good advises. It's definitely not all doom and gloom

Like for myself, I used to post alot of childish things but as I grew up over this 13yrs, I chose what to read and what not to read. Labelling this as a toxic forum with only BBFAs is simply untrue and grossly misrepresented. Alot of times, it is down to each individual on how do you perceive this forum and ask yourself why you are here in the first place.

Lastly, I do not understand the appearance of Iamnobody or whoever in the video. Other than bringing sushi, I found that there was absolutely no value in her appearing as part of that video.
@steven jialat: You probably need to ask admin or moderators to change your nick/alias to @steven buay jialat.

Wu-Han Clan

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Feb 9, 2020
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Unlike u, most of us actually stand to lose something if we get exposed for no good reason other than to make a video that says nothing

so anyone tell u to **** off and die after we know u have some disabilities?
I don’t think so right? So we toxic or not
this... my whole time here no one talk abt anyone's disability... ppl tio chop or tio illness we all lend our support.... at most we make fun of ppl is time to take their medicine...

then this guy go on interview to say edmwers toxic... did i miss anything??? i only fast play thru the video becoz it was rubbish so i may hv missed some 'gd' details if there is...


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Apr 14, 2002
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edmw dun used to be toxic when moi grandpa joined
after passing thru each generation it becum moar and moar toxic
getting worse with all the different standards from mods
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