Valid Questions About Mindsville@Napiri's New Covid-19 Cluster among those Vaccinated


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Jun 6, 2021
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Indeed as noted by Minister Lawrence Wong the eruption of 27 new community cases in one single institution (Mindsville@Napiri) is worrisome. Moreover, the eruption of community cases in a closed & controlled setting is ominous coming close to the start of vaccine rollout for teens in schools & other higher institutions of learning on 2 Jun.

Minister Wong seemed to attribute the cause of the sudden spike of cases in a closed & controlled community at Mindsville@Napiri to the “very highly infectious & highly contagious strain of the virus”? However, it may be more helpful to understand the facts of the eruption of a new cluster for a closed & controlled institution setting in this Mindsville event.


1. 90 or 91% of residents & staff of Mindsville@Napiri have taken the vaccine (Today & Straits Times, 2 Jun & 5 Jun)

2. All 255 staff & residents of this institution tested for Covid-19 since the first case (63924) was confirmed on 31 May. In total 27 individuals there have tested positive for Covid-19 infections so far.

3. About 12% of the vaccinated in the institution got infected. Presumably a large number of the infected belongs to the majority vaccinated group (90 - 91% of the institution population).

4. 23 of the 27 cases (85%) were asymptomatic.

So the above facts begs the following questions:

1) How does one know whether one has protection from virus infection & virus transmission?

2) What to make out of the manufacturer’s claim of 95% efficacy of the mRNA vaccine in this case since 12% of the Mindsville institution was infected despite having taken the vaccines?

3) Moreover, is mRNA vaccine effective for protection against new Covid-19 variants besides now question about its efficacy for the original Covid-19 virus?

4) Does the vaccinated pose greater risk of infections than the unvaccinated as shown in Mindsville@aNapiri event?

5) Does the closed up controlled environment of institutions like MINDS, schools & prisons pose greater risk of potential breeding grounds for development of super clusters from infections of vaccinated &/or unvaccinated individuals? The risk is grave since most of the cases were hidden (or asymptomatic) unless proactively & promptly tested instead of waiting for a case to erupt to start mass testing.

6) In view of the above questions the minister’s concluding assumption needs to be re-examined for its validity as quoted: “As vaccination rates continue to rise, we will have greater confidence in reopening and resuming activities safely”. The statement assumes that mRNA is still effective despite the eruption of cases in a closed & controlled institutional community with almost all given the mRNA vaccine.

Perhaps more evidence or data collection to verify any conclusion seems to be the standard protocol before exploring untried new ideas in addition to ring fencing or quarantine of a whole community. However, to wait for more data to come may mean seeing more messy eruptions of community based cases in institutional setting. Could brainstorming of new ideas to do things differently be blocked by remaining stuck in a vaccine solution box — a sacred cow not up for review & legitimate questions despite mRNA being a new experimental product approved for Emergence Use Authorisation for a pandemic situation?

Isn’t the eruption of a cluster at Mindsville@Napiri with a vaccination rate of 90 to 91% of this small closed up community a good test case for the validity of the latest accelerated push for 100% herd immunity for both the healthy & the sick among us & eventually the frailest & most vulnerable of our population? Aren’t the 27 cases a fair reality check of the mantra or belief in new mRNA vaccine protection for Covid-19 — “No one is safe until everyone is safe.”?


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Dec 21, 2009
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Is this why another thread said they don’t want to trace any more or something?
they probably saying the stats seem promising as positive cases r asymptomatic, carrying lives as usual
means life is gd
u jab, you infected but u no symptoms
then that’s why they r asking everyone to jab so one falls in this range even if one is positive
its no longer prevent one from positive but ensuring the medical system don’t crash, the cases don’t ‘crash’, don’t fall ill seriously
life back to norm
only small no jab cases will have complications with covid
only small cases with jab have issues but most likely not vaccines issues but individual underlying health issues

there u have it
im expert Liao
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