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May 12, 2008
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Is there any charity organisation that can donate money online?
I dont mind providing FREE Australia Visa.

But I want passenger(s) who are going to apply their Australia Visa to donate the amount to the charity organisation.

Example : 1 passport = S$5

Plenty of different channels.
But the thing is, how would you know or track?


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Aug 20, 2012
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Well if this is for charity there is no need to track on that. It will be the integrity of individual to donate to whatever channels they wish for.

Kangaroos Kang, are you still helping to apply visa? I am going in End of April. Total 6 pax. Will donate the money to temple if you are ok with the arrangement.


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Jun 12, 2011
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guys~still got any good agent to providing Australia ETA visa services? looking at one of travel agent but no sure whether reliable or not? thx!


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Apr 19, 2012
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guys~still got any good agent to providing Australia ETA visa services? looking at one of travel agent but no sure whether reliable or not? thx!

Can try Formosa Holidays. S$10 per person. Should be reliable. It's electronic visa and they print out and told us to attach the visa to the passport.


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Aug 30, 2012
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i think most if not all travel agents will do it at $10 ...anyway i believe they get it for free ..$10 is admin charges


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May 12, 2008
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Application for Visa to Australia is FREE.
Most agents (travel) charge an adminstrative fee or some call it service fee.

In short, travel agents need to earn such money.
Reason for not waiving these charges is that if you were to go there and perform Visa on Arrival, it will cost you much more, considering the fact that you are going to pay Australian Dollar.

Bear in mind that checking your visa expiry is definitely free and you should be able to check it with the agent who helped you perform your visa previously.

Some travel agents perform this visa for free if you purchase travel packages/air tickets from there. Whereas some simply reduce the admin fee.

Let's just pray you have some nice travel agent friends who can help you perform your E-Visa for FREE to Australia, or if not, prepare to pay those administrative fees.


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Jul 25, 2008
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The agencies have to pay for the service for their booking systems aka GDS. It's not free free.

Every ETA that the agent processed, it's recorded into their system and goes thru a queue. Every transaction, regardless it's ETA or reservation, it is chargeable by the GDS company.


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Nov 13, 2008
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I applied through them last time. They're reliable. I applied online through easyeta this time though. A bit more expensive since it's 10 AUD but reliable as well.


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Sep 5, 2005
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Information updated on 08Jun2020

During this period (Covid19), many Applicants Visa are rejected and require to email additional documents directly to the Australia Immigration.
Eg. Passport copy, Employment details, Bank account statement, Air-ticket and Hotel accommodation etc
It may takes 2-3 weeks (or more) to process the Rejected case


Australia Tourist or Business VISA
ETA Subclass 601. Visa is valid for 12 months
If you required longer validity Visa (eg. 6 years validity), please contact the Embassy directly.

Team KANGaroos (Since 31st May 2012)
Website : (It will divert you back to HWZ)
Enquires :
Operating Hours : 0900hrs to 1500hrs (Weekday)
Visa application receive during our Operating Hours, we will process it within 6hrs
Forum Reviews : 1 and 2

For URGENT Visa (travelling within 24hrs)
Email us to check whether are we online before sending us the details.
Prices will be the SAME (SGD$7). No extra charge

If this is your 1st time applying thru us, be sure to check out the FAQ (Section C).

Section A - Service Fee
SGD$7 (RM$22) nett per passport. No other hidden charges.
Pay within 3 days (72hrs) once the Visa are Approved!
LATE Payee, please don't apply thru us. We do not have the time to chase for payment

Due to our 3 days Pre-payment period, the Service fee you are paying will varies (For us to identify the payee payment)
Example :
A) If you apply One (01) Visa, total cost will be between S$6.80 to S$7.02
B) If you apply Three (03) Visa, total cost will be between S$20.80 to S$21.02
C) If you apply Five (05) Visa, total cost will be between S$34.80 to S$35.02

Payment Mode (thru iBanking, ATM or PAYNOW)
A) Singapore account : POSB and PAYNOW
B) Malaysia account : Maybank
We will provide the Bank details when we email out the Visa confirmation.

Australia Visa is given free to all applicant.
You are paying for Service Fee (Not Visa Fee) to process the Australia Visa


Section B - Information Required
All Applicant MUST submit the 19 Questions (Compulsory) in order for us to process the Australia Visa.
For Children/Elderly without Contact No or Email address, you can use any of the Applicant details.
Address, Contact No and Email address can be the SAME for all Applicants (it is just a formalities).

* Must Read * Important Notice (See Section C, FAQ No 4 for more info)
ONLY "IMMEDIATE" Approved Visa is able to Verify/Authenticate the Visa status at the Australia Government Website.
If your Australia Visa is Approved from "PENDING" case, you will NOT BE ABLE to find the Visa status at the Australia Government website.

Replace those Blue information with your personal particulars and email to
Download the EXCEL file from the below Google Link

<<Click this link for Australia Visa Application Form>>

Do not input Alias names, Hanyu Pinyin, D/O, S/O, Bin, Binte, JR or names in brackets
Please click Australia Immigration link for more information

1) Family Name (aka Surname or Last Name) : Lim (Maximum 24 Characters allowed)
2) Given Names (aka First Name) : Kuax Huax Bernard (Maximum 24 Characters allowed)
## Comma NOT allow on the name Column. Spacing is considered as 01 Character ##
3) Gender : Male
4) Date of Birth : 01-Jan-1940
5) Country Of Birth : SGP/MYS/HKG etc
6) Nationality : SGP/MYS/HKG etc
7) Has Applicant ever had a criminal conviction : Yes/No
(If your answer is "YES", please apply directly at the Australia Visa Centre)
8) Has Applicant ever been know by another name (Eg. Alias Name) : Yes/No
If Yes, key in the below details
a) Last Name :
b) Given Name :
c) Gender :
d) Date Of Effect :
e) Reason :
9) Type Of Travel : Tourist/Business
10) Passport Number : E1234xxxx
11) Issuing State/Country : SGP/MYS/HKG etc
12) Issuing Authority/Place Of Issue : Ministry of Home Affairs or Malaysia etc
13) Date of Issue : 01-Jan-2015
14) Expiration Date : 01-Jan-2022
(Ensure EXPIRY DATE is more than 6 months on the day of Arrival in Australia)
15) National Identity Number : S12345xxC or 82xx11123456 (Stated on Passport)
16) Passport of other Countries? : YES/NO
If Yes, key in the below details
a) Passport Number :
b) Issuing State/Country :
c) Nationality :
d) Date Of Issue :
e) Expiration Date :
f) Last Name :
g) Given Name :
h) Gender :
i) Date Of Birth :
17) Applicant Home Address : 8xx Kangaroos Island, Singapore 88xxxx
18) Applicant Mobile Contact : (65) 9xxxxxx or (60) 1xxxxxxx
19) Applicant Email Address :
20) Payment Mode : Singapore or Malaysia Bank Account
If you qualify for the Two Free Visa - please let us know your Nickname
21) Your Nick, From which forum & Numbers of posts : kangaroos_kang / MCF,HWZ,LYN,FYT,KSP / 400

Two *FREE* Visa (If you meet our Requirements)
1) Have been a Active/Regular Forum member for more than 12months
2) More than 230 posts
3) Minimum 20 posts for the past 30 days
4) For Active/Regular Members from the below forums (HWZ) (MCF) (LYN) (FYT) (KSP)
If you have apply Australia Visa thru us before, please maintain minimum 50 posts yearly to qualify for the next Two Free Visa.

*** Each Eligible Member is entitled to Two *FREE* Visa every 12 months ***
Valid for ONLY One Time Transaction every 12 months. Based on the last date of Application.
Example : Last application date is 14Jul2018, next application date for Two FREE Visa is 15Jul2019 onwards
DO NOT use different forums nicks to get "Extra" FREE Visa

Section C - FAQ
1) Who can apply Tourist/Business ETA (Electronics Travel Authority)
Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Canada, USA
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy
Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom

ONLY the below 8 Countries (Nationalities) are able to Verify/Authenticate the VISA status at the Australia Government website.
Singapore, Brunei, Hong kong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Canada & USA

2) For Others Nationality (or Domestic Housekeeper) that cannot apply ETA
Example : China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines, India or Bangladesh Passport holders etc.
Please refer to Australia Visa Application Centre for more information.
They are the MAIN APPOINTED Agency by the Australia Government.
It may takes up to 14 working days to process the VISA.
Please call them directly to enquire on the prices and documents required (Estimate S$200 per Visa)​

Australia Visa Application Centres (Managed by VFS Global)
Singapore Office
135 Cecil Street
#08-01 MYP Plaza
Singapore 069536
Tel : +65 62241732

Malaysia Office
Suite 19.06,
19th Floor,
Wisma MCA,
163 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel : + 6 03 2166 6550

3) When can I expect to receive the Australia VISA Approval?
Within 6hrs if you email us your Application (Section B, Q1-19 details) before 1500hrs during weekday.
Any email receive after Office Hour, we will process it by the NEXT working day before 1500hrs

4) How do I check/verify whether is my Australia VISA Authentic?
Steps & Instructions will be given, when we email out the VISA Approval.​

What is "Immediate" Approve Visa?
During Visa Application, the Visa is APPROVED immediately by the Australia Government.
You will be able to check the Visa status at the Australia Government website.​

What is "Pending" Visa?
During Visa Application, the Visa status is under "Pending".
We will update the status within 24hrs.
If the Visa is Approve from "Pending" case, you may NOT BE able to check the Visa status at the Australia Government website.
If you are NOT comfortable with this issue, please do not apply thru us.
Visa application thru all 3rd party <eg. travel agency and Airlines> will also face the same issue as us​

If you trust us (see Forum Reviews since 31May2012), there is NOT A NEED to check the Visa Authentication.
As long those particulars we had email to you are correct, you are safe to use it.​

ONLY the below 8 Countries (Nationalities) are able to check the VISA status at the Australia Government website.
Singapore, Brunei, Hong kong, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Canada & USA​

5) Why is our prices so low? Is it a SCAM?
Definitely NOT!
We have been helping Public/Forum members since 31May2012. (See Forum latest Review 1 and 2)
As we had mentioned earlier, Australia Visa is FREE.
The amount SGD$7 (RM$22) you are paying is "Service Fee" (Not Australia VISA Fee)​

If you are able to find anyone offering better deal, please let us know.
We will offer you 5 FREE VISA (within one transaction).
Take note : Please compare the followings
A) *Free* Visa to Eligible forum members
B) Process Visa within 6hrs during Operating hours
C) 3 days (72hrs) payment period ===>>> Look like we are the ONLY one offering this Option

6) What if I have a Criminal convictions
Sorry, we are not able to help you. Please apply directly at the Australia VISA Centre located nearest to you.
If you did not inform us of your conviction and apply the usual subclass 601, we will not be responsible if you are reject/repatriate at the Airport/Custom/Immigration.​

7) When should I apply for the Australia VISA
Anytime. Australia VISA application is almost instant approval.
Some applicants may have their application under "PENDING" case and have to wait within 24hrs for the update. This is a common issue during Visa application.​

Apply the VISA 3-4 weeks before departure would be the most ideal.
In the event the Australia VISA is rejected, it may takes 1-3 weeks to process the Visa at the Australia VISA Application Centre

Each VISA is valid for 1 year (Multiple entry) from the date of application.
You can use it to enter Australia many times within the VISA validity date.
Example : Apply on 10Aug2019, it will expires on 10Aug2020.​
Take note
If you are being suspect of illegal working in Australia (eg. Stay 80-90 days in Australia, exit Australia and re-enter Australia again in the next 2-3days time), your Visa may be suspend/cancel by the Australia Immigration.

NO CRIMINAL record doesn't mean your Visa will be approve.
There are many other Reasons for the Visa rejection. You will not believe it.​

8) What if my Australia Visa application is rejected by the Australia Government?
You have to visit the nearest Australia Visa Application Centre in your Country to check on the VISA status.
Please enquiry with the Australia VISA Application Centre whether additional payment is required.
NO Reason will be given for Rejected VISA
You have to contact the Australia Visa Application Centre directly for more information

9) Once the Australia Visa is Approved, can I change the Passport details?
NO AMENDMENT is allow.
This is Australia Immigration Rules. Must apply a NEW Visa.
You will need to pay additional fee @ SGD$5 (RM$15) to process a NEW Visa.
(eg. SGD$7 + SGD$5 = SGD$12 for this applicant)

If you have change a NEW Passport, MUST apply NEW Australia Visa @ SGD$7 (RM$22).
You are NOT ALLOW to use the previous Visa even though it may still be valid.
If you have Two valid Visa under the SAME Applicant, you may NOT be able to find your NEW Visa status online until the OLD Visa expires

10) Why am I not able to process Online Internet Flight Check-in or those Check-in Kiosk (look like ATM Machine) at Changi Airport?
The Airlines Check-in system prompt me that I am not holding Australia Visa?​

Below are the COMMON Examples.
The Names on the Australia Visa and the air-ticket names does not MATCH with each other.​

Look at the below Three (3) examples
Australia Visa Name
Surname : Lim
Given Name : Kuax Huax James

Air-ticket Name (Example 1)
Surname : Lim
Given Name : James Kuax Huax - ("James" placed on the wrong side)​

Air-ticket Name (Example 2)
Surname : Lim
Given Name : James - (without given Name)​

Air-ticket Name (Example 3)
Surname : Lim
Given Name : KuaxHuaxJames - (No spacing)

If the above scenario happen to you, you can ONLY proceed to the Common Check-in Counters at the Airport​


DO NOT PM or POST Questions (we are seldom online) us for faster response​

:flash: Please do not QUOTE MY POST. Thanks.....:flash:

Website :
Enquires :
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May 12, 2008
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Dude, great initiative and I definitely support you on that.

Just curious though, what happens to those who plays you out?
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Sep 5, 2005
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I doubt anyone will play me out this kind of small amount.
It boil down to both sides mutual trust.

If 1 day, you see me stating that "Must pay 1st before i apply the visa, then you will know that there are many chao kuan people"
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