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May 30, 2007
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TPJ was founded in 2013. It began with our commitment to customer advocacy and that remains a core element of our philosophy. We hope to change the landscape of the hair cosmetics industry, where masses can reach out to more products.

We understand the need for products that keeps its promises. Products you can feel confident about buying and using.

The search for amazing hair cosmetics ends here. Finally, you found it.

TPJ offers you many fantastic products catered to everyone, to do magic and wonders to your hair. Style it the right way!

Recommendation #1: 90 Degrees X-Strong Wax 60g at $18.90
Characteristics : An organic dry wax from Japan. If you're one whom thinks that styling is essential for you but do not dare to style because of sensitive scalp, thinning hair issues or others, give 90degrees organic wax a try. It is less damaging to your hair and its very easy to apply onto. Contains natural plants as ingredients and is pretty much similar to Renati Paste. Did we forget to mention that it's super washable. :)

Click here for more info and reviews!

Recommendation #2: Vantachi Hair Clay 100g at $15.90
Characteristics : Tube clay that is accompanied with strong holding power and lightweight to create your desired texture easily
Gives one a matte texture finish and formulated to last throughout the entire day. It also comes with a pleasant fruity smell; Absolute easiness to style and washing off. Highly recommended and better alternative to the commonly found, Joico Erratic Clay. Style it different from others now!

Click here for more info and reviews!

Most of us asians, have very straight hair which causes it to become flat when dry. With hair volume, it allows you to style easier as well as looking much natural and better.

Recommendation #3: TOP SELLING PRODUCT - OS Fashion Sea Spray at $19.90
Characteristics: Spray a few times onto damp hair across the various areas of your hair, and blow dry. Creates a base structure in place to aid subsequent styling products without looking flat at all. Works in a way that it dries your hair (not in a damaging manner), it helps to create fantastic hair volume almost instantly. Absorbs excess oils in the hair which proves to be especially useful in SG's humid climate. :)

Click here for more info and reviews!

Having problems of itchy scalp or oily hair? Perhaps your hair care regimen isn't in place yet.

Recommendation #4: Vogne Aroma Essence Acidic Shampoo 800ml (pH 5.5) at $28.90
Characteristics: Having problems of itchy scalp or oily hair? Try out acidic shampoo. Acidic shampoo is able to cleanse deeply than normal shampoos and hence, effectively removing the excess impurities and oils from the hair. It doesnt make the hair dry as it comes with adequate moisturizing effects. A bottle of 800ml can last you easily up to 6months.

Click here for more info and reviews!

So why not? For more products, do hop over to TPJ to view more exciting offers or sms Junhong at 91112303! Various postage delivery methods are available! CHEERS! :D
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May 30, 2007
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Reviews for OS SSS - https://theprettyjerk.com/product/os-fashion-sea-spray-200ml
Qn: What does the sea salt spray actually do?
Ans: Seasalt spray is used to create instant volume for one whereby a matte structure is being created for you in place. Basically, if you face the problem of flat hair, seasalt spray will be the solution for you. Just have to spray a few times onto damp hair (for best results IMO) and blow dry it to get the volume created instantly.

Additionally, it helps to bunch up the hair nicely enough so that it aids greatly in the subsequent application of styling products such as wax/clay and hence, the required amount of these styling products used will be lesser actually. This will encourage easier removal of styling products at the end of the day as well as helping you to save more cost in the long run. A bonus point to add will be it helps to control the excess oils in the hair (especially so in SG) too as it dries your hair (not in a damaging manner) out to create volume.

A simple review on the OS fashion sea salt spray which i got it ytd from the pretty jerk by leejhong.
I used it on towel dried hair and blow dry. Initial impression “wow!”. I finally can have some volume in my hair. The spray dries fast enough and leaves a nice smell (not totally girl kind, doesn’t make you feel like a girl). The hold is quite good, as you blow into shape, it stays and easily controllable and looking textured. Perfect for people looking to make a quiff which is quite popular nowadays. Think justin bieber and David beckham.

Also, I was given a tester eax from germany because he knows that I do comb back and side comb for work after I stated here in the thread. That’s customer service right there!

It’s call the silyorn Hair matter. So far I can’t comment on the hold but it’s pretty controllable. Gives a shine but not oily like. Perfect for slick formal hair style for work.

I think a alternative good pair to the sea salt spray would be the hanz de fuko scheme cream and sponge wax. Can try their new product quicksand if you want to go for a totally matt look.

So far I am very statisfied with the product from the pretty jerk and leejhong has been very helpful towards my queries. Keeps my order on track with SMS reminders. Keep up the good work leejhong, will definitely recommend to all my friends who are looking for such products.

This is a personal review from a statisfied customer and I am not affiliated in any way to theprettyjerk.

deaththeorist said:
And… the sea spray really sia… i’d say its like a toothpaste! you dun need it per se… primary sch mass brush teeth always no toothpaste de right?…but then once u used it, you cant go back XD
+1 to OS fashion sea spray! btw jh, since u said better to apply when wet, i applied just now after bathing… see whether after one night’s sleep the volume is there anot! for the lazy! haha

specky7 said:
First time using the OS Sea salt spray by bro leejhong and I must say I am impressed with this product. It really helps to give my hair more volume and the strands are bunched up nicely making it easier to style my hair. Gotta use it more as still messing up with the spraying technique

TheMediator said:
Got my Sea Salt spray amidst raving reviews from the members in this thread from bro leejh via TPJ.

Promised him a review of the product as a return for the pleasant trade.
Did COD with him and he was punctual & helpful in answering my queries.
Also gave me a sample of Nigelle out of goodwill

First off, the SS spray works pretty much like how your hair would end up (after drying) after a fun and salty day @ Sentosa albeit not that gross.
It also works like OSIS Dust it for all those who have used it before but less “heavy” & a tad more natural.

It definitely has matt finish and maybe to the extent one might feel too “dry” depending on hair textures. It certainly gives a significant boost in the volume department but do not expect miracles!

Due to the matte finish, i opted to pair it with a wax less matte instead of my joico clay and hence i choose HDF Spongewax (Not really matt at all as stated on product label) and it went really well. [washes off easily too]

Fun & easy to use pre-styling product & overall worth the buy if you are wondering whether to take the plunge or not.

gaoxing84 said:
The power of the Sea Salt Spray.

I have seen endless recommendation and questions of sea salt spray. Let’s clear this once and for all so that people will know the power of it!

This is done via OS sea salt spray by Leejhong aka the pretty jerk aka dior model!
pretty awesome product. Lasted me since March 2013 till now, still got abit left.
The link!

First thing sea salt spray gives is volume. most of us asian has flat hair, even with hair dryer, it’s difficult to achieve the voluminous hair like what a Caucasian can get. It’s practically a life saver product for us!

Second, it’s a pre-styling product which means it can used before you use wax/clay/pomade to style your hair. It’s usually used when you towel dried your hair and before blowing your hair.

Third, it gives you a outline or shape of the style you are looking for when blow drying. The shape will pretty much stay after blow drying because sea salt spray has a certain amount of hold but not strong enough to be used as a main styling product for us guys. We will need a final styling product to finish up the styling.

Fourth, it dries your hair pretty much and with dry hair, the use of wax/clay/pomade will be easier to apply and hold of such products will be better (quote from my old stylist and it’s true and i live by it). It also gives additional holding power that complements the wax/clay/pomade.
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May 30, 2007
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Reviews for Vogne Acidic Shampoo - https://theprettyjerk.com/product/vogne-acidic-series-800ml
Qn: What does the vogne acidic shampoo actually do?
Ans: It is a form of acidic shampoo at pH5.5 which helps to effectively combat against the excess oils and impurities left in the hair. The best pH for pH balancing shampoo is between 5 to 7. Hence, your hair will feel more moisturized and hydrated. Usually when one has "stubborn" hair, the hair will be dry and stiff which tends to give you a bit of problem while styling. In this particular context, vogne shampoo will be able to moisturize your hair adequately by providing a balanced level of moist for one. Complementing it with the conditioner helps to fill up the "holes" in the cortex layer when proteins are lost. In this manner, your hair will become healthier and stronger.

deadbeat said:
After an extensive & totally non scientific range of testing with all kinds of quality & crappy shampoo, I can totally declare unsurprisingly that it plays a big part in determining how your hair looks after it is styled.

In short: don’t skimp on shampoo, get vogne/pote.

netzach said:
Tried the vogne shampoo sample kindly provided by JHong.

Thanks for the neatly packed sample with nice labeled info about the shampoo.

- Creamy, nice smell
- Doesn’t dry up the hair like Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo etc. (very very important)
- Leaves the hair soft, smooth & smelling good. SHIOK
- Will prolly be getting a bottle once stocks are in

theclubmed said:
Dont mind my 2 cent on vogne shampoo. its part of my rotation kit for my hair care.

giovionni thriple tree treat as my morning wash as its really minty and keep the scale super cooling

redkan cleansing foam as my once in three day shampoo of the choice for night wash, literally clean the **** out of ones hair, but its also so potent that it dry out your hair super fast. soak your hair in it for 10mins and your hair will be literally free of hair product.

vogne, use it nightly as i really dig the shea butter smell, after washing it just make me feel really relax just by smelling it. the least drying of all 3 shampoo, best smelling of them all and cleansing effect i will rate it on par with the Giovanni but lose out to the redken.

lastly, as my hair are bleaches, plus i uses 5 products in my daily styling, namely redken root spray, sea salt, quicksand for volumising purpose, nigelle wax for styling and powerpoint spray for setting it in place, my hair are quite screwed up, but the nigelle hair mask keep to be able to keep my hair healthy…

netzach said:
hmm. been using the Vogne for quite a few days & Corium to wash/clean the scalp.
Can really see the difference whenever I use Vogne.
Hair somewhat looks thicker & shinny.
The Vogne glow effect for the hair is MAGICAL.

Voi hairspray – this is no joke. if you want the messy not so ‘stiff’ look, this is the hairspray to go for.

Eco seasalt spray (the RED bottle seasalt spray)

- Not as sticky, stiff as the OS sss
- Nozzle is perfect, again spraying over a wider portion of the hair. the nozzle is much better than the OS sss
- Light ‘chick’ scent to it
- Volume is there, but if you’re looking to do your comb backs, quiffs, etc, you might need a couple more pumps.
- for the messy, outta bed look, this **** here is perfect

f**king shiok.

whatme said:
Just want to thanks leejhong for the meet up and the great product from TPJ.

The Vogne shampoo sample I just used. IT IS SIMPLY SMELL GOOD!

Normally my shampoo will cause my hair very dry due to bleached hair before. So I always use a lot of conditioner to make it smoother to comb later.

However this shampoo do not need me to use the conditioner at all and leave a silly soft feel!

Bro. Count me in for the next batch of the shampoo la. Hahaha

decafie said:
Some feedback for anybody eyeing the Vogne Shampoo, OS Sea Spray, and Nigelle Bold Clay. I’ve used the mentioned products for about a week so far!

Vogne shampoo – Excellent! The smell is luxurious and it really left my hair feeling softer. Pretty efficient at washing off my hair wax/clay/pomade at the end of the day. Does not leave any weird tacky feeling on the hair (unlike Phyto Shampoo ). And the smell…. the smell!!!! Crazy good!

OS Sea Spray – Never heard of such a hair product till JH introduced it to me. Was initially sceptical about how the hold/volume aspect would benefit me, but JH assured me it would work for my hair type (thick, frizzy, and a little bit curly). I used it in conjunction with a hair dryer and was crazy impressed with the shaping capability of the sea spray. It made applying wax/clay after a lot less random, because the base structure of the hair was more or less set! Smells pleasant as well

Nigelle Bold Clay – You can tell this is a really high quality clay when you’re applying it. I’ve gone through quite a few hair waxes/clays and none applied the way this clay did. A creamy texture with a light scent to it. Dries totally Matte; no joke! The hold on its own probably a 6/10 in terms of strength, but after adding in the OS sea spray to the routine, the hold becomes more like a 8/10. Special highlight for me would be the product allows hair to still be fairly pliable (especially if you add a bit of water again during the day and adjust). Washes out really easily =)

I usually add a bit of water to help in shaping the Nigelle clay. Unfortunately, I find it can get a bit “crispy” upon drying =/ Not sure if it’s due to the addition of the Sea salt spray, or maybe my technique isn’t right? I’ll try it a few more times.

Looking for that ideal wax/clay that has a matte or even semi matte texture and doesn’t dry crispy, along with a strong hold. Must wash out easily too! The search goes on!

Also, gotta give props to JH for his quality service and sincerity. You can tell he really cares about the products he’s selling and who he is selling it to. Not to mention the fact that he is willing to take the time to answer all kinds of questions and share knowledge is outstanding!

Thanks JH! 2 Thumbs up for you =)

alcoholfree said:
overdue review on jh bro products, even though many others have said it before but just to share my user experiences ^^

1) Vogne shampoo -> when massaging in your hair, can feel an obvious difference from those over the counter shampoos. 1st, you can feel your hair moisture retaining or if not being moisturized as compared to other shampoos that i always experience dryness and roughness when shampooing. On top of that, it has a nice mild smell.

2) SSS + GD -> nothing else to say as the results speak for itself. Sufficient volume created and lasting hold even without the use of hairspray (lasted the whole day even after cardio on the threadmill machine – of course a few strand fall out of place but still pleasantly surprised @ the holding power ^_^)

Overall, satisfied with the purchase and prices are affordable. Not to mention the friendly and good service.

Tl.dr. said:
I've recently bought the Vogne Shampoo and Conditioner from JH and i fell in love with it. I let my mom and aunt tried it and they liked it too. I have generally sensitive skin which makes buying a shampoo a pain in the ass. The Vogne shampoo however is really gentle on the skin and is perfect for daily usage as it doesn't dry out your hair that much thus leaving it soft and silky. Not to mention the smell of it is so relaxing too! In comparison with most boutique brand shampoos out there, i find this much better in terms of quality and cost.

I also tried out his NIGELLE DS TF treatment and it really works wonders. I've rebonded, dyed and permed my hair over the past few years and my hair started having split ends and was really frizzy. I couldn't stand it until i read through the hair thread and saw what JH was selling. Gave it a try and didn't regret it, my hair is much better than before already.

Had never been this satisfied with buying hair products
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