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[ANIME] Are we really getting a flood of bad isekais recently? Analysis of the genre

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[ANIME] Are we really getting a flood of bad isekais recently? Analysis of the genre

To answer that question, I checked the animes with the tag "isekai" in anidb

- Very few isekais between 2000 to 2010.
--- There is, however, a lot of isekais between 1990 and 2000, which is impressive when we consider there were not that many animes back then.

So I looked at those from 2011 onwards (nothing in 2010 anyway)
Dates are based on the airing date of the first TV season. (So Zero no Tsukaima counts as 2006, even though the last season is in 2012)

Very long review section, sorted by date, in increasing order.

Some observations:
- The famous ones, that are easily accepted as good by a large group of people, and usually produced by a high-tier studio, mostly happened in 2016 or earlier.
I'm talking about SAO, No Game No Life, Overlord, Konosuba, Re:Zero, Youjo Senki (early 2017). Log Horizon, Gate, Outbreak Company are pretty good too.
- In fact looking at 2011 to 2016, a very high % are pretty darn good, and the remaining are all very watchable.
- Also there are 13 series's from 2011 to early 2017 (using Youjo Senki as cutoff point)
- In comparison, from 2017 (not counting Youjo Senki) to end of 2019 (Heikinchi) there are 18, and that's after I discount 3 of them.
- Heck, there're 11 + 2 isekais in 2019 alone!
- Yet the only names worth mentioning are Tate no Yuusha / Shield Hero and Shinchou Yuusha / Cautious Hero. We would watch Okaasan Suki Desuka? and Hataage for... erm... other reasons.

So are we flooded by a lot of bad isekais recently? Well, our perception may be distorted due to the big names that appeared since the earlier part of 2010. But, relatively speaking, yes.
Fortunately 2020 onwards seems to be reversing that trend. Let's keep our hopes up.

Is it a bad thing? Not really. Because it's not as if the big-brand studios have stopped work. They are still producing the sequels that are still coming out. We are just seeing more titles because there are more and more lower-tier producers jumping onto the bandwagon. It's good to have competition and low cost of entry, because some good ideas and concepts may otherwise never see the market.
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why a focus on isekai animes? agree that recently theres not good isekai animes but past few years theres still ur usual good animes out there.

only konusuba and rezero were decent, which is in line with ur ratings
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