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travel at least twice per month to jb on weekend and main purpose is to use data over there, not a heavy data user btw.
been looking around for other telco too but looks like all are providing somwhat similar offer which require you to top up to stay active which is at least rm10
You didn't say which telco's prepaid you've reviewed.

As already stated by others, for most M'sia prepaid SIM cards, minimum top up is usually RM5, not RM10.

You also didn't say each time you intend to go JB on weekends, are you going JB for day trips (1 day or less) or for 2 days (Sat + Sun).

For day trips (1 day or less) to JB, maybe you can try Digi Prepaid Best SIM card?

If you use Digi Prepaid Best SIM, just before each (day) trip to JB:

- You can pay just RM1 to get one (1) day validity for the Digi Prepaid Best SIM. (This is one of the Digi SLL options)
- After the Digi prepaid SIM is (valid) active -- use the Digi mobile app to buy 300MB mobile data at just RM1
(this 300MB mobile data has 24hrs validity)

See this link --
(If you're not a heavy data user, 300MB mobile data maybe can last you 1 day?)

TOTAL spent -- on Digi Prepaid BEST SIM per day trip into JB -- ONLY (RM1 + RM1) = RM2.

You can also use the Digi app anytime to check mobile data balance:

One (useful) feature of the Digi Prepaid Best SIM is that it comes with FREE 500MB mobile data every month -- but at slow speed (64kbps).

IF you exceed the (RM1) 300MB mobile data, the Digi prepaid SIM will revert to the monthly FREE 500MB slow (64kbps) Internet access.

No money is deducted from the Digi prepaid SIM's main balance when accessing / using the slow (64kbps) FREE 500MB mobile data.

(If you find that the 64kbps FREE 500MB monthly mobile data is too slow, just buy AGAIN 300MB mobile data at RM1 via the Digi app)

You can see the FULL terms & conditions for the Digi Prepaid Best SIM HERE:

From the above link, the Digi Prepaid Best SIM gives 75days grace (inactive) period each time current valid/active period ends.

75days grace (inactive) period is MORE than enough for you before your next JB trip -- since you say you go JB at least twice per month.

Whenever the Digi Prepaid Best SIM card balance is low & you need to top up...

Time the top up just before your next trip to JB. Top up RM5 will get 5 days' validity for the Digi Prepaid Best SIM.

Because immediately after topping up RM5 will give you 5 days' validity -- you can skip the paying RM1 to buy 1 day validity part -- just proceed to buy 300MB mobile data at RM1 via the Digi app.

If you only need to buy once 300MB mobile data (RM1) for EACH day trip to JB, effectively top up RM5 to the Digi Prepaid BEST SIM is sufficient to make 3 separate (day) trips to JB

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