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I have closed my bank account and have reported to the police. If I do not transfer them the money back what are the things they will do? How long till the harassment will stop? Will they do anything with the information the have from me. Like my IC and all? I have alerted my workplace regarding this.
They will send you messages and videos, threaten to do this and that, one of mine sends unintelligible voice messages. Then they will send the same to next of kins numbers, which you have provided. Warn them also.

Your info, I'm assuming they put it on some ah long bulletin board. Feel free to imagine how they categorize the details they have. I think they colour code with post its, yellow being least priority and red is BBQ DOOR 2NITE LOL. Based on your amount, you're probably yellow.

Hard to say when it will stop. They rely on your fear to run their operations. The last message I got from them was on Saturday, and that's when they first contacted my next of kins too. I haven't blocked them because I want to have a record of what they send me, but I haven't opened their messages. If you haven't blocked them and you are communicating via Whatsapp, would be an idea to delete the individual messages you sent on the chat before blocking.

Also, please bear in mind that most of the frightening videos of front doors being burned down are from years ago and the cases have already been solved. Based on readily available news reports, SPF takes an average of 3-4 days to apprehend culprits. Also based on news reports, the last such incident occurred on 11th May, with the culprit taken down less than 24 hours after. Before this, it happened way back in January, with the culprits apprehended three days after incident. There was also a reported island wide raid couple days ago which saw over 100 people being detained. Of course, mostly debtors, which is why, you should quickly make a police report so you don't end up like one of these people. I also notice the raids are happening more frequently.

But again, this is all general info only. As a precaution, just alert your neighbours and friends and family.

Whatever happens, DO NOT TRANSFER ANYTHING TO THEM. All the best.

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