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My maid complained of toothache so I brought her to SG dentist for initial check. X-ray, antibiotics and mouthwash cost SGD 140. Maid had 2 decayed molars that needs to be extracted asap but the roots are broken so may need to surgically remove. In the end we were quoted SGD 500 upwards to surgically extract a tooth. Thankfully found out about C.H. Tee dental clinic in JB through the forum and went over last Friday morning. The queue outside the clinic was long but we only waited about one and half hours to see the Dentist. Dr Alex Lee who attended to us was a friendly young man who explained things patiently to my maid before he started. He managed to extract both decayed teeth normally and patched up 5 big fillings for her in less than 2 hours. Total cost was only MYR 800. My maid was so relieved the dental cost wasn’t as bad as initial estimates.
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