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You forget to mention washing your spec cloth at least once a week with soap and not to ever use your clothing to wipe your lenses.

Many do not know the proper ways of cleaning lenses and the shop staff will not tell u also since the longer u use the lenses the poorer their business.

One should
1) flush ur lenses with running water (this is to remove any dust etc. on the lenses before you do any cleaning as it will scratch the lenses)
2) use mild or diluted detergent to clean the lenses with ur fingers.
3) flush it clean with running water.
4) flush it with slow running water to get rid of the water residue on the lenses.
5) if necessary, dry the lenses with tissue paper by soft touching the lenses (not wipe)

If u do these all time with ur lenses, u can hardly find scratches on ur lenses even years of usage.
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