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Deposits (non FD) to consider to manage concentration risks

Looking through the HWZ threads, thought I list down the banks/finance company and insurance linked day2day deposits (non FD) we could consider to manage concentration risks according category by not having all your fund with one bank or financial insituition:

Banks/Finance company without hoops
1. Maybank iSavvy/Prestige (2 month promo cycle)
2. SCB eSaver (2month promo cycle)
3. CIMB Fastsaver/Starsaver
4. SIF Gosaver
5. RHB HYSA Plus
6. Singapura Finance Vivid (newly added credit to BBCWatcher)
7. HL Banks iSaving (newly added credit to BBCWatcher)
8. Citi Maxigain (newly added credit to BBCWatcher)

Banks/Finance company with hoops
1. DBS Multiplier
2. HSBC EGA Set Up
3. BOC Smartsaver
4. SCB BonusSaver
5. OCBC 360
6. UOB One

1. Singlife - $10k@ 2.5%
2. Etiqa Elastiq/SAVE3
3. DASH Easyearn
Caution: Etiqa reserves the right to delay withdrawals by up to 6 months. This affects Dash EasyEarn and the other products they offer.(Credit to BBCWatcher)

Last but not least, CPF OA contribution/housing refund for those near or after 55.

Feel free to add or refine above list. More helpful if you share your good practices and experiences for the benefits of all.

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