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Car insurance will also cover other drivers driving the car as long as he or she is authorized to driver by the car owner. However, the excess may be different.

In your example, assuming a mother's (car owner) excess is $500 and her son is less than 25 year old. If he causes an accident, the insurance company will pay the claim but excess may go up to $2000 as he is a young driver.

In the same example, if the father (assuming he has similar driving experience and in the same age group as the mother) causes the accident, the insurance company will still pay the claim and the excess will likely be the same as $500.

Hence in conclusion, insurance will still pay upon accident, just that the excess maybe different. Hope it helps.
Oh I c. Thanks!

Btw how to give authorisation to be driver by car owner? It must be indicated before signing the insurance agreement right? And the insurance cost will be higher depending on this right?
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